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  1. Sneak peeks are up, saw this one and it didn't play out as I thought, I'm OK with this!
  2. That would make sense! When don't the guys tease Sheldon, and he returns the favor by making their life hell. I mean I am also Ok with it. I just figured they gang are nervous to tease him about this, I think Sheldon would be overly sensitive. If they know its safe to assume the teasing happened when they found out. I don't like coming in here as dolly doubter, but I would have preferred to see that and have some discussion/look into Sheldon's head about it.
  3. I really feel they are trying to hard to push it to the back burner that its starting to just not make sense.
  4. Some ppl like to debate and argue, and to a point that is fine for me. I just don't see the point of making it personal I guess. When I was posting before I came across the wrong way to others on here, and most of them were from my ship, which is kinda pathetic! For me its not one ship against another. Its talking to ppl who just want to hate/be a dick! I'm not interested!
  5. Yeah, I agree there were other way to take the spotlight off of them for awhile. I wish they would have, but it is what it is. I get they wanted to focus on the other couples, and that is great, but in the meantime.. why not focus on that couple, and then mix the rest of the cast up like in the scavenger hunt epi? I agree with you about plot as well. Its kinda a cold plot for her to stay away just cause he is a big baby when he is sick. He did say that and I do understand it, I guess I don't understand why they have to stall growth to shine that light elsewhere, ya know? Its just cold, and to me not really Amy after finally being close to him. She is still at the same conference and we went from " Wish you were here" with lust in her eyes, to "You're on you're own bitch!"
  6. Thanks! I remember I made a post or thread about my dog dying.. and my dad wanted a new dog as he was lonely and thought it would help him. I DID get a dog, which I was not ready for.. and dad died two months later. I had a dog, with no house, and I couldn't stay at his .. It was a LONG road from grief. I wasn't really watching the show around that time either, as Jim reminds me of my dad when he was younger.
  7. This point blank, Sucks! I just came back, so I wasn't here for all that. My dad died a year ago the 18th, and I bought a house, as I was living and caring for him, and just generally dealt with my loss. I keep looking for taping reports, gone.. a lot of the screen names I talked with .. gone. I'm glad to be filled in, but sad that it EVER got to that point! I'm sure I have my moments, but it should not come to that! It seems that I have been saying that since I got back to the board
  8. I talk to everyone, and I blame no lenny shipper for being a lil touchy about their ship right now. I TOTALLY get it! I have concerns with my ship right now, and as Lenny's have " felt the pain" so to speak, Its nice to be able to talk to them in here, as I'm not trying to ruin it for others in my ship that don't share my concerns. I value everyone who wants to have an adult discussion. I don't want to argue, I want to discuss.
  9. This I understand! ..and thank you for not piling all the shamy shippers in one pile!
  10. I think this is gonna bring about some power plays, As they both WANT to marry each other, and both have a role in this. He has the ring, but she can say no.. I don't think Amy would ask him, I think she would wait to have that moment. If she doesn't I'm gonna have a huge problem, cause wasn't that just her issue? She needs to let him
  11. I have to say.. As much as I'm venting about some stuff, I agree with both of you. This makes me happy!...
  12. LOL! Yeah, I hear ya! I was basically thinking the same way..
  13. There was no spoiler that is just how it played out to me, cause he started the conversation with " I've been thinking a lot about relationships" , but you could be absolutely correct! It bothers me, because it was never discussed, which I was hoping for before they got back together. It seems they returned to the problem I guess. Love seeing them happy, but good or bad they are expressing themselves in the same way that was a problem at one point. The riff started by them being together making out happily and Sheldon not being in the moment in her presence. Addressed with Skype.. Coitus..Back to Skype? Its weird to me..
  14. ...I wasn't in chat to ask any questions, and I'm a Shamy shipper. Well wait, at least I think I am. What time was chat, and why wasn't I invited? Is there a secret handshake? I'm thinking you shouldn't put us all in the same pile...
  15. I predicted Meemaw and Amy would be butting heads. I'm actually relieved in a lot of ways cause it could have been worse. I don't mind Amy finding out about the ring now, personally I was glad he didn't get the words out right before the breakup. It kinda played that he was gonna propose over Skype. If Amy needed time at that point because of Sheldon's "distance" ..a Skype proposal isn't gonna help. It more proves her point. Why was the ring in his desk when he called, when next time we see it its in a lock box. Not that I think Sheldon didn't deserve more then a Skype break up after 5 years either, but I guess the real breakup happened in season 9... Still as a viewer, all these big events happening while not in the same room together hinted at the problem. That is why the 2 back to back Skype episodes after coitus was weird to me, the main riff seems to be about that distance, they reunite, sleep together, more distance. I don't really get it. Don't mind me .. I'm just passionate about this I guess
  16. No, I thought that too, but they aren't! They happen in a pocket full of place around the globe. They remind me of the Seneca guns which have been heard down the east coast, but mostly around the Carolinas
  17. ITA! I'll start on it this weekend! Thanks for the idea
  18. I like both, played it safe of what I thought most likely to be allowed on youtube
  19. I got bored today, so I made a video!
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