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  1. Sheldon to Amy: Now lie back and let me get my model rocket Sheldon to Amy: I have a surprise for you, just reach into my front pocket Sheldon to Amy: I hope the Magnum is big enough, now help me open the packet Sheldon to Amy: I knew you’d say yes! The key is right here in my pocket Penny to Leonard: Of course I am not going alone, that is why I bought you a ticket Cop to Leonard: I don’t care if your fiancée is leaving, I am writing you a ticket
  2. Alan Cumming posted lastt week that Good Wife filming was done...then he shaved his head. edited to add: well, HIS filming at least https://twitter.com/Alancumming/status/585820946658918400
  3. Odd question and not even sure there is an answer. How does a preemption or emergency effect ratings if it happens in a major city area? The tornadoes in Illinois caused many people to change channels to local stations (like WGN), turn TVs off to use weather radios in crawl spaces or lose power in its entirely for hours. I was wondering if there is a noticiabe dip across the board during situations like that
  4. Mannnnnnn Jim is keeping his clothes on during "An Act of God"... there goes my fantasy plot scenario. BTW have I mentioned I love the cleverness of the title? I cannot WAIT until May!
  5. I thought the same thing. I really did. But then I clucked on the link and this caught my eye: "One of our favorite TV couples is getting engaged, and fun fact: I'm legit all tingly about it." FUN FACT?!?! If it's true, I am investing in a Lenny proof flame suit for the hiatus. My hypothesis before really reading the lunk was: Leonard moves out and Sheldon "proposes" Amy moves in (on a timetable of course)
  6. Could you imagine if he did it NOW? Holy hell - what a friggin' gun show we would see...
  7. HOLY FRIGGIN CRAP! That is 1000000000000000000000 times better than ANY scenario I was dreaming of.
  8. Yup - that was the one. I just did a keyword search here
  9. It would not surprise me at all: https://instagram.com/p/vd_77umIyQ/
  10. I have been saving for bail money and have a frame ready for my restraining order. lol
  11. I still have my fantasy that they have to disrobe civilian Jim Parsons and dress him to receive the voice of God. I am not joking when I tell you that I WILL have smelling salts in my purse.
  12. We should never be in the same room together watching this show - it might explode. lol
  13. Act of God wardrobe (said in Roy Scheider voicce) "We're gonna need a bigger robe".
  14. The show is VERY active on Twitter and their website - the Danettes are very responsive.
  15. oh no, it's not you. The the clips for the next episode...extra extra hot.
  16. I could have sworn the "singing of the Psalms" was an April fools joke!
  17. Yes. I had the same request made of me. But Jim was mentioned by name instead of a character, I was foiled (but that's ok - he is on my home and work comp and tablet). 2 more months!!! Time is DRAGGING.....
  18. LMAO! nom nom nom I am loving all the fandom sharing and love. crack me up!
  19. please stop... I'll take one, you take the other. We just have to be careful not to wishbone him
  20. HOLD UP - no one has the SHINS?!?! I'm taking at least one!!!
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