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  1. OMG Happy Birthday @Shamyfan95! I wish you all the best and I hope you have a great day! 😘
  2. Now to the things I didn´t like about this episode. To be honest, as much as I liked it that Raj got a proposal and freaked out like the romantic girly man he is, I´m not sure if Anu is the right one for him. I can´t tell why, but she reminds me of Raj´s mother, who seemed to be the demanding, bossy part in his parents relationship as well. She even has similar looks. So it´s no wonder, Raj´s dad choose her, because he seems to have a thing for this kind of women. But maybe the writers change her a bit over the remaining episodes. Leonard´s happy face when he thought, that
  3. A Howardette episode, yay!!! 😃 And what a great episode it was for them, although to be honest, I´m not happy with every part of this story. But first the good things about this episode. Howardette reading (although Bernie only pretended to read, while she was shopping. But Howard saw through her 😉) I really love to see Stuart and Denise getting along so well and to see a woman that gives Stuart this kind of admiring and smiling looks, that I´ve been always hoping for to happen for him. Please writers, keep going with them! When Denise mentioned that she´d like to read
  4. True. 😁 But in that case, they will have two give their child a double name, as Howard was involved too. So how about Howard Rajesh?
  5. Yeah it would close the circle nicely. I hope that in case the writers want to go that way, that they at least grow fond of each other at least, before the season ends, because I don´t want Raj to marry someone because he doesn´t want to be alone. I´ve heard that there were people who agreed to an arranged marriage and fall in love over the years. I can even see Raj first wanting to marry her but then he gets cold feet, because he always wanted to marry for love and she assures him, that they don´t have to marry now because she´s actually fine with their current status and wants to get to
  6. You are right @Zimtzicke, Simon and Melissa are doing are fantastic Job, it is always a pleasure to watch them act together. I hope they both get role offers for other shows or even movies, because they are both great and I don´t want them to disappear from screen like it often happens with actors once their shows are over. But back to the Episode. It was nice to see them giving Stuart advices. Howard´s "how do you Oompa-loompaey-Do?" when he saw Stuart´s orange skin was very sweet. Stuart and Denise are very sweet together, I loved how clumpsy but still cute they acted aro
  7. Just watched episode 12x02. It was such a lovely episode spiced so much sweetness that I was squeaking like a puppy. First ther was Sheldon´s "You were right, dear". (I love it when they are giving each other pet names) Then there was my favorite line of the episode, Sheldon´s Card to his aunt Helen. "Dear aunt Helen, thank you for the lovely (I´m sure it was Amy´s choice of words LOL) place setting. If my hand-writing looks strange than it´s because it´s the 16th card, Amy has forced me to write. The muscles in my hand are cramping as I struggle to finish this se
  8. Welcome back Phantagrae!!! Great to see you back! I hope you fully recovered from your brain surgery and that you can now look forward to a long, healthy life.
  9. The opening scene was really sweet, I loved how they called each other "wife" and "husband". This makes me squeal every time I hear it. The Fowler´s were great, I got goosebumps and when Amy´s mother mother was picking up her husband´s trail and called out for him. (I get "Shining" and "Misery" feelings when I hear her screaming 😍) I wouldn´t mind if Amy´s father stays a while, he´s adorable and so hilarious, just the way he was sneaking back into his daughter´s apartment was funny. Or his "Oh you caught me in a lie, well bye" (or something like that) and runs off. LOL
  10. The first episode didn´t contain much Howardette scenes, but the few scraps we got were nice. It is always nice to see them in their home, doing normal things and listening to their conversations. I really liked Bernie´s casual look, although it is weird for me to see Howard being better dressed up than his wife. 😄 (Although he would look cute with messy bed hair and his pyjama, rubbing away the sleep while he shuffles down the hallway to the toilet) Howard´s deanpan humour always gets me. 😄
  11. I´m happy the horse didn´t have to suffer long. But at least your daughter is alive. She must be very lucky, if she had worse car accidents in the past. The road is surely a dangerous place. She must have more than one guardian angel.
  12. Thanks for posting this @KripkeRules! This sounds like a wonderful episode. I would love to see Howard crawling in through the entrance and have one of those beautiful, touching moments, where Bernie confesses about her guilty feelings and her need for time for herself and Howard just listens to her and reassures her that it´s only natural and that there is nothing selfish about wanting some time alone sometimes, because she deserves it as she is a wonderful mother and wife, who gives her family so much, so that they should give her something back, so he offers her to take the Kids
  13. I´m glad your daughter is alive and doing better Mike. Still I feel bad for the horse, I hope it didn´t suffer for too long. I pray for your daughter, that she didn´t suffer psychologically (you know nightmares or even fears to drive) from this terrible car accident.
  14. As I didn´t know where to put my post, I thought it would fit here. I´ve been thinking for a happy ending for Raj and how I would envision him meeting his perfect match. After all his friends ended up married and happy he gets depressed and drowns himself in sorrow going to a bridal shop. As he weeps, he starts to sing a Bollywood song in English and by the middle of the song a woman appears singing the same song, because she is experiencing the same thing as Raj, so they end up singing and dancing together. Then the scene changes and we see Howard getting a message from Ra
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