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  1. I would love to meet Mayim and talk shop with her. Her research is really fascinating to me.
  2. Hi hun, it's Katie (it's been a while since I've been here lol) What was Sheldon like during the proposal (his face, mannerisms, anything you can tell us)? Also Amy's reaction (if they showed it)! Thanks!
  3. So i've been ghosting here a lot of the season (i wanted to try spoiler free life for a while) But damn as I saw Kazzie's tweet I knew and WOW I JUST WANNA SCREAM?!?! I've missed being excited about the show and all of you. You go get her Sheldon I'm so proud of my boy.
  4. i'm really excited for the taping tonight! i just need them to have coitus, both for their sake and mine lol also, i'm writing a research paper on the "brain bowl" experiment for my neuroscience class. it counts as my final, so basically i will be observing a researcher doing the same experiment shamy were doing and write about it, as well as compare the results of my study with related research!!
  5. i'm crying in my bathroom at 2am cause i'm so excited havent been this excited since the sex
  6. i can see why they're living in 4B. molaro won't give up that set ever so they had to make a compromise also i really want to know if shamy will redecorate the appt.
  7. this is all i've wanted i can die right now and be happy
  8. I totally agree. It would be insane if they went back to Amy living in 314 and Sheldon living in 4A. Let's face it: they would miss each other so much, i don't think they are going to be able to live alone anymore. sheldon is used to having amy with him, it would be a shame for the writers to mess up the perfect equilibrium shamy has right now
  9. i'm honestly crying this experiment is turning out so much better than i could have ever expected!!! is there a taping tonight and if so, for what episode #? also are we going to get info from last week maybe? thanks!
  10. i just noticed a small thing about sheldon's handholding line in the premiere! he said that they were dating two years before they starting handholding regularly, which means that they consider s4 the start of their bf/gf relationship. i really need a fic about that conversation (if there even was one) about how that happened and whose idea it was to include s4 as a period of them dating.
  11. i found a beach boys vinyl with darlin on it and you know i had to have it! whenever i listen to it, i think of shamy!!
  12. a couple thoughts on the spoilers: 1) i really like this reversal the writers are toying with of amy being the one to hold off. she's been anticipating all these huge milestones (coitus, cohabitation,etc.) with sheldon for years, but when the time comes, she's a little apprehensive. i love how sheldon is the one that is really trying to get things moving. also i think sexual sheldon is going to be a recurring theme now. amy you better be ready, it's gonna get crazy 2) although i wish the ice cream conversation had happened with amy instead of penny (i really think personal personal stuff like that should be discussed with your SO but anyways), i love sheldon voicing his fears about turning into his dad since he feels sexually awakened. sheldon's obvious anger towards his father has been apparent for the whole series and i'm so happy that we finally are learning some of sheldon's fears that really really explain a lot about him. i cant wait to see Jim execute those lines. He's my favorite in the whole world and I know he's going to portray that vulnerable and scared side of sheldon perfectly. Also I love that we found out why Sheldon triple knocks (even though it's for a bad reason). It's one of my favorite gags and maybe he had the confession about knocking with penny because the thrice knocks started as him and penny's thing. overall, i'm just happy to see the writers explore a more vulnerable yet lustful side to sheldon and i can't wait to see that cute hug at the end! Jim and Mayim will knock it out of the park!!! PS: so if amy is eyeing sheldon "like a piece of meat", does that mean that sheldon lets amy see him naked when he gets out of the shower? thoughts?
  13. nice x-files gif (from deep throat-- a great episode!!!) i'm calling an engagement at the end of season 10 (we will most likely get a season 11 but even if we don't that would be a beautiful ending to the series)
  14. it's been three days and i just now finished processing all of these spoilers!! it honestly makes me want to cry because i'm just so happy :') i finally get to see my babies all grown up and being together in the intimate way i knew they one day could be. and because i'm biased towards sheldon, i just want to gush about how different, albeit the same, he is after all these years. it's striking to see how much he's matured since seasons 1-4 and i'm so proud of him and i gotta stop now before i embarrass myself. also can we just talk about how the wonderful communication that is trademark shamy is BACK!! shamy was built on communication and it's so nice and refreshing to see honest and adult conversations between them, with both of them contributing equally!!! my last point: i'm calling a proposal either at the flag convention (which is so shamy it hurts) or i've had this head canon for years that sheldon takes amy back to the coffeeshop where they met and proposes to her there (not without thoroughly wiping the floor before of course). it seems really sappy and romantic and it would be such a great parallel (like the couch kiss!!) @NotWonderland thank you sososo much for the report!! you've made me so happy and i haven't really been involved in tbbt since the coitus episode and now i feel like i'm a part of the shamy fandom again!! also, was there any bts between jim and mayim? thanks!!
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