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  1. Think it would be cute is he finally got the courage to say that is what he wanted, but not completely straightforward. He was more I want what I got you, and he gets another blotched live FWF video
  2. So Mrs, I talk about English as a second language, but can't understand "don't quote my posts"! I said I didn't agree with it, and attack isn't about the penetration is about winning over his love/ starting the relationship! The Japanese associate that attitude/personality as a "top" Quote away, I'm blocking you!!
  3. See, this is why I posted those terms and how the associated, because there are two different cultures involved and they see it differently! Its attack because one is in pursuit of the other. Please stop quoting me, you do it for a raise, and you're making yourself look .. sorry, but stupid!
  4. OK! ATOB needs to beat me in a debate so I admit to adding top and bottom to my post, so you would understand the association to the Japanese verbs to attack and to receive *goes sits in sin closet*
  5. These are Japanese terms, I'm not saying I agree with them. I think the studies I mentioned I read where Japanese as well, so I used terms they used. I didn't mean to offend anyone by them, just gonna put that out there now. Again Just terms from the yaoi world.
  6. Its different for everyone I'm sure, is there ONE reason we love someone. Lots of people are smart and have a good sense of humor, so why do they love that one particular person? I can't answer that really, but as far as being desirable I have a theory, and I wouldn't put this out there if it didn't apply to me in some way, You asked and sorry if this is TMI... I enjoy Yaoi, which are male/male romantic manga. I have read articles of this, and why its so popular with women. First I want to get some terms out of the way, cause it will will be easier to understand Seme, "top" but the term originated from martial arts and is derives from the ichidan verb "to attack" Uke "bottom" derives from the verb "to receive" Anyway, there have been a few studies now into this, and what they are finding is that A: There is no gender role that a female feels she has been assigned, she can choose based on the character's personality and by the story plot its self, and most find they identify with the Seme. B: It allows women to be open about there sexuality. Lets be real here, women are judged by how the dress, right? If she is over dressed she is a prude, and under dress... well.. you know where I'm going. Its the same with what you read, If a woman was out waiting for a bus and reading a romance, I bet she would be approached at least once. Reading a male/male romance that doesn't happen, because there is no box to put her in. Is she straight, kinda... most don't know how to approach it and keep walking. So after all that I can get to my point, sorry... What I have found reading into that, is a lot of women are sick the the goody two shoes, vanilla sex role they have been assigned. Look at women's top fantasies, the mysterious stranger, or being ravaged. I don't want to say he was unfeeling, but he didn't feel things like most people feel. That mysterious stranger isn't gonna get hurt, it can be that raw unemotional sex. The other thing about Sheldon is he was inexperienced, to quote Bernadette " He seemed intelligent, kind of a loner, maybe a little sexually inexperienced, like I'd have to teach him a thing or two. " I think you're hitting a lot of different things there with one character!
  7. Yes more antagonist, or both depending on the reason you are watching. Sheldon is a ass, and there are ppl who enjoy that! Think some people like him in the beginning more then now. He understand more of what he is doing so it just seems harsh, but there are those who like him better now that Amy came along. I think the character has a duel purpose, I don't think that was planned.. But he is loved for different reasons
  8. I hope that was a premonition, that would be hilarious! If not you need to write another fanfic, I loved fanfiction reaction, just saying OK
  9. @boys3allc If it said "Vote for" or "Feel The" I would see the point, but I'm not asking anything from anyone..
  10. I'm fine with that, I read nothing in the rules, just no porn and about specs, If I'm not in agreement with rules, I'm not!
  11. No I don't how is it, cause you don't agree?
  12. I'm not saying that don't push him, but you have to wonder why they do? I will go read avatar rules now, and if I am not following BOARD rule I will change my avy, other then that this is an open board!
  13. yeah because its only in MY head, sorry! I must have imagined the shamy related posts on this board compared to the rest, All show products that are Sheldon related, ( soft kitty, bazinga, ect ect) he IS the protagonist, like it or not! I'm not saying the other characters don't matter, I'm saying there has to be and issue, cause watching a group of ppl sitting around being happy isn't gonna work!
  14. Sure, and then the interesting thread would be the ratings archive!
  15. I definitely think there needs to be a discussion on how he really felt about it!!
  16. Yeah, that is what I meant, you can tell by expressions in pics, and behavior .. You can see the difference
  17. Am I the only one who categorizes Shamy pics now as either pre/post coitus? Its weird, but I think I wasn't ready, everything has more weight now for no real reason!
  18. Thank you!! That would be awesome if she wanted to see it as badly as Sheldon wanted to see SW
  19. It sad!! I just want to find and watch this promo, Its made me nervous since I read the TR.
  20. Why are you fighting about it? Its 9 full months then the rest, and it could be 00000.1 ..that is gonna happen in the 10th month! If you want to be right that badly do so, I just want to watch a promo!
  21. Every one is watching promos with party hats on and I wasn't invited!
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