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  1. Ship Zone

    Welcome to the forum @BobtheBlob! It is always great to get some more male Shamy shippers! I hope you have a great time and please don´t hesitate to share your opinions, ideas and feelings with us! Now, let´s see my wish list for S11: -Sheldon deciding to be Amy´s chauffeur on her birthday and to take wherever she loves to (while he makes miss Daisy and her chauffeur comments) -Shamy cuddle in bed scenes. It would be cute, to see Amy waking up next to an already awake Sheldon. They smile at each other and she wraps one arm around his waist, while she snuggles her face up against his chest and mumbles : "My cuddles...." Then Sheldon lowers his head and kisses her on her head and whispers: "Good morning my peach" -Shamy cuddled up under a blanket in snowy Wisconsin attending the annual wool festival (certainly with no sheeps everywhere, since Bernadette planted the idea in my head I can´t get it out there) -Shamy getting a visit from Amy´s mother. -Shamy planning their wedding -PAmydette doing some pre-marriage rituals Amy always wanted to do -Sheldon spending his bachelor party at a train museum, where the guys ride on vintage trains and have all fun -In case Shamy are getting married in Season 11, I want Sheldon and Leonard having a touching conversation, where Sheldon thanks Leonard for being a friend for two decades in good times and in bad times (If I don´t remember wrong, Leonard said to Penny somewhere in season 2 that they have been friends for 15 years) which leads to Leonard wiping away some tears, while Sheldon spreads his arms and says "come here lil´ buddy" before they hug each other. I know this doesn´t belong here, but I love me some cute Shelnard! -A romantic Valentine´s episode involving all the three couples and how they spend this day with their SO. -Cute Howardette (or Season 10 Howardette) and cute Lenny scenes -and so on, and so on..... (I have to finish for the moment, because first of all, I´m tired and second I won´t be able to sleep if I don´t give my head a rest , before I will be laying awake thinking what else I could add to my list LOL) Aww today is World Turtle Day? That´s so cute!! I miss Giuseppe. Bless you all you little shielded pals!
  2. Here´s another great mile stone of Howardette. I´m skipping the episode where Howard confesses to the guys that he and Bernadette broke up (The Plimpton Stimulation) and the moment where it is revealed why they broke up (The Hot Troll Deviation) and the moment Bernie wants to move together with Howard (The Cohabitation Formulation), because they all had kinda creepy outcomes, so I´m fast forwarding to the Herb Garden Germination which was not only a great episode for Shamy but a happy one for Howardette too, even if it started sad, because there were rumours spreading among the group about Bernie wanting to break up with Howard. Fortunately they were wrong and nobody told Howard about the rumours, so he asked her full of hope and she she said happily yes.
  3. Ship Zone

    Maybe we can make a Shamy Top 10 Season 10 of the sexiest shamy moments. That would be interesting to read what you guys found were the sexiest scenes of season 10 or of all the seasons. That´s right there are no right or bad choices, after all it´s a matter of personal tastes and opinions, which make things even more interesting and keep the discussion vivid and interesting. It would be boring if we all had the same preferences. Oh that´s right, this was surely sexy. I´m happy, that they have changed Amy´s skirts and that she wears the denim skirts more often, because they suit her so good. I´m sure Sheldon told her that he liked them, so she decided to put them on more frequently.
  4. Ship Zone

    Well, I don´t blame, if the train dream didn´t make it into your Top 10, because the Sheldon scene was more a fan service for us ladies! LOL But Amy´s facial expressions were so great, especially the scene where wakes up and finds out she has been dreaming and Sheldon says that they will arrive in 3 hours time and she simply replies that she can make it in two and pushes the accelerator pedal, while Sheldon is pushed back into his seat. I would have loved to see them actually rinding on the train. I´m sure on their way to the station Amy bought a dozen water bottles and offers Sheldon to drink them, while she throws the coles into fire, to increase the heat, so Sheldon starts to sweat and hopefully pours the water over his head. LOL I can also see them having the following conversation: Amy: Here have some water, babe. Sheldon: But I already had three. We have a long way back and I´m afraid that my bladder won´t make it before we get home. Amy: Don´t worry, we can make breaks whenever you need one. Oh babe, you are sweating let me help you pour some water over your head. LOL
  5. Ship Zone

    I´m glad I´m not alone. I thought that because of all the great "mind" things, that the sexy Sheldon scenes would play a minor or no part in the Top 10 at all. But somehow we have to make priorities and that means that some scenes (even if they are great) can´t make it into the Top 10. But that´s ok, because they all were great and I can´t wait to see Shamy planning their wedding! TBH, I want them to plan their wedding on their own, without Raj´s help, so it will be their dream wedding (with lots of quirky stuff) and not Raj´s dream wedding. If we are lucky and get to see Raj finding someone, then I hope that we see him planning his wedding.
  6. Ship Zone

    I know it´s a tough choice to pick some favorites this season. Nevertheless I´m surprised that Sexy Sheldon hasn´t been mentioned yet when it comes to the Top 10. Or maybe it´s just me because I love it, when Sheldon discovers his desirable, sexy side. I know I have a dirty mind, but I can´t help myself.
  7. Actor

    Just saw all these beautiful pictures. I'm so thankful that they shared these intimate moment of their life with us! I know that they didn't have to do it, but they did it still and I'm so happy! I love them for it! It is so wonderful to see two people that still love each other so much after all these years! May it last forever!
  8. Ship Zone

    I want them to talk about Ramona and so on, while they are on their feet and not sitting on the couch, so after they have cleared things, I want Amy to say yes and jump at Sheldon, her arms wrapped around his neck and his legs around his waist, while Sheldon caresses her thighs and they kiss passionately.
  9. Great Top 10 @Jonny! This has been such a great season for Howardette! I hope it continues like this in season 11! Here's a PDA from season that I adore:
  10. Before I leave I just wanted to share their first onscreen kiss with you guys. You guys surely remember this scene. Bernie wants their relationship to get to the next level, but Howard is unsure if he wants a serious relationship with Bernie (because he was actually looking for a hot, tall woman, so he, stupid as he was, refused Bernie at first) but after a little night chat, with Mr. Sulu and the woman from Battlestar Galactica, he finally knows what he wants, although he rushed things a little bit and fast forwarded to the engagement part, which Bernie rejected rightfully. (I blame his excitement, because he finally had a girlfriend, who really loved him) But as Howard caught fire, he was determined not to give up on her, so he sang the song "Bernadette" for her. I love battlesome Howie, who is not ashamed to embarass himself. And he got recompensed with a touched Bernie who forgave him. Here´s the video:
  11. Ship Zone

    Big Yes! Although I don´t know how much time I will need to decide which scene are going to make it into my Top 10. When it comes to Shamy, I´m as indecisive and struggling as Sheldon. How is that possible, that I ran out of likes for today?! I haven´t had time to like much.
  12. Actor

    That would be great! I would be happy with every snippet, Jim and Todd would want to share with us. Like a picture of them on one of Jim´s online accounts dressed up nicely, smiling, their fingers intertwined, while they hold their ringed fingers up towards the camera and under the picture it says: "Guess what we did?" or "Find the unusual in this picture" . We all know how Jim´s like to tease us. I hope we get some pictures of their honey moon holidays as well. Forget what I said, my dream just came true! Boy, they look gorgeous! Jim looks almost shy, it´s cute how he lowers his head a bit, while Todd smiles brightly into the camera, like he is saying: "Yep, I got him! Finally!!!" Thinking about it, maybe now that Sheldon is going to marry, Todd confronted Jim with the fact. Todd: Hey honey listen, before you are marrying Mayim, I want you to marry me first, you hear me? I don´t want to be the one who gets married after Sheldon Cooper!" Jim cracks up laughing, and says: "Ok, as you wish, hon!"
  13. Actor

    I can´t believe they got finally married!!! I´m sooooooooo happy for them!!! They are such a super sweet couple!
  14. I love that one too! Simon´s physical comedy was brilliant! He made me laugh so much in the past! And he still does! I wonder if it was his decision to do this or if were the writers choice! How much room have the actors to put their personal note into a scene?
  15. Ship Zone

    I love when she is fangirling over her cuddles! She is a cutie pie!