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  1. OMG! That was *bleeping* hilarious! OMG Amys facial expressions....I am dying! Loved this episode so much!
  2. This is EXACTLY what I was thinking! It is like you took the thoughts right out of my head! LOL
  3. Oh Gawd! That hug is killing me with feels....makes me wanna squeeeeel!
  4. Happy Taping Everyone! Hopefully we get some juicy spoilers tonight for Shamy!
  5. Happy Taping Day Everyone! Jim's instagram post is making me sooo happy!
  6. Hi, I may be late to the party but here are my predictions..... Question 1 - During Season 10 do you think Shamy will have sex again? OMG YES! Sooo much comedy and sweet shamy moments potential here, the writers would have to be crazy to squander it! IMO Question 2 - Do you think Shamy will get engaged during Season 10? NO....lol see question 3 answer. Question 3- Do you think Shamy will get married during Season 10? YES!.....lol......I am going to go out on a dreamer's limb and say they skip an engagement and go straight to getting married! No sense dragging things out once they make up there minds. Question 4 - Do you think Shamy will live together in some arrangement during Season 10? Yes....maybe trial runs, maybe many sleepovers....lots of possibilities.....who knows, maybe Amy's lease coming up will play a role in helping change the living arrangements?....but with these two i have learned to expect the unexpected.
  7. lol...just that i never even thought about such a scenario....being presented with a fait accompli with no engagement, no wedding.... nothing....just surprise it done! Not a scenario i want to play out on screen....lol.....
  8. wow....i just woke up from a dream where I watched the season finale, and the majority of the show was getting Lenny to their 2nd wedding but the tag was Shamy cuddling in Sheldon's bed, and Sheldon saying to Amy "Goodnight Mrs. Cooper".......aaaaahhhh......my dreams are punching me in the feels, totally blindsided by my subconscious, which is what i kind of expect for the actual finale (whatever storyline they decide on!).
  9. Looks like Stuart is in this one, he has a car scene with Amy. I am speculating..... that she is bringing him to see her apartment because her lease is up and she is considering getting a better place, (maybe with her tall lanky brilliant physicist.....lol.....I can dream can't I?)
  10. Was there a script cover for the upcoming taping?...and if so any thoughts on what the title might be?
  11. Lol....there is a crazy trend in here that anytime there is an episode where there is more focus on the Shenny FRIENDSHIP/SIBLING relationship than the Shamy ...people jump off the deep end of the worry ship....I for one think everything is great and that both Shamy and Lenny are growing as couples and as friends!...and it is a frustratingly beautiful and crazy thing!
  12. Any thoughts on who the story is going to be focused on in the cabin?....I really hope that Shamy get some alone time together, and Lenny as well....with no (almost always happening lately) interruptions ...ehem! Course because I am hoping for a Shamy lovefest.....I will instead predict that anything with the cabin will be a Raj and Emily story....it would be funny IMO if the powers that be brought back Emily's creepy side...what better place to freak out Raj but in a cabin in the woods?....
  13. The voting ends 9pm PST March 10th...there is still time to vote!
  14. Should we be getting a script cover this week sometime....I need something to speculate on!
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