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  1. wowza http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/kaley-cuoco-sweeting-abs?cm_mmc=Facebook-_-womenshealth-_-content-fitness-_-KaleyCuocoSweetingAbs
  2. He takes the belt from his ROBe to TIE her up to SIK (where she's never been kissed). bwa-hahahahaha
  3. I had a funny scene pop into my Shamy addled brain last night: Sheldon and Amy are in the pharmacy after they decide to engage in coitus. They are in the condom aisle and Amy is looking at all the mind boggling choices. Sheldon walks up behind her, reaches over her shoulder and grabs a box of Magnums. He casually says "I did some research, these are the only ones that would fit". As he walks toward the checkout, Amy is still in the condom aisle, jaw on the floor.
  4. nicccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccce HOO indeed Ya - THIS song was playing in my mind while reading that... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6c-GePyIGQ
  5. Cinnamon How much does Howard's mom weigh?
  6. Love Kate Bush and was just listening to her album The Sensual World and "Love and Anger" make me think of Shamy (esp. with the spoilers of weeks ahead). The italicized lyrics below esp. Forgive any ridiculous ads that pop up before the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyEHKGDSg5I Lyrics: It lay buried here It lay deep inside me It's so deep I don't think that I can speak about it It could take me all my life But it would only take a moment to Tell you what I'm feeling But I don't know if I'm ready yet You come waltzing into this room Like you're walking into my arms What would I do without you? CHORUS Take away the love and the anger And the little piece of hope holding us together Looking for a moment that'll never happen Living in the gap between past and future Take away the stone and the timber And a little piece of rope won't hold it together If you can't tell your sister If you can't tell a priest Cause it's so deep you don't think That you can speak about it to anyone Can you tell it to your heart? Can you find it in your heart To let go of these feelings Like a bell to a southerly wind We could be like two strings beating Speaking in sympathy What would we do without you? Two strings speak in sympathy (what would we do without you?)
  7. Calm you down?! It would send me into a ovary exploding, hormonal frenzy of the wibbles over the summer. Holy crapola, I'm getting wibbly just thinking about it.
  8. I like Emily and the fact that Raj didn't blow it. Lucy brought out his neurotic side and I can do without her. Yvette and Raj had chemistry, I hpe she pops up again in the future.
  9. I think I will have to order an AED unit before I watch those....
  10. Chiming in on the Amy kiss reaction - in previous episode when she would try to get Sheldon to kiss her (like as Snow White) - she would pucker up and lean in. Now she doesn't. It's like now that it is happening, she is stunned. I would love if Sheldon would stop, cup her face his hand, squeeze gently until her lips popped (like a sexy chubby bunny lol), exclaim "there we are!" and then lay one on her. yeah, I'm weird like that I guess. Like this almost: http://i1192.photobucket.com/albums/aa324/girlfridaydb/drama/2013/guga/guga20/guga20-00390.jpg
  11. There is so much I want to respond to, but my brain is one hot puddle of goo. *sigh* Loved the whole episode <3
  12. Hi there I joined yesterday. Love TBBT and I've watched since the beginning. <3 The March Madness break had me jonesing big time, especially after the SIK (wibble) Great forum, great site and I can't wait for tonight.
  13. Newbie here (to the site, BBT watcher since the beginning ) Just wanted to chime in to agree with this assessment.
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