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  1. Over 9 months!!! So its 10,You are pregnant for 9 full months and deliver at the start of the 10 month... ..and I still can't find the promo
  2. I think its 10, but most don't make it to the whole 40wks AHHH!! I need to see this promo now, and been searching for it .. nope!
  3. ..but we are pregnant for 10 months.
  4. Don't be it interested me enough to reply, I honestly don't remember any of this stuff! Funny story, I went shopping for a baby shower, looked around and was clueless! I don't think any of it is the same as I use/had.. but we are talking almost 20 years ago. I can wait til after the baby gets here to be honest, that is gonna be hilarious, we're all a little clueless at first! I got pregnant July of 97' had her April of 98' and I swear they changed the sleeping position in crib 3 times! ( stomach, side, back) I came home, looked at her crib and just cried. Thats when it sunk in, that everyone has a theory, but for the most part.. I was on my own!
  5. OMG my daughter is gonna be 18 in April, I don't even remember, but don't you start from your last period to bring it to 40 weeks, so they would count from her period in Nov
  6. Oh .. Yes...This post! Why go back to that dark place yet again? If there was a issue with Shamy (before the breakup anyway) for the most part they would deal with that problem. I think with coitus that only happened once though, and that was the D&D game. Now after all the realizations ... No one is talking, and like I said I don't want to revisit the dark days so lets concentrate of the positive. I think the Valentine's Day episode does get them talking a little, but still!! Loved your post!!
  7. ...Because he NEEDED extra walls with her. I agree with you, but I think he knew she was gonna get in in a way no other could or would! We are at a point now, that its time to ease up on that a little. I mean they can't get any closer, so whats the deal? A lot of Shamy fans want a breakup talk about how they felt and what they learned, I want a coitus talk! What it meant, and how Sheldon ( he was the one holding that back) felt about it. I don't think that can progress until Sheldon sees a value to being "close" to someone you love. For a long time he viewed that as a baser urge that weaken the mind, that you should feed the intellect not the body. When they did have coitus it was for her, a gift
  8. I hope this episode ends all that and Amy isn't gonna have to put her foot down.. again!I Her comment was "Mary said everything was alright, but I had to make sure", So Mary can't control her either obviously! I really just want rainbows and butterfies for a little bit! lol
  9. Yep happy thoughts, thats why I made that video! I think I'm over thinking a lot of stuff because of all the recent drama. I know the taping reports aren't always the same from how we read it to how we view it, but I'm worried. Amy is my favorite. I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't the biggest Sheldon fan before she came along, so I know most won't share my concerns with this. I worry about this Meenaw episode, because reading it... for some reason I'm thinking she was an enabler, and the more old clips I watch the more I fear this. The way she flies out just to check up on Sheldon's relationship, how it seemed she had it set it her mind to NOT like Amy, the "toy" she brought Sheldon like he was a kid. Now, in the empathy episode Sheldon's comment " if that isn't a time to verbal abuse my love ones, when is?". I really don't believe Mary would let that fly, cause we heard her in one episode tell him not to keep pointing out that he is smarter then everyone, people don't like it. His dad, while I would never vote him father of the year, did try to teach male bonding type things like football, which is why he got along with Bernie's dad. I'm starting to wonder if Meemaw pampered her moonpie a little to much in his youth. I think we will see Meewaw again in another episode, as a lot of others do. If I'm right on this... We're getting more drama that I do NOT want!
  10. I can't take any more drama either, that is why this upcoming Meemaw episode has me ... a little nervous. I was just watching clips on youtube, and I saw the interview with Jim and Mayim saying the breakup was rough on them too.. I think most of us just want smiles and butterflies for a bit...
  11. I got bored again, this is just short, sweet, and to the point
  12. I'm sure I'm gonna have to be checking around corners after I post this, but *sigh* I'm gonna I think all character of the show are smart in their on way, and I don't think its fair to base intelligence entirely on IQ scores. I feel that can lead to problems in social areas of life, especially with young children. I feel there can be an unintentional message sent. when I was four years oldthey tried to test my I.Q.they showed me a pictureof 3 oranges and a pearthey said,which one is different?it does not belongthey taught me different is wrong - Ani Difranco
  13. Sheldon has apologized in the past, but I don't really see the tiara as an actual apology! Yes, I'm nitpicking, So again while I agree he apologized in some situations that isn't one of them to me
  14. I voted no, Amy was within her rights to break up with him. She doesn't owe him an apology. I don't feel Amy should have to apologies for doing what she thought was best for her at the time. According to Penny, Amy had been thinking about it, and I think Penny gave her the right advice. "Be true to herself and do what makes her happy". She only asked for time originally, and Sheldon's actions is what brought about the breakup anyway. If he has given her space, would that have even happened? I just can't fault her really, we have all thought that the grass looked greener elsewhere...
  15. J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit "Come over and Fast, do you mean come over quickly, or come over and don't eat?" -Dharma
  16. Damn water marks... I had too!!
  17. Exactly, My take on the TR...worries me, and I'm hoping I'm wrong! It didn't give me a good impression of Meemaw
  18. I actually just read @2L344 post, and I agree with her. Respect your elders. Period. I guess what makes me nervous, because like everyone has been saying sometimes the TR's don't play out how your thinking, It seems Amy is trying to til Meenaw drops the " Maybe I just don't like you" line. I'm really hoping it don't seem like Amy is trying to win her over and just can't. With that said, I don't think this is the last time we'll be seeing Meemaw, I just don't see them leaving it like this
  19. I agree, and I don't really care for her view of Sheldon. I'm not saying that isn't true, cause we know it is.. But Meemaw is sounding like an enabler! Amy shouldn't work, cause Sheldon needs more care? She has to come scope Amy out to see if she is good enough? Amy had every right to be pissed! I admit I'm biased, but I get where you are coming from with this one!! I can't wait for this episode to air, cause ...I'm scared!
  20. What bugs me about the breakup is we know how Sheldon felt, and we know what Amy felt, but the two characters had no onscreen discussion about it! Then WHAM holy coitus batman!
  21. hmmm.... I just need to see if I can trust my 17 year old for a few days. What is a good Hotel?
  22. What date is their panel, I'm thinking about it...
  23. They tried the friendship SL, but it was a bust! I mean the aquarium trip, would have been a good start, but no...
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