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  1. Yes, but he is willing to do things with/ for her that he wouldn't with anyone else. Amy does these things gladly anyway. "Think about it, Sheldon. I’m not a stranger, we’re intellectually compatible, I’m willing to chauffeur you around town, and your personality quirks, which others find abhorrent or rage-inducing, I find cute as a button." I think that is still relevant as she didn't move to a better place yet.. which is a more recent piece of dialog
  2. Never any slamming with me, I hope I don't come off that way. With online discussions you can't hear tone being used to communicate, or see expressions. I'm not a good writer so its hard for me, but I never discount anybody's opinions. I think marriage would work very will for them actually. I mean with their agreements/ contracts they have set guidelines that work for them. That is what a marriage is really, its a contract. Not saying that is the most romantic way to look at it, but it works for them.
  3. Yeah.. but it depends on how they do it too. I'm sure they could find a way to make it funny yet meaningful
  4. I agree with you on the living arrangements, Its kinda the elephant in the room, that we are all ignoring, and it seems will keep having too. He couldn't move on then, but what about now is what I'm saying? I think he's taken a lot of big step recently. I guess if nothing else we should at least get an episode that touches on this to explain these arrangements .. It don't make sense anymore!
  5. He's not? I think he's made big steps/had revelations
  6. I'm not suggesting they can't vent, I'm saying if you need to vent to a paid profession, but are staying in the same situation, maybe its time to change the situation. To quote Einstein: "Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result." Yes they agreed to help Sheldon out, but that seems to be becoming a moot point NOW, Not saying they weren't being good friends to him THEN. I agree with you that they should become "selfish"
  7. All three girls are friends, so there is still a reason to hang out in 4 A as its bigger. Its how its set up now really. Girls in 4B and Guys in 4A Also, I noticed that Amy's apartment is pi.. How did I miss this? Sad!
  8. What I hope: Coitus, (given) Living Together, Engagement, Marriage What I think: Coitus, (given) Engagement, Marriage, Living Together
  9. I'm good with either .. cause they had another date to see the movie ..
  10. You are absolutely correct, I don't know why I was thinking they saw Star Wars on Sunday. I just remember the ending scene mention few days later.. so Thursday is Amy's Birthday/Date Night, Friday morning together at least ..so they saw SW on laundry night?
  11. I hope they do, because Penny knows they had sex, she knows he was going to propose, she knows amy would move in with Sheldon, ( actually we know that cause she told Dave she was thinking about moving as she didn't need to be near Sheldon before they got back together in that same episode, trying to keep it fair here) so he wouldn't be alone, they are only across the hall.. I don't think its good for the show to hear complaints like "There goes him living on the roof" or others comments like in the new preview. They are funny now, but its starting to get to the point that you can't really blame Sheldon anymore. It would make more sense to me to have penny suggest different living arrangements at this point.
  12. Penny has always lived across the hall, I don't see how it limits the main three being together if Leonard moves across the hall and Amy moves in with Sheldon. I think not doing it makes Lenny just seem bitter and stuck if they keep complaining about their roommate. When they really are not. Sure Sheldon doesn't like change, but I believe he woke up in Amy's apartment IE: spent the whole night after coitus . Date night is Saturday and they soon after saw the stars wars movie together. That is a lot of time spent together, plus Sheldon preparing to propose .. It would be hard for me to keep hearing Lenny complain about Sheldon.
  13. Too funny, just brought this up in Shamy thread, I agree 100% think it would be good for both couples
  14. I agree, this makes me happy because that is very little time that they would have been separated and to me its more proof living arrangements will be changing!!
  15. Either works for me!!! If is Saturday that is sweet they did that for date night, if Its Sunday they are spending more time together cause they just had date night the day before. Now do you guys think he spent the night and woke up at her house of Friday?
  16. I loved this post!! You hit the nail on the head for me, I know some ppl didn't like the next year on your birthday line.. but it was actually cute to me. if you really think about it, yes he is thinking a whole year away in true Sheldon form, but this is the same person who had to ask what gift would be better, couldn't pick between and Xbox1 or a PS4, had Penny help pick out jewelry (tiara) Bernadette to help find a Christmas gift to stop all Christmas gifts....But he already knows what she is getting next year on her birthday.
  17. You tease! Kidding, this is like my new happy thought, or anti drug!
  18. LOL I just watched the clip of the last episode again, I smile every time Jim says the line " I look forward to your next Birthday when we do it again." You can tell he is trying to keep it together, he wants to smile so bad, its to cute lol
  19. I don't know who made this video, but its awesome!! Thought I'd share! https://youtu.be/WnmVlpBbDoo
  20. He was ready, for me you have to look at previous episodes. I think the aquarium episode said a lot. He asked twice if she sleep with anyone, So the key quote for me in this last episode was "we can find out together". I think that meant a lot to him
  21. I knew coitis was coming, made a teaser video for it the beginning of the season, So happy I was right and that is was so well done!
  22. I loved it, still giggling over the bed head! I think for Sheldon to act any other way but as Sheldon would have ruined it! Sheldon has to be Sheldon, I have not waited for this moment to see Amy with someone I didn't recognize. I don't mind seeing growth... but thats how I feel about it.
  23. Vote it UP!!! Who should win an Emmy
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