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  1. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    Happy Birthday @mirs1! I wish you all the best! I hope you are having a great day!
  2. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    Oh that´s very sweet of you Sah! We seem to have the same mind! We definitely need to see Shamy dancing again. I would like to see dancing salsa or cha cha cha, their bodies molded together, while they move their hips, before Sheldon leans in for a very intensive kiss that makes your body temperature increase and your cheeks blush. Like Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing.
  3. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    I see thank you April! Lol ok thank you Jonny! I´m happy to get a look at the ring, no matter if it sparkles likes or not. Just the thought, that they are finally engaged makes me all warm and fuzzy. You are so right about that Spidergirl it is great that the writers are finally addressing the girls work more, to show that they are as successful as the guys in their work.
  4. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    I´m sorry for my stupid question, but does the bold part mean, that Sheldon got her a new ring and didn´t take the family heirloom or did he just replaced the stones for other gems in order to pimp the ring? It´d be so Sheldon to go to the next jewelry and take the most precious and biggest ring the shop assistant can find, because when Sheldon goes shopping only the best is good enough for his precious Amy, even if it would mean that he has to dig the diamonds by hand from a diamond mine. Oh, I´m so excited to see Amy and Bernie being competitive over who´s more successful, it´s been a while since the last Amydette plot! It´s great that the writers are finally giving the female scientists some credit for their work, I hope that the fact that Amy gets a new lab and funds, means we get to see more scenes in her new lab. What would I give to see Sheldon walking around CalTech his arm wrapped around Amy´s back gushing about how proud he is of his little lady (with a big smile on his face) and rubbing his proud into everyone´s face who passes by, while he squeezes her gently and gives her a peck on her hair. (I´m sure fanboy Sheldon would be so cute! )
  5. Howardette Season 11 (Spoilers)

    I had thank you @veejay! It is the opposite with me, my RL requires all my attention, so I needed vacation asap. I blanked out any thoughts, switched off everything (even cell phone and internet, even if it was hard) and enjoyed myself and my peaceful environment. But I let myself go too much, because I didn't forget my worries, but my pw for my account here as well. Fortunately the memory returned to me. LOL I'm sorry, but it seems I can't give more likes for today! That's really cute of you! Yeah, I just read the full TR and I was excited to read that the writers decided to have Howardette a second baby! Hopefully a Wolowitz jr.! Can't wait to See them having to handle both babies. Howie you better help Bernie or I'll come for you!
  6. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    I almost forgot: Welcome to the forum @Carey and @Lettie!
  7. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    Hello my dear shamies! Sorry to be so late for the discussion! I'm back from vacation and fully reloaded ready for the first TRs. I don't want to go to much into the details of the TR I've read so far, because there are things that I'd Like to See first before judging. My favourite part so far is Amy introducing Sheldon to her colleagues as her fiancee. I can't get over this word. I need this as a ring tone. I'm curious, what Sheldon had to talk about it with Dr. Hawking? Was he asking him about how to do it? Or if he should involve Amy' s father Into it at all? I can't help myself, but if I think about it a certain image pops up in my mind about how this conversation went. Sheldon: Prof. Hawking I need your counsel in a certain matter. I'm planning to ask Dr. Fowler's father to marry his daughter. But I don't know how to do it properly. Hawking: ........ Sheldon: Prof. Hawking? Are you alright? Are you having a stroke? Hawking: No, I'm just bewildered by your request. Why do you ask me for advice? Sheldon: Because I highly value your opinion and advice. You know I'm not much familiar with social conventions and as I don't have a father anymore, you are the closest that comes to a father for me. Hawking: jgjgtjjhcdghkjn Sheldon: Prof. Hawking? Hawking: Sorry, I had to blink away a tear in my eye. Have a nice day/ evening everyone!
  8. Howardette Season 11 (Spoilers)

    Hello everybody! I just returned from vacation and what do I find? An extended like function and Melissa pregnant?! Wow, just wow! I'm so happy for her! Even if that means that we might not see her for a while, after she gives birth. Or earlier. I can See her either being a voice coming from the off like mrs. Wolowitz or Bernie hiding behind a giant ficus for a while until she reappears again for a wonder. Raj and Howard are playing Wii in the living room when the Ficus rustles. They look at it and suddenly Bernies appears behind it saying "tadaaaa!" Raj: Oi, Bernie where have been? Bernie: That's a mystery. As well as my elephant pregnancy. *Melissa winks into the camera* *Simon and Kunal turn to the camera deadpan frowning while the X File theme plays in the background* LOL But who knows maybe they put her in one of those oversized cute pregnancy dresses? Of she stays put at the kitchen table for the rest of her pregnancy. Oh them possibilities! I can't Walt to find out! Btw. Thank you for keeping this thread alive while I wasn't around. Unfortunately I can't be as much around here as I used to, due to my RL. But I'm thankful for you wonderful people, who come here to talk about Howardette! Have a nice day\ evening!
  9. Thoughts And Prayers

    I hope the fires in Portugal have stopped. I´m glad that you are safe and didn´t spend your holidays around that area @spidergirl! It is always wonderful to see in times like these, how the other countries help each other and send support and help when things like this fire happen.
  10. Mayim Bialik

    LOL and I thought for a moment, they were already taping new Shamy after sex moments. What a beautiful shot of Ukraine!
  11. Thoughts And Prayers

    This is horrible, what a terrible way to die! It feels like. But sadly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many tragedies happening worldwide, we will never even hear of. Murders, rapes, mass graves, human trafficking, explosions, civil wars, etc. So many innocent lives, erased or destroyed without further notice.
  12. Thoughts And Prayers

    I just heard the news and was shocked! This is terrible, my thoughts and prayers go to the people involved in the tragedies in Portugal, Croatia and to the people who died in the fire at Grenfell Tower and to their families. I wish them strength and all the support they can get.
  13. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    I would like to see Amy´s parents appear either together or in separate episodes. As many of you have already said, I need some more information about Amy´s father as he´s a complete mistery to me. My favorite option would be, that Amy´s father appears, because he heard that Amy is getting married and wants to meet her fiancée. (I want to hear that word as often as possible in season 11, because I still can´t believe that they are finally getting married yay!) If I understood Amy´s comment correctly, her father seems to have issues reading other´s emotions, so it would be nice to have a moment, where they both are unable to recognize an emotion and discuss about it, helping each other to approach to a solution (Could be sweet and funny, especially if Amy´s father was a scientist as well), which ends up thanking each other and offering each other to call each other by their surnames. (And maybe now that they are becoming a family, Sheldon asking Mr. Fowler if he can call him "Father"). This always remembers me of one of the most tender hugs from the earlier Sheldon. He really loved Prof. Proton. He was so happy when Arthur Jeffries agreed that Sheldon should call himself Prof. Proton Junior.
  14. Howardette Season 11 (Spoilers)

    The crib definitely is at the top of Top 10 season 10 Howardette moments! Don´t worry, just because you love heartfelt emotional moments, doesn´t mean that you are sappy. The writers did a great work with Howardette this season, they were emotional but not sappy and hit the audience right in the heart with their love for each other. I hope the writers will definitely let Howard explore his abilities as a husband now that he doesn´t have to work on the guidance system anymore. There´s so much potential for sweet, funny plots with him. I would love to see Howard getting cooking classes from Sheldon or Raj (preferably Sheldon, because it is time for some Showard ) Or Howard has to prepare dinner, because Bernie is working and comes home late, but he forgot to go shopping, so he has to make a dinner with the ingredients he has at home. How about baking soda potato casserole? (Because there was no salt left LOL) It could be funny, to see how Bernie struggles to swallow down the whole meal, because she doesn´t want to hurt Howard´s feelings as this is the first time he cooked for them and Howard as well, because he fears to confess, that he forgot to go shopping.
  15. Howardette Season 11 (Spoilers)

    The crib scene was indeed so tender. Bernie in that crib her daughter pressed against her was soooo cute and Howard was such a sweetheart when he told her that he loved her and Halley. He has been so supportive whenever Bernie was questioning herself that it was heart-warming. All this sweetness in season 10 makes me want more like this for Howardette! I don´t want to change them much, for me the writers can continue with this mixture of parents stories and their quirky hobbies (I would love to see Bernie practising with Tammy Jo from time to time or Bernie getting more ventriloquist dummies so Tammy Jo has company) or seeing them do some other weird stuff doing together. If I want to change something, than it is Howard to become more responsible and supportive when it comes to his tasks at home. They really love roleplaying! At least Howard had a thing for Disney princesses in the past, I remember that he once mentioned that he saw a Snow White movie which was definitely only for adults. So who knows what other costumes they have in store. (Well at least one catholic school girl uniform)