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  1. 8.13 and 8.14 were back to back Shamy eps. It think it's time for that, so I predict 8.21 as Shamy
  2. My BFF from childhood LIVES in Plano....I think I am going to visit my ol' pal very soon. LOL
  3. Mayim is promoting a Kickstarter campaign: Mayim Bialik @missmayim · 7h 7 hours ago Show support for your female side & Cherokee pride donate to @GunnerGale’s #Mankiller @kickstarter campaign: http://kck.st/1E6sF9U Kickstarter A lot of retweets and favorites from fans - but I have a funny feeling a majority of them didn't actually click to link.
  4. We ain't getting shit for the finale.
  5. I saw that too, it was a refreshing change
  6. Sheldon is dressed as the 4th Docotr. HOLD The F'in PHONE annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I'm dead (Although, Stuart as the 4th doctor got my motor runnin')
  7. I am having a meltdown over Kaley's IG pic (the BW) Left, Right AND Center
  8. ______________________________________________________________________________________________^_______________________________________________
  9. Rebooting...please stand ----- who am I kidding, I am DEAD. DEAD.
  10. How I am approaching the last episodes of S8. oooooooom
  11. Kiss? I want him to rut up against her like a stag in heat, it that too much to ask?!
  12. Dammit! Rebooting...please stand by...
  13. Oh, you are making sense. It is that move coupled with his hands during the hug that put me over the edge. I should be a base-jumper since I have been pushed over the edge so many times this season. whooooo-boy
  14. One thing that jumped out at me was after the hug. I am reminded of Amy's happiness and smile when Sheldon came home during "The Cooper Extraction". The smitten kitten tone and smile going up the stairs is nearly the same. Except now so much has progressed "Sheldon cares for you more than you think" indeed.
  15. I enjoyed the whole episode. Other than the obivious, I did laugh out loud at several scenes. I had to watch later because I was at a meeting. My husband had watched it before I got home and just before he went to bed he told me this was his least favorite episode and we would discuss it today. I am very curious for his take. Granted, his solution to any Sheldon conflict is to "punch him in the face". Talk about a mixed marriage. LOL
  16. Six hours later: I am still alive. Functionality: nil
  17. It's been an hour. I still have not been able to move and I am so keyed up with feels - I just got a nosebleed. I wish I was kidding. This episode will be the death of me.
  18. I can't even. Seriously, I can't function right now.
  19. I don't want to talk about it. I am going to be out of town that weekend...I am SO pissed.
  20. Come to Chicago! He is always here.
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