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  1. Do we know the length of the series finale? I know it airs from 8-9, so it's really just two episodes back-to-back, and with ads, I'll hope it can be longer than 40 mins combined. Too bad, because Seinfeld and Friends had extended finales that were 50 minutes. But that was so long ago, times have changed, and runtimes are shorter. I just hope it can be a little longer, but oh well.
  2. Interesting, you might be right about that and then they won't need to have them appear with too many scenes.
  3. I know it isn't 100% confirmed, but seems pretty obvious at this point by Kathy Bates and Teller as Amy's parents will be interesting to watch.
  4. I could see that happen. I wonder if Denise is going to be a recurring guest for S12. It's funny that if she did end up with Raj, at least one of the guys would end up with a geek who likes comic books. None of the other female characters do.
  5. I could see that happen. I wonder if Denise is going to be a recurring guest for S12.
  6. WOW, Penny's screentime total is so low. I literally thought she would be in the top 3 in S11. First time looking at screen time thread.
  7. I forgot that it is 13 episodes. Yeah, I guess it could work now. Not for 24, but 13 is more durable.
  8. But if TBBT ends next year after 12 seasons, would Johnny go back to Roseanne once TBBT is done? I'd think he would be open to another one-off appearance, but he might be burned out doing a full-time gig again and want a break.
  9. I hope Amy's family is cast next. She needs so much love, we've seen nobody at all but a cameo from her mother.
  10. Amy in the flashback made no sense, I reckon she should of been in the background and not really interacted with any of them. A small little cameo, but interacting with Penny was a big plot hole. But she talked to her one time though and said little to her. In real life this does happen. You bump into people, you won't remember every conversation. And in fact you might meet years later again, and really not remember having meet them before. I mean nobody really remembers every single person they have meet in life and spoke 2 words too. Do we really remember every customer or waitress who we ever meet before.
  11. Was Melissa on set or is she now on maternity leave, and they pretaped her scenes. I'm assuming she won't be on the set for filming in December at all for 12 & 13, and those are pre-taped.
  12. Yeah I am more looking forward to Penny's story, than the PP stuff. No offence, but Arthur died seasons ago, and I'm annoyed they kept focusing on him so much even if Bob is so good. Not even Sheldon's own father has appeared in the show yet, and I would love if the actor on Young Sheldon appeared to him in a dream for a change. I would rather see more of Sheldon's family than visits from dead Arthur any day. So glad Penny was great. She is such a nurturing person, I'm not surprised.
  13. Yeah true. I hope Penny being pregnant is reserved for the final episode. I just don't want so many seasons in a row with a pregnancy story. If S12 is the final season, I don't want a pregnant Penny taking up the entire final season's story. Best to save one last story progression with Penny's pregnancy for the final episode. But if S12 isn't the end, then I guess we are stuck with it happening before the final episode. But I really don't want the series to have gone through three births, and two couples having children already.
  14. I vaguely remember reading that Melissa's baby is due at the end of the year. Now the final taping for the year is December 12th, and they go on break until second week of January, which fits nicely for her getting time off anyway. So we will have less Bernadette for the taping's of episode's 11, 12 & 13 or pre-taped scenes right? I assume Skype cameo's and her visiting her family for the holidays. Bernadette won't give birth until most likely at the end of the season. I wonder if Shamy's wedding will occur at the same time Bernadette's second child is born in 11.24. It wouldn't surprise me if this were to be the case?
  15. Shamy will most likely have their wedding being episode 11x24 or 12x01. It wouldn't surprise me if Penny finds out she is pregnant in 11x24 or 12x01, so they can time the pregnancy so Penny gives birth in 12x24 (if it is the series final). No idea if the show can seriously get 13 seasons, seem's like 12 could be it, even if they only need 21 episodes for season 13 to reach 300 episodes. Lenny's wedding had a 3-episode arc carried from 9x23 to 10x01. I do hope Shamy can do the same, if it means we get a chance to meet Amy's family and Sheldon's brother. Because all the wedding stories always had a story carried over at least 2 episodes.
  16. Well if it were Penny's nephew the show would have to make mention of Penny's sister, who I was surprised wasn't mentioned at her wedding with why she wasn't attending. But I know they couldn't fit so many in, and that was more budget and fitting people into a half hour episode. I would think he would be about 20 or 21 years old now. I think he was 13 in season 2 or 3? But her Nephew is about the right age to have moved out of home, and maybe they will use him to show how much Penny has changed. Him being around the same age Penny was when she moved to town in the pilot. It would be funny if they didn't show his father in person, and he was just a voice like his mother. But the story is far too emotional for him to not appear in person. Unless all that is off-screen, and it's just Howard talking about the reunion with Bernadette and his friends. This story is far too big to not happen, maybe they will save it for the final season? They dropped Howard's half brother, and he has never been mentioned or returned again.
  17. I am very curious if they will introduce Sheldon's brother during season 11 on the show, since he is going to be seen for the first time younger on young Sheldon. If any of the stories on Young Sheldon will have any significance or mentions on season 11 at all in passing. Even an episode where Sheldon dreams of his younger self.
  18. Getting to meet Sheldon's brother in this series is fun. But I hope this means we get to meet him in the normal show as an adult.
  19. Wow didn't not expect this, also wasn't expecting to see Amy except Skype until season 11. I can't see the wedding happening anytime soon. Would not surprise me if its the first episode of season 12, and the start to the final season. I hope they do another trilogy of episodes like with Lenny's second wedding being the last 2 episodes of season 9 and first of 10. So meeting more of Shamy's families. Finally time to show Amy's family and meet Sheldon's brother.
  20. Wow at this final. And to think we actually did get more Amy than a Skype, didn't expect this sort of ending. As I was reading this taping report, I seriously feared the worst the more I went in. But I loved the ending. With two more seasons left, obviously shamy will be engaged for an entire season, I can't see it being any earlier the wedding. It wouldn't surprise me if the wedding is the first episode of season 12. Penny pregnant in season 11 final or early season 12.
  21. I am curious how much Amy we even see in the final. Of course she will appear, but will it be a Skype cameo. I can't see them showing her at Princeton, apart from a Skype cameo. I can see her getting a story or scenes in Princeton next season like Howard and Leonard got when they were away.
  22. Where did all the Mayim might leave talk come from. I really don't see it happening, they wouldn't dare loose her now. The contracts might take a while, but they have 4 months until taping season 11 starts. Plenty of time. I'm honestly not worried, all I can see if Amy possibly missing the first episode or two of season 11, if it takes that long, like Raj and Howard almost could of been absent in season 8 because signing might have taken longer.
  23. Yeah same here. I actually feel those early seasons are fun but it gets better in season 4. In fact the past 2 years when I marathon, I don't watch the early ones as much anymore. I find them a bit boring now compared to the best period of the show in my eyes season 4-6. I feel Amy and Bernadette brought a great dynamic to the show, honestly the show wouldn't have survived with the season 1-3 format and I might have gotten bored.
  24. It still surprises me how little we see of the other neighbors, yes we saw seen some here and there. But sometimes I would of thought extras walking around would make it feel more like a real building.
  25. Yes that's right. Both became regulars in season 4, only Bernadette was made one 4 episodes before Amy. Although Bernadette has been on longer than Amy coming in early season 3 verses Amy end of season 3. But yeah your right their contracts are on the same cycle.
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