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  1. I don't know what these Skyquake are in fact, but the are creepy as all hell!!
  2. Maybe he is frigid? I don't mean that in a bad way either! In terms of sex that refers to someone who is cold all the time, like cold hands or feet.. seeing skin heats up during arousal and is the biggest organ of the body... its hard for ppl like that to get off.. its recommended to keep your socks on to regulate temperature.
  3. I just figured being the first time they took their time and figured stuff out. Made sure they were comfortable... I like your idea better though lol
  4. Right! I want to like this more then just once!!!
  5. 1. I'm gonna go with yes, we are. You brought up dave and I answered! 2. You're the one bitching, did it?
  6. I don't know where I read Dave would be back, so.. forget that! I can't prove it! So why is his fear on her, and not him? He could have said " I saw you kiss Dave, and I didn't like it". He didn't so to me that is on him! Plus, I remember him showing up with Penny's bra to make Amy feel what he felt before he saw them kiss...Karma is a bitch!
  7. I don't think any sex is realistic on TV.. it focuses on the male performance. He is either amazing or joked about being sucky! If he was ready, how does it matter what his motivation for it is? I'd be concern if he wasn't ready, but I'm not over what made him jump the fence. The only other reason is the idea of her sleeping with someone else bothered him. She told him she didn't and she knows that now for sure, So lets see how this continues
  8. 1. If she can't have it both way neither can you though, like I said... she did say she knew eventually, and yes it was in a blunt way. She can't be blunt.. but she has/should have said something.. i don't get it. 2. It was a gift, I don't think she was greedy to accept it, how many ppl over spend at Xmas? ..My point is that is on Sheldon not her if he was indeed not ready! I would have the same answer if the genders where reversed too! Point is he had an out when on her couch! 3. How realistic is any sex on TV?
  9. ..Damn! I was hoping you wouldn't find out this way! ...I can explain!
  10. See, this is what I'm talking about really. Caring for him would involve closeness, and I don't see the point in not showing that. Now that the deed is done every time they are in a room together they need to swap fluids? I don't know.. lets see how episode 15 goes I guess. Its just weird to me
  11. It still sucks! Who knows, but I'm using it.. its odd to me to keep them apart like this, idk. She seems to be feeling better, so that is good!
  12. Aww, I didn't know she hurt her back Well, that makes more sense to me!
  13. TY TY TY!!! Exactly, I wish I could write my thoughts out better, this is perfect! ...and now I'm in love with you too!
  14. You think she should have though, so to you see betrayed a trust or didn't follow through seeing to his true feelings about it. That is why I worded it that way, but I didn't mean to misquote you though. To me is was how the universe put it together. As it was a "gift" she didn't want to admit the surprise was ruined. I don't think either of them ended up with any regrets over it anyway. She did admit she knew eventually, and he had an out
  15. Sheldon is Sheldon and he is different when he is with Amy. Who doesn't act differently around friends compared to their GF/BF? Most do, even if its slightly. I dont mind that, to keep them having skype scenes for two whole episodes is weird to me. Its like .. hmm.. how do I say it. Its like a double negative in a sentence I guess, it makes it an affirmative . Its like they are saying sex did change Sheldon so we can't show them together. I think one episode of skype would have been enough, then show them acting like they always did.
  16. I don't like calling out other posters. Live and let live I guess, Karma is a bitch, however.. but I read the rest of this paragraph...and now I'm in love with you!
  17. For me its the separation of Shamy to drive home old Sheldon after a huge Shamy moment. I don't see the point in it. No one expected sex to change Sheldon. I'm not saying I have an issue with growth, but I just don't think seeing him annoy the gang til the end of the episode is gonna show that.
  18. ITA!! I guess I'm OK with Sheldon being Sheldon without Amy around. I think that is the point they are trying to make anyway, but I just don't see the need to make it a point. Its been pretty obvious he is different with her, and more accepting.
  19. I totally get what you're saying there is a slight betrayal in a way, but its two sided as Sheldon didn't say he saw her kissing Dave, she really doesn't have a reason to wonder why he is into sex now, and she was told it was something else. I am not saying seeing Dave kiss her didn't play a part in his decision, because Sheldon isn't talking about it. All that is known is he asked twice if she slept with anyone, and look relieved when she said she hadn't. I guess for me the best way to describe how I feel about this point is this pic below. They are both happy/safe so it didn't matter in the long run. To me its not a betrayal as much as it is how universe put it all together to create harmony in this area of their relationship. Example in the pic is kinda morbid, but survived by doing what they needed to do, so its a good thing. Same as with Shamy.
  20. I hear ya.. But he asked twice as a friend post breakup if she slept with anyone. It was clearly on his mind, and it bother him as it would anyone. To me that was him understanding that she can get what she needs elsewhere. Once he decided to sleep with her, he said he wanted to show her how much she means to him, Which she knew because she was told this. I guess I don't understand questioning her motive to not question his motive, but not questioning his motive. As there are clearly two he could have had.. Its a moot point to me, because both seem to have got what they wanted regardless. Did he do it to "keep" her, and if he did, how would that matter as she doesn't seem to have cared if he was intimate, More so because Dave was right there waiting and she still wanted Sheldon back.
  21. I agree, I think If an asexual is engaging in sex they must be at a point they are comfortable within the relationship to do so, So if at that level, the rules would apply to them also as far as maintaining a boner. ...And LOL to this cause all I could think of reading though was this
  22. Kinda OT: I noticed this last episode had a lot of references, but so did the The Colonization Application, which was mid season eight. Been little things in between those since.
  23. So much for getting out of Valentine's day Sheldon! Still want to know what she said! LOL!
  24. I am all for a change in living arrangements!! However, why Penny loves Leonard is a question with no answer, why does anyone love anyone? Lots of ppl are funny.. lots of ppl are compassionate, Ect. Why one particular person then? I say we chalk it up to the brain chemicals phenylethylamine, norepinephrine and dopamine, and call it a day unless like me you answer that question with " Because simply, he is Leonard!"
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