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  1. I tried and I can't like her! I think sure Granny can be there for advice, and guidance.. but this is creepy! He is an adult now. Plus Mary couldn't even keep her in check cause Mary told her everything was OK and she flew out anyway. As a parent I would have been pissed if my mother undermined my parenting, and seeing she still treats Sheldon like he is a kid, that is what she is doing. I have yet to see Mary coddle him when she is on, and the gang don't either. Plus to me, Sheldon enjoyed it, that is the biggest thing. .. that proves this is the LAST thing he needs!!
  2. I wasn't thrilled with this episode, my biggest pet peeve was the little work in progress line. He just told them all that Amy softened his life blah blah.. glad that stuck for a whole, what two episodes? ..Also he just tells Amy he can't tell Meemaw to butt out, but looks back at Amy and sees her angry expression before he opts out of that one?
  3. I didn't have internet for a few cause my ISP was having a issue with ice or something.. I didn't see the whole episode, but meenaw is an enabler!! If Sheldon is happy about something, then its fine. She is kinda creepy!
  4. I like that too, that I can work with. Its a lil hard for me to imagine Sheldon overly mushy I guess. Sweet yes, overly mushy? Sent from my LGL31L using Tapatalk
  5. She doesn't have to go along with it, but the meaning of being a "Ring Keeper/bearer". It be nice to see her figure out what he was actually saying.. Maybe realize he had been thinking about it all that time... It kind of give her a reason to not harp on him about it, none of us really want that.
  6. Nicknames, that is a good subject.... I kinda like Gollum now, at first I thought it was harsh, but now after all this ring business, I get it! Hope that comes back into play actually, be sweet
  7. OK Im going completely OT here, but my daughter totally brought up her AP calc grade!! apparently I didn't noticed! Basically what I'm saying is... She out of here in less then a year, there will be a party and your all invited. TBBT themed of course! She is cranky when she gets out of school!! TY for letting me vent... Sent from my LGL31L using Tapatalk
  8. Right!! google the phrase and see what "pops up" in images ..pun was definitely intended!
  9. I think its word play, everythings bigger in Texas Sent from my LGL31L using Tapatalk
  10. Yeah its totally better this way! I don't know about anyone else but..
  11. Hey, I'm of the all inclusive sort!! lol I tried making that break up video for you, and it wasn't working! I added a little angst to my soulmates video for you! Sorry about clip quality, there is some serious setting issues on my player and I don't know what is going on!
  12. Just be glad we're not all posting on our periods...
  13. I'm sorry, I could help myself! It makes sense he'd be clueless though I swear Jim is the biggest Shamy fan out there! I love him for that!!
  14. But that is biology, thats all about yucky squishy things
  15. But he hasn't been acting that way, why would she want to hide it?
  16. I don't either, if that makes her happy while paying off her husbands loans, she has every right! That is why that one episode when she asks Sheldon's advice of going to an audition kinda irked me. Who cares what Leonard thinks, Do it for you!
  17. That remembrance video was sad, lost a lot of good ones
  18. Yeah it does, I should add that to my other post
  19. It kinda ridiculous, They parade them like they are about to buy a horse! I'm not a fan of that at all! With Mayim, I'm sick of hearing the same complaints I guess.. She likes being covered, and that is her choice! ..and OMG Marissa Tomei is there.. I would do things to that women that I ... Hold on I need a moment!
  20. I hope she don't get razzed for this dress, cause I love it!!
  21. Yeah, He had the 70's porn star look, I hate any facial hair though so I'm biased
  22. So I was cooking while watching and I didn't have time to post, That sucked!
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