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  1. Hello Todd's biceps! He looks good in that shirt.
  2. Maybe they have advised him to cover up. There could be a correlation with crowd hysteria on the days his physique is exposed.
  3. It's all love and acceptance here in the Jim thread! That's because the man has our goofy juices flowing. (That sounds really gross, but yall know what I mean)
  4. Ahh, yes. This is when the biceps started to make their appearance.
  5. Aw man! I caved. Must practice restraint.
  6. "Yes, Jim. I came twice, actually three times. Thank you." (sorry) Just pretend Such a Hag wrote this.
  7. Interesting! Fired at the table read? Ouch.
  8. So happy for you ladies that got to be there! I love everything that was said! Anxious for it to hit youtube.
  9. I did theatre 'back in the day', and the audience absolutely makes a difference!! You feel the energy, and it can change your performance and energize you. I remember not always loving matinee performances because there wasn't much of a charge from the audience, and night performances were always exciting. There is an electricity, especially when the audience is enjoying and responding, and it gives you the best feeling. Very addictive!
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