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  1. I do a lot with the American Cancer Society in my community, but nothing groundbreaking. I entered anyway. What I hated was that I HAD to submit a video too. So you pretty much can pull your town off skid row - but if you are super shy (or not super creative as not to appear on camera), you are not gonna win. This, of course it just my option.
  2. It would be funny if the "other guy" was Mark Hamill
  3. Shelnard get lost and when they finally get home; he grabs Amy, throws her against the wall and shoves his tongue down her throat. Right? Am I right? Gimme a hell yeah!
  4. Looks like they are in the car. Faulty SatNav?
  5. Are Shelnard in the jungle?! https://instagram.com/p/zxmhGvtQzI/?modal=true
  6. Had to post this pic by Tom Beland. Love it.
  7. Ya know - I think I am going to be sending Chuck, Bill and Steve a hospital bill. I have died of feels so many times, I can't even.
  8. NOW I understand the good mood and tie! Genie was on set today!
  9. That is how I dressed him this morning...
  10. My only conclusion was that I would hope a member of this forum would it the type of fan that would be repectful of the cast and crew. The tweet could have been influenced by the promo, *my* issue was the total lack of classt have the balls to tweet that to someone. And then to get into an argument with another fool while still tagging Bill??? SMFH - unreal.
  11. I am hoping that the person that tweeted Bill Prady to "F*ck Shenny" is not a member of this site/forum. Lashing out at an exec producer is totally uncool in my honest opinion.
  12. Here is my Oh, looks like the one Jim has in the GMA promo.
  13. "Save me from tomorrow...." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_BoAXopS54
  14. Every time i go back to that pic...I do not see a puppy. then the room goes all spinny. sigh.
  15. He was holding a puppy in that pic? I didn't see a puppy....
  16. lmao at the interview. "One day I am going to get hit with the ugly stick...." Oh Jim, your beauty is so so much more than skin deep.
  17. Amy: Why is everything in this lab so sticky?!
  18. *wishes to myself* pleasepleaseplease do Star in a reasonably priced car....* If ONLY he had enough time!! Are they off next week?
  19. OMJ! annnnd my ovaries just exploded again. Holy crap. Ho Lee Crap Ola
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