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  1. The current storyline reminds me of my own fan fic, where Amy broke up with Sheldon, left the USA to work and live in Sweden and he wouldn't leave her alone and turned increasing stalker like to just to see her

    That probably won't go as far in the show but I will continue to repeat myself in that tptb should never of broken them up and that they need to be together

    Since we know the writers have read FanFic, can we safely assume that this break up idea is actually your fault in a roundabout way?  :rtfm:       :wink::girlwink::wink:

  2. And the critics and casual fans loved the hilarity of "broken up" Sheldon and Amy.  So now they'll probably want to continue it even longer.  Ugh

    Every "casual" fan I know is NOT loving it.  They are "over the soap opera b.s."

    I got an earful from people last night and this morning thinking I must have a Bill Prady bat-phone or something so I could convey their displeasure...  lol

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  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and I thought the kiss between Sheldon and Penny in the dream sequence was hilarious. It just gave us a glimpse of what Sheldon is going to do to Amy when he gets his hands back on her :derisive:

    The Lenny scenes were good too. They both were having their doubts  for various reasons and used this kiss as the escape goat. Luckily, it wasn't dragged out. 

    Howard and Raj... it's been a while since they showed us any 'bromance'... it was cute. I wish they would show just a bit more of Howard and Bernadette.There's lots of comedy there too to exploit. 

    Finally, the Shamy scenes were funny too. Sheldon is going cuoko over this break up and it's just funny to see how he is coping with it. However, I am getting the feeling that something might have happened at that sleepover which might have something to do with this break....

    of course... this is just my opinion. :scratchhead:

    That is when he wanted to invade her southern border...

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  4. yea, that's an odd spoiler.  Unless its a secret scene and video call situation because Laurie is tied up on Broadway right now.  Hmmm so Santa Molaro might have been right after all if its a secret scene.  I saw what they showed and def didn't see Laurie lol

    Crosses fingers

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  5. I'll be honest here.  I haven't been posting much on the boards or reading most of the threads since the premiere was taped and the reason for that is that this forum has suddenly turned into a really ugly place to be.

    Members attacking members, members & non-members attacking cast and crew and all the negativity being spewed over something no one save for those of us who have seen episode 1 taped/played back and episode 2 taped.  I just really wish people would reserve their judgement on the material until they see it on the screen in the way the writers and actors intend for us to see it.  Things are being blown way out of proportion and I just can't be a part of it.  

    I will say this.  Regardless if you're a fan of the current story line or not, both episodes are good.  Some are funnier than others but they are both really good and they serve a very real purpose in telling the story they are trying to tell this season.  Its a good story arc and it has so much promise.  I just wish people could stop fixating on the one or two aspects they apparently hate based on spoilers and instead of reserving judgement until they see it as it plays out on screen.  Anyone who watches this show knows how much nuance there is in line delivery, facial expressions, body language etc.

    Please stop driving yourselves crazy imagining all this doom and gloom cause I assure you, that's not what these episodes are delivering.

    Took the words right out of my mouth.  

    How boring would a ship be if it glided along as if it were on rails?  Things are being set up for GOLD - trust the writers.

    Trust them.

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  6. Ok. I have to say i'm curious now. To the people at the taping, the kiss was really that... Lets say, high voltage(as in HBO-series-kind of 'raunchy'), or was just heated for bbt standars? Because is hard for me to believe the writers will write such a scene in  a comedy that families watch... Couldn't be that much, right?

    The first take could have blown thethe studio lights out.  

  7. I know a few people on Tumblr that are "attempting" to go spoiler free (key word "attempting").

    I myself could never go spoiler free, not even if my life depended on it. Spoiler free people essentially have an extra six weeks of hiatus...I would literally go insane.

    I'm going to try.

    it'll be easy on one front because I'll be in LA and I'll be too busy to check social media while I'm there.  

    It'll be hard because I'll be with a group of Shippers that'll want to discuss E1 to the ends of the earth...

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  8. Ok....seriously....


    Were they waiting outside the persons residence for a siting...YES

    Did they have cameras & videos ready without permission...YES

    Then when that person saw the celebrity, did they run across the street to stop and speak to them when that person was clearly doing their own private activities...YES

    Were they covertly filming across the street... YES


    Anyone who thinks this was a meeting of happenstance  - I have a bridge I would like to sell you.


    Sorry - a line was crossed IMHO.  Not a dangerous, fear for his personal safety line - but a line nonetheless 

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  9. Theaters production companies are going to protect their primary talent.  Jim is the reason people show up to this play to be honest...so of course they are going to make sure he is well protected.   They provide the body guards, just like they did when he was in Harvey.   They need to make sure that their talent are healthy and in good shape because they loose a lot of money if something happens to their talent.

    From what I remember, there was one guy shadowing Jim. The others were mainly crowd and traffic control. They made sure everyone was off the street and behind the correct barrier, and that Jim's car could get through. So one guy for Jim's safety, the other two for ours. ;)

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  10. Holy crap, yes. Thankfully, we didn't need to use that bail money.


    Even though the cops were waiting for us in front of the theatre.   :cool:   :icon_twisted:

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