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  1. OK, I can deal with the Pats losing, but #GoPathers!! @ATOB Know you quoted me in something not even gonna look, cause no matter what you said about me, ain't nothing gonna change ppls impression of YOU!
  2. Which to me proves she didn't feel shame about it! She could have just got it over with if that was the case, but she didn't! I really think there are ppl on this board who don't know how debilitating shame is. You hide it and you don't talk about it. I do believe Sheldon thought she was ashamed of being a virgin, and was surprised when he realized she still hadn't been with anyone, but that proved to him and most viewers it was never about still being a virgin, it was about being with him.
  3. I really don't think she was ashamed, or at least felt any shame in that moment. why would she broach the subject if she felt it was shameful? You can see it however you want, but to me that quote reads more like " Its awkward to act like a women, when I feel like a girl" http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/shame
  4. Thats not what I'm saying, you're attaching her feeling inferior to being a virgin, but she has felt inferior to penny from the beginning. She was like Sheldon in that regard at the start. You can't attached "inferior" to just her virginity is what I'm saying.
  5. She felt that way before sex was involved! Has nothing to do with her sexuality. For a long time she felt inferiority to Penny, cause penny was "the cool girl"
  6. Still sounds like embarrassed to me. Yes, you can feel shame when you did nothing to deserve it, but that is what Prozac is for!
  7. I think that is different, most 4 year old don't care. I don't rememeber ever had a bad hair day at 4! I rolled out of bed looking like a porcupine, and started my day like a boss!
  8. I don't..you can be embarrassed you have wet pants in public, but not ashamed cause every one saw me bump you arm. There is no shame attached to you, cause you didn't do anything to cause your pants being wet!.
  9. But Like @jenafan said.. I don't feel shame was attached, I used the right description.
  10. Being ashamed typically involves feelings of shame. Being embarrassed can involve feelings of shame, but need not. Embarrassment typically involves feeling uneasy, self-conscious, or discomfited due to wounded pride or confusion.
  11. Hmm, there are two other synonyms there! Awkward I like! I edited btw
  12. Because she was embarrassed not ashamed, There is a difference! I don't think its unrealistic she would be, A virgin at 20+ in our culture? She was bully all her life as well, couldn't get a date so you have to assume she was told in that bullying she was unattractive. That doesn't mean she is ashamed of it. That she waited til it was right, and with the right person...
  13. Don't watch Korean dramas! I suffer from 2nd lead syndrome so hard! ..If they aren't the lead, they ain't getting the girl, and they idea of romance is very different from that culture to ours.
  14. You can if you're trying real hard to not hate on the elderly!
  15. I think I might be to much of an Amy fan, she looks ... devastated!
  16. There was a chair? * scrolls back up* I still can't see a chair, and trust me I'm staring at this photo!!
  17. Aww, seeing coitus seem a while away.. just one lil makeout scene please!
  18. Sure shoes, thats what I'm thinking of.. Hey, check out his band if you ever get the chance, they are awesome!! My camera battery sucked when I saw them, but ..Ok Back to Shamy cause I feel bad!!!
  19. You're fu**ing killing me lol!!
  20. Thats hilarious!! Poor Raj Lol
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