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  1. This is an evil poll!!! I ship Shamy, Caskett and Jamie/Claire... eta: Went with Shamy They haven't peeved me off as much as Caskett this year lol
  2. Amy defending herself made sense. I know I would have reacted the same way if someone started attacking me like Meemaw was with Amy. Meemaw doesn't have all the facts about the break up but she would defend Sheldon against the person that hurt her moonpie. I understand both points of view but Amy was right to stand up for herself. Strong, sassy Amy is always nice to see. I'm really glad that Sheldon stood by his little lady.
  3. Watching the episode, IMO the lines a lot of people were worried about didn't seem as bad as the tape read made them out to be. Seeing the emotions and hearing the tone of voice really brings a different meaning to just reading the words. Really enjoyed the episode and Meemaw is a sassy woman!
  4. To Tayran: Remember when Penny and Raj had their drunken fun night in Leonard's bed? Sheldon has slept in Penny's bed (but alone) when he's slept in her place because he's too tall to sleep on her sofa. Sheldon slept in Howard's bed when he left Leonard's apartment to keep from revealing Penny didn't graduate from Community College. So they do share other friends 'beds. I would literally burn the bed and figuratively burn some bridges, but I imagine this is going to be a throwaway line with Sheldon not taking action on screen or bringing it up again? Or I will eat those
  5. Episode sounds really good. I can't wait to see drunk Sheldon and flirty Amy again. I can't wait until thier in the same room again! Skype is nice but we need our Shamy together in person. Howardette having sex on Sheldon's bed was a big nope for me. I don't think that has happened with any other couple invading other people's beds to have sex (i could be wrong) but this was really distasteful to me.
  6. Meemaw don't look too impressed or happy...
  7. I'm a bit OCD when I'm looking for a fic, won't stop until I find it lol I found it on my computer after trying a bunch of key words.
  8. I found it! It's " The Engaging Driver by inwhatuniverse" but it looks like it was pulled from fanfiction.net Here's the author link https://www.fanfiction.net/u/4178987/inwhatuniverse
  9. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but I've been looking for a Shamy story that is driving me crazy. I think it was a fairly long story. In the story Missy submits Sheldon's journal and he wins a nobel prize in literature. Does this ring a bell with anyone?
  10. You have to click on the home button to get the site messages. https://www.fanfiction.net/ If you only click on the catagories you end up having a panic attack when nothing comes up like I first did lol
  11. I had the same reaction! It's impacting all the catagories They mentioned network downtime due to a failed networking equipment on the main page. Hope it gets updated soon
  12. I'm starting to think that the writers have minions that are following this thread. All our wishes seem to be coming true
  13. I agree. I think people are nervous about what may occur but until we have the tape reads and see the new episodes where Shamy interacts, we shouldn't assume the worst. I tend to try and see the glass half full lol Somehow, I don't think that Sheldon is going to be able to schedule sexy time as easily as his other items. Amy will get his motor running but I don't think it'll be with the usual things we normally associate arousal with. Sheldon has always been impressed by her mind, I can see that being a big turn on for him when his Vixen utlizes it on him. Until the hiatus is over,
  14. How did you slow down the video? I didn't think you could do that on youtube?
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