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  1. You have to wonder about what type of toys he was PERMITTED to play with as a child.. ITA!!
  2. I know, but it bums me out... I'm not here to read fighting words. Discussions are fine, but..
  3. Then I missed two more in the other thread 1. was excited by idea of martian children 2. Pointed out excitedly to Amy that Leonard said the same thing as her about being the first to start a family. (turtle) 3. Amy's expiring eggs 4. and now this episode baby names
  4. Well that didn't take long to blow up again!
  5. No babies.. they can come in with their own football team in a epilogue of the final episode, All for that.. but I want more just couple time now
  6. Sheldon seems to have grown a lot more accepting of children since the last half of season 8, I mean compared to the test tube baby he wanted before. Still what to know what Amy ended up saying to that lol
  7. Its was an OK episode, was kinda dry. Seemed like all the funny bits were used as sneek peeks, I laughed at those days ago. I did however notice Sheldon talks about children a lot more since the end of season 8. The idea of martian babies excited him, in this episode he talked about if they have any, I think there was one more mention as well. I mean compared to the test tube baby he wanted before.
  8. OK the show is on, we all love each other again...Right? RIGHT???
  9. Sheldon was open to Amy from day one. It was plain to see from the first meeting when he went just to prove the point he wouldn't be interested and then offered to buy her a drink. Still love Howards "Good God what have we done". She was there to stay from moment one and he and Rah knew it. If Amy's awakened sexuality bothered Sheldon he wouldn't have asked her to be his girlfriend, as it started before then. " You're like a sexy toddler"
  10. I have to say I agree she is hawt, but she is also really talented. Her clothing and HAIR ( that was upsetting as well, its her friggin' head!) don't matter to me in the least in comparison to that talent.
  11. Sorry, but I don't really understand your point here... Nevermind, Its just a phrase.. His mother also still loves him regaurdless ... But I think what meemaw thinks is more important to Sheldon. If Meemaw agrees.. meemaw is right. He'll call his mother out on stuff.. I'm not sure about Meemaw Sent from my LGL31L using Tapatalk
  12. But so doesn't his mother...Meemaw I think pulls more weight with Sheldon
  13. My luck she will tell Sheldon she doesn't agree with Shamy living together before marriage
  14. I do think it will have something to do with engagement...
  15. I pray and hail the God of TV comedies you are right!
  16. I'm keeping that for my new anti drug til this episodes airs ..I'm that nervous! After last two episodes I can't take more riff between my couple. I just can't.. if there was a scale from one to even.. I can't! I just can't even!!
  17. After they were joking around with that..At first he seemed like he was hinting there might be issues.. idk! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WVTSaJHbac
  18. I'm kinda scared cause Steve seemed to like the idea of them not getting on.. and if this is post engagement ...and and.. I have waited so long!!!
  19. I'm gonna have to come back and edit cause...
  20. Right! I think that line about doing it again on her birthday is telling for the same reasons you mentioned. He has never been comfortable to intimacy, yet with her he admitted he would not be adverse to doing it again, I don't care how long the wait he proposed is, My point with that is I don't see him jumping in bed with someone else just cause hes done it and it wasn't so bad. Its her, and how he feels about her, and the importance she is to his future that make that remotely possible for him.
  21. Why does he have to do it all at once, Pretty sure Amy wouldn't be expecting that
  22. It has nothing to do with sex. I think him realizing that she softens him/his life, and that he is GLAD about it is more important. It means he is willing to bend, which is huge for him. to me it is a main reason why he was willing to have sex at all! He did it to show her how much she means to him. No, but I should have!
  23. But what they need right now is some. You got them like 2 or 3 posts ago! ...and they are still digging in with the shovel. Just ignore it
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