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  1. OMG Happy Birthday @Shamyfan95! I wish you all the best and I hope you have a great day! 😘
  2. Now to the things I didn´t like about this episode. To be honest, as much as I liked it that Raj got a proposal and freaked out like the romantic girly man he is, I´m not sure if Anu is the right one for him. I can´t tell why, but she reminds me of Raj´s mother, who seemed to be the demanding, bossy part in his parents relationship as well. She even has similar looks. So it´s no wonder, Raj´s dad choose her, because he seems to have a thing for this kind of women. But maybe the writers change her a bit over the remaining episodes. Leonard´s happy face when he thought, that Penny was pregnant and the heartbreaking moment, she confessed that she actually doesn´t want to have kids. (I felt so bad for Leonard, because he was so happy about the thought to finally become a father it broke my heart into thousand little pieces ) Bernie´s and Penny´s fight over Penny decision. (It is totally fine if Penny doesn´t want to have kids and Bernie should respect that. On the other hand, I can understand, that Bernie thinks she would change her mind maybe and maybe she will one day, but it doesn´t help to push her on that matter, because it is Penny´s choice after all and an important step which shouldn´t be taken lightly) Leonard calling Penny´s dad behind her back. Come on Leonard, I understand that you don´t want to give up on having children, but it was such a poor choice, to call your father-in-law for support, because this is something which you and Penny have to solve out on your own and no one else.
  3. A Howardette episode, yay!!! 😃 And what a great episode it was for them, although to be honest, I´m not happy with every part of this story. But first the good things about this episode. Howardette reading (although Bernie only pretended to read, while she was shopping. But Howard saw through her 😉) I really love to see Stuart and Denise getting along so well and to see a woman that gives Stuart this kind of admiring and smiling looks, that I´ve been always hoping for to happen for him. Please writers, keep going with them! When Denise mentioned that she´d like to read more, it was funny how Bernie lifted her glasses up a bit, with this funny face and said "Well, if it is important, you´ll find the time" acting all cool and selfconfident, as if she was saying "I´m a power woman, who can handle, work, kids, household and find the time to read, so take that, bitch!" My first big laugh was when Stuart and Denise (or how about Stenise?) went into his room and Howardette argued, whether they are doing it or not. "They are sitting in his room doing stuff." (Yeah, hot stuff for sure. 😉) "Come on, we are sitting here, they are not gonna do anything." Smooth Operator song plays. LOL My favorite Bernie moment, was when she told Penny, that she´s way behind her work, because Howard and Michael were laughing and playing like a couple of jerks and were up all night. This made cry tears of laughter and joy, because it shows how Howard wants to be a better dad for his son, than his own was for him. I wished we had seen how Howard makes funny facial expressions while Michael does this cute baby giggle noises and Bernie rolls on the floor laughing in her own pee puddle. LOL Howard being worried about Raj decision, to give up on romance and wanting to agree to an arranged marriage. Howard and Bernie lamenting on how their friends don´t understand their worries. Bernie: "We are married, we have great kids, great jobs, this great house..." Smooth Operator song plays again. This scene was hilarious, because I loved Howardette´s change of facial expressions, from being annoyed, to feeling uncomfortable and wishing that it does end soon, to grabbing each others hands and crying. Speaking about crying the next scene on my list, made me tear up again. Howard conversation with Raj. "Look, I´m sorry about yesterday, you were right. I´ve known you a long time and you believe in romance more than any person I´ve ever met. It´s hard to see you give up on that. But if you really think marrying this woman is making you happy than you have my complete and total support. I´ll be with you every single step of the way." (OMG, this was so beautiful, it seems that Howard has learnt his lesson last season, when Raj broke ties with him and wants him to make him understand, why he reacted so harsh. I understand you Howard and it makes me love you even more) It is amazing how after all these years, Howard still gets so excited to have sex with Bernie, like on their first time ❤️) -"Smooth Operator" vs. Howard´s workout remix (Why am not surprised about the lyrics in this song? LOL) Raj´s reaction on Anu´s proposal and his "OMG, OMG, yes of course, yes of course, I marry you!" was hilarious (The woman next to him, who was sitting on that bar stool, was me LOL) I´m sorry for the long post, but there were so many good things to gush over, that I couldn´t restrain myself! So forgive me! 😁
  4. True. 😁 But in that case, they will have two give their child a double name, as Howard was involved too. So how about Howard Rajesh?
  5. Yeah it would close the circle nicely. I hope that in case the writers want to go that way, that they at least grow fond of each other at least, before the season ends, because I don´t want Raj to marry someone because he doesn´t want to be alone. I´ve heard that there were people who agreed to an arranged marriage and fall in love over the years. I can even see Raj first wanting to marry her but then he gets cold feet, because he always wanted to marry for love and she assures him, that they don´t have to marry now because she´s actually fine with their current status and wants to get to know him better first, before they marry. I´d find it much better, if she gets to really know him and fully accepts him as he is, with all his quirks. I don´t want him to hide his true self, he should show her how he really is, because this is true love, to love someone just as he/she is, quirks and all. It would be nice, if he had a conversation with Shamy about love and about being fully accepted by the partner and that this should be his goal in a partnership/ marriage. A nice conversation between Raj and Amy could be wonderful. I love how Amy is the only one calling him "Rajesh". (maybe she likes the sound of it, or she hates to abbreviate names)
  6. You are right @Zimtzicke, Simon and Melissa are doing are fantastic Job, it is always a pleasure to watch them act together. I hope they both get role offers for other shows or even movies, because they are both great and I don´t want them to disappear from screen like it often happens with actors once their shows are over. But back to the Episode. It was nice to see them giving Stuart advices. Howard´s "how do you Oompa-loompaey-Do?" when he saw Stuart´s orange skin was very sweet. Stuart and Denise are very sweet together, I loved how clumpsy but still cute they acted around each other, when they were struggling whether they should hug or shake hands and how they patted each others head at the end to say goodbye. (I don´t know why, but I think this clumsiness is very cute) Howard´s "Are you sure she wasn´t breathing life back in him?" when Raj mentioned that he saw them kissing, was like a metaphor for me, because she really brings possitivity and joy to his life, so he´s starting to enjoy life more and is less depressive like he was in the past (Oh Boy, I still can´t stand all these suicide jokes about Stuart, they made me cringe and feel so bad for him, so I hope that things turn for good for him, now that he succeeds with his comic book store and starts to date Denise) I think she really likes his quirks as she was still going out with him, even if he looked like an orange chicken. LOL Even if Howardette act sarcastic, they still care about their friends. I always love it, when they are making comments about their daily life like Howard when he said, that he can leave the bathroom door open when he pees and that Bernie doesn´t mind, while she says that she does. I would love to see a domestic banter like that one.
  7. Just watched episode 12x02. It was such a lovely episode spiced so much sweetness that I was squeaking like a puppy. First ther was Sheldon´s "You were right, dear". (I love it when they are giving each other pet names) Then there was my favorite line of the episode, Sheldon´s Card to his aunt Helen. "Dear aunt Helen, thank you for the lovely (I´m sure it was Amy´s choice of words LOL) place setting. If my hand-writing looks strange than it´s because it´s the 16th card, Amy has forced me to write. The muscles in my hand are cramping as I struggle to finish this sentence. Ow, ow, the pain. Love Sheldon." (Poor Shelly Pie, come on Amy, don´t push your husband (💖) too much, 5 cards per day are enough LOL) I love Sheldon´s honest and direct way to adress things! Shamy do have a dirty Imagination when it comes to marital aids. 😉 They were really adorable, when they were in bed and both couldn´t stop thinking about the meaning of Lenny´s present. Sheldon´s "Staying up past my bed time and solving mysteries. Who would have thought that new married life could be this good?" was so sweet. (It is so heart-warming how happy he is and how comfortable he is being married with Amy, it makes my heart throb happily. See Shelly, the psychist was right, you owe her one!) I think it is kinda sweet how the Crystal Chakra is passed by one married couple to another. It feels like a family tradition and this is adorable. But my absolute favorite moment was the coffee shop scene when they were looking for clues under the table where they sat on their first date (the facial expressions of the siblings when Sheldon was fumbling under the table were funny) I got teary-eyed how excited and happy they got about the things they found in the lost and found box and how they jumped to conclusions automatically and almost jumped out happily holding hands. They are such cutie pies when they are all lovey dovey, that I my heart skipped beats several times. Another wonderful Moment, that made my eyes watery was Sheldon´s "You gave us three amazing Gifts: the locket, the sunglasses and the Realisation that we can do anything as Long as we work together" (OMG, Shelly stop saying such sweet things, you are killing me, or no, wait don´t stop LOL) And it was very sweet that they wanted to return the favor to Lenny and gave them a mystery to solve, so they could have as much fun as they had solving their mystery, although Lenny were not happy about it. All in all, this episode made my day and it made up for the shit I had to go through yesterday. Thank you, Sheldon and Amy! I love you! 💖
  8. Welcome back Phantagrae!!! Great to see you back! I hope you fully recovered from your brain surgery and that you can now look forward to a long, healthy life.
  9. The opening scene was really sweet, I loved how they called each other "wife" and "husband". This makes me squeal every time I hear it. The Fowler´s were great, I got goosebumps and when Amy´s mother mother was picking up her husband´s trail and called out for him. (I get "Shining" and "Misery" feelings when I hear her screaming 😍) I wouldn´t mind if Amy´s father stays a while, he´s adorable and so hilarious, just the way he was sneaking back into his daughter´s apartment was funny. Or his "Oh you caught me in a lie, well bye" (or something like that) and runs off. LOL I also loved Sheldon´s little Lego breakfast joke, he´s so cute, when he´s acting funny. I melted a bit, when he confessed that he wants to be a good husband and that he therefore wanted to plan their sex life, as he feared to forget to do it (don´t worry Shelly your body will remind you, every time Amy starts with her sexy science talk that gets your motor running 😉) and Amy assured him that she will never want anyone else than him. Can´t wait for the next episode!
  10. The first episode didn´t contain much Howardette scenes, but the few scraps we got were nice. It is always nice to see them in their home, doing normal things and listening to their conversations. I really liked Bernie´s casual look, although it is weird for me to see Howard being better dressed up than his wife. 😄 (Although he would look cute with messy bed hair and his pyjama, rubbing away the sleep while he shuffles down the hallway to the toilet) Howard´s deanpan humour always gets me. 😄
  11. I´m happy the horse didn´t have to suffer long. But at least your daughter is alive. She must be very lucky, if she had worse car accidents in the past. The road is surely a dangerous place. She must have more than one guardian angel.
  12. Thanks for posting this @KripkeRules! This sounds like a wonderful episode. I would love to see Howard crawling in through the entrance and have one of those beautiful, touching moments, where Bernie confesses about her guilty feelings and her need for time for herself and Howard just listens to her and reassures her that it´s only natural and that there is nothing selfish about wanting some time alone sometimes, because she deserves it as she is a wonderful mother and wife, who gives her family so much, so that they should give her something back, so he offers her to take the Kids out for a walk or something and kisses her on the forehead. But as he leaves, Bernie calls him back and gives him a kiss on the lips as he leans his head into the house and says him in a sweet voice "Thank you, my hero." Howard smiles happily, his eyes sparkling, gets up, stretches his arms out and starts to run through their backyard as if he was Superman flying around, while Bernie watches him giggling. I need some Howardette sweetness this season, so I´m looking forward to this episode! If possible writers, please let their be a time jump for Howardette at the end of the season, where you see them play catch with their children, laughing and hugging each other. Oh and I would like to have new intro, where you see the gang sitting in Lenny´s living room, eating. Penny sitting on Leonard´s lap snuggled up at his chest. Sheldon and Amy smiling while they feed each other. Raj feeding Cinnamon on the Floor. And Howard offering her a fork filled with Food, but as she tries to catch the fork with her mouth, he pulls the fork away and holds the fork above his head, so Bernie grabs onto his arms, trying to pull down the fork with food. Howard smiles at her and pulls her with his free arm down to his lap in order to kiss her. I know there won´t be a new intro, but a woman can dream. LOL
  13. I´m glad your daughter is alive and doing better Mike. Still I feel bad for the horse, I hope it didn´t suffer for too long. I pray for your daughter, that she didn´t suffer psychologically (you know nightmares or even fears to drive) from this terrible car accident.
  14. As I didn´t know where to put my post, I thought it would fit here. I´ve been thinking for a happy ending for Raj and how I would envision him meeting his perfect match. After all his friends ended up married and happy he gets depressed and drowns himself in sorrow going to a bridal shop. As he weeps, he starts to sing a Bollywood song in English and by the middle of the song a woman appears singing the same song, because she is experiencing the same thing as Raj, so they end up singing and dancing together. Then the scene changes and we see Howard getting a message from Raj saying that he´s getting married and that they have one hour to get to the registry office if they want to witness their wedding. First they are unsure if this is a joke or serious talking. Bernadette: Do you really think he is serious? Howard: It´s Raj we are talking about so... Bernadette: Let´s rush to the registry office to stop this lunatic! They call their other friends who got the same message and they all decide to go there NOW. When they arrive at the registry office, they find them already dressed up as groom and bride, waiting to get married in 5 minutes. The gang exchange looks while they struggle if they should stop him still or not. They ask Raj, how they got such a fast appointment, so Raj´s future wife, tells them, that she has been dreaming for this day, since she was five, so she has been saving every dollar for this day and even saved the date at the registry office at the age of 18. But since then she never found love and after kissing every frog that had passed her way, she had already given up hope when she met Raj. Then she tells Raj, that if they want to get children on their honeymoon they should rush because of her ovulati. He agrees happily and asks her where she would like to go on their honeymoon and she tells him that he should not worry about that as she has planned everything already and while they walk into the room where they get married, they discuss how much children they are going to have and what their names will be. The gang exchange looks again, shrug and decide that these two are made for each other and they follow them to the ceremony. I think a wife crazier than Raj would be hilarious. I´m sorry for the Long post. Well, if you haven´t fallen asleep yet while reading, then thank you for reading it. 😁
  15. Happy Birthday @mirs1! I hope you had a great day full of love, joy and smiles!
  16. But woe she dares to use his make-up. I´m sure he can be very sensitive when it comes to his make up. Can you imagine, Leonard giving Penny make-up advice? Penny sitting on the toilet lit, while Leonard tries to show her how she can get better results with the least effort of make-up. And then she gets so enthusiastic that she encourages him to give make up artist lessons at the community college for charitable purpose. But she would stay in class, to keep an eye on the young girls, as she knows that some can be like hyenas, lurking for their prey.
  17. They could go to her place or a hotel (or hostel).
  18. I´m sorry, I couldn´t find a better word at this moment, I wasn´t implying that you see him a bad guy. As Long as he is supporting them as good as he can, I´m fine with him living there for a bit longer, but not for eternity. They do seem to be tired of him sometimes, I´m sure it is difficult to live all under the same roof and that it sometimes feels cramped living together and it will be even more cramped once the Kids grow older (they will Need a bath schedule then) but they are still living with him, because they like him after all. I admire their hospitality and patience with him. But that´s what friends are for, when you need them, they are there for you, like a family.
  19. This would be great! Imagine the camera showing the faces of 15 children of different ages, who are listening to his story and as soon as he´s finished, 13 children stand up, thank him for the story and head to their homes, while the two remaining Kids thank their daddy and head for the Television to watch Babylon 5 with him. I´m sure that even Sheldon hates this show, he would watch it for his kid´s sake. And as long as they accept his off comments. 😁We would all go from "OMG, they do have 15 children!" to "Oh, wait 13 of them are children from the neighbourhood LOL"
  20. I´m sorry for the delayed answer, I´ve just returned from holiday. Mike is a fine guy, he seems to be one of those guys, who are hard as a rock outside, but who have a soft spot inside. I hope so too, that we get to see him this season again. I would love to see all of the families but with 24 episodes that remain, I guess it will be hard. Unless they are taping an Episode where we have the guys and their fathers (or in Howard´s and Sheldon´s case their father-in-laws) go on a father and son excursion. Like a camping trip. This could lead to nice moments between the guys and their father/father-in-laws. (Raj and Mr. Koothrapalli watching the stars, while Raj explains him the universe in his unique and romantic way, while his eyes sparkle. Leonard and Mr. Hofstadter who confesses that he do wished to have spend more time with him and his siblings like that. Sheldon and Mr. Fowler talk about their issues with fear and life which ends with Sheldon thanking him and Mrs. Fowler for bringing Amy into his life, who makes his life so much easier and joyful. And Mike giving Howard a bear hug and them calling each other "father and son". I would die to see the last one. 😍 And on their last day they discover the remains of what Looks like bones. Human bones. I can see their reactions as they find the corpse. Mr Hofstadter: Look at that. They look like human bones. These are female hip bones. Mr Koothrapalli: Oh, you are Gynaecologist as well? (lifts his arm to high five him but only gets a puzzled look) Mr Hofstadter: Nooo... I´m actually an Anthropologist. These hip bones are really Special. They remind me of some I´ve got at home. They are 1500 years old. Mr Koothrapalli: Oh, you are collecting ancient female hip bones as well? Me too! (raises his arm again to high five him, but this time Mr. Hofstadter does high five him, although hesitantly) Mike: Wait, you found human bones? This is a crime Scene, we have to close off this area immediately! Don´t move, I´ll go back to the car to get my warning tape. While everyone wonders, why Mike would take warning tape with him, as he retired centuries ago, Mr. Fowler suddenly jumps up and follows Mike. Mr Fowler: Oh man, a dead human body? Oh my, I can feel my anxities coming up, Mike wait for me! Mike and Mr. Fowler are about to run off, when they see flash lights approaching and Mike starts to wave with his arms in the air. Mike: This went quick, we haven´t even called for the Police yet. Here we are guys, over here! Voice: This is nature conservancy, you are not allowed to be here as this place is under nature conservation! Then Mike´talks about a human dead body, so the guys from nature conservancy call for the police, who arrests everyone. At the end, you see everyone in prison, where they get picked up by their wifes. When Mrs Rostenkowski comes for her husband, he refuses to admit that he got arrested and insists, that he wanted to stay by Howard´s side to make sure, that he is safe from the other prisoners. I´m sorry, for the long reply, I got carried away. As always. 😁 Well, I admit that he exploits their hospitality, but he does a lot in return as well. He takes care of their Kids so whenever he can and I remember, that he once even bought them new cereals, because he ate them. So if he was such a bad guy, Bernadette would have already kicked him out.
  21. I´m sorry for the delayed answer, I´ve just returned from my vacation. I can only speak for myself, but I highly welcome any positive change, so at least for me it wouldn´t be redundant. These old "Bernadette is a Substitution for Howard´s mother" jokes were tiresome and weren´t funny IMO. I´m glad the writers have reduced them to a minimum. And now that Stuart lives with them, I´m sure that he takes care of the house, so they can concentrate on their Jobs. Nevertheless, I hope he moves out some day. As much as I love to see Stuart, I hope he does succeed with his Comic book store, now that he gained some positive publicity due to this science fiction author and can afford his own Apartment and start his own family. But we´ll see what the writers have planned for the last season. I still have to get used to the idea that the show ends next year after 12 years. But I respect Jim´s wish and I hope that all of them will find new projects. Especially Simon, come on, he needs his own sitcom!
  22. I´d just exchange the couch for a bigger one, so Sheldon can stretch out his legs, if he wants to, or both of them. (I would love to see Shamy laying on the new couch snuggled up and spooning while they watch TV) And a bigger bed, although the bedroom is too small for a bigger bed. But I guess the writers would let Amy´s mother change the whole apartment and Shamy wouldn´t like it, just for the fun. I know that Sheldon and Amy have a similar taste, but I don´t know if the same goes for Amy and her mother. So, it´d be interesting to see what her mother would do with the apartment.
  23. I can already see Sheldon staring at the new couch in disbelief saying to Amy "That is brobdingnagian monstrosity!" LOL
  24. Maybe Amy´s mother wants to give 4b a make over and asks the gang to help her, carrying the new furniture into the apartment. I can see her giving everyone orders, while they obey, because Amy´s mother can be very "convincing". LOL But I´m afraid how this might look like, but Shamy´s shocked facial expressions would be worth it, at least for an episode. Maybe Amy´s dad would pat Sheldon gently on the shoulder and tells him "I´m sorry, I did my best, but I couldn´t stop her, she is like a natural disaster, once she is in motion no one can stop her" to which Sheldon replies "Well this would explain the state of our apartment. This looks like a F6 (on the Fujita scale) at least." This would be beautiful, Shamy walking through the country where Marie and Pierre Curie lived and seeing things which are connected with their idols.
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