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  1. I loved you post jenafan! These two bits, I just have to thank you for writing them. No he does not need an ego boost, and I thought they were going to focus on other couples, Have they really? We get sex isn't going to change Sheldon. Also, they are just gonna beat in that sex isn't going to change Sheldon, but they don't have to, we get it! They are just waiting for everyone to concede and they BOOM.. but we expect that so...
  2. I'd pay to watch that myself!
  3. I can't believe how many ppl in the audience was cheering for Mayim and Johnny to kiss! I think there was peer pressure during the break, and they all agreed to pair up ..cause again just those two, now that would have been weird!
  4. The kiss didn't bother me, they were just mixing it up! Melissa/Kunal Jim/kaley Mayim/Johnny If it had been just Mayim/Johnny well..thats how rumors start!
  5. I wanted to add this: I felt when Sheldon cut Howard off in the beginning on the episode with the "no idea" line, he did it as to not think about it. He seemed to me like someone on a diet trying not to think of food. Sent from my LGL31L using Tapatalk
  6. Just watched, I'm sorry.. But the bit about Amy's blinking had me cracking up!! Morse code OMG!!
  7. Can wait to see this video, still hasn't been posted!!
  8. OK quick question: I have to get my daughter at 8, so I'll miss the first 15 mins of the show.. Can you watch it online on the CBS site or only stream
  9. .... What to you think he had a Skype account for
  10. ...and more violent then it already is! Scary that!
  11. This thread reminds me of this right now
  12. @Einstein Von Brainstorm was having a problem too, don't know what is going on
  13. I'm amusing myself by posting BBT gifs in there when they are appropriate, or even slightly funny cause....DAMN!
  14. See, I was worried about Meemaw episode, I said as much but didn't b*&ch about it and try to ruin it for other ppl... Still ain't thrilled about it, but you know what..*shrugs*
  15. Well I still think they need too, But yeah I hear ya!
  16. I wish they would go into that more, the train trip was a fluke, it didn't go well.. But why not point out that it was a one time thing and he has been OK on his own before.
  17. Did you miss it, I could post it in here? Sorry I'm confused...It don't take much really lol
  18. Did you ask for it off, or just find someone to cover? If you asked and are still going in...You're nicer then I could ever be!
  19. @viciousgirl I posted a short video Tribute
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