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  1. I bet if they are wearing the right hat and sunglasses quite a few
  2. He played Rapunzel's prince, That's Billy Magnussen
  3. This is an older pic of him, but did you happen to see "Into The Woods"?
  4. I voted, how many times can you vote daily?
  5. This is why animals don't trust Sheldon, he smells like nothing... Literally nothing.
  6. That is really icky! I feel bad you even got that message, its creepy! @Einstein Von Brainstorm You know which celeb smells good? HIM! OK sorry, back to your regular Shamy scrolling
  7. OMG, I can't deal with only liking this once.... If you're comfortable you can message me your address and I'll send you a fruit basket, cause DAMN! This is exactly right on!! I don't know how to express how much I love this post! ..Thats it pucker up!!
  8. I can't have what I want for a proposal, but I guess I'll tell it National french toast day this year is Mon Nov 28th 2016 Sheldon's french toast day is Tuesday. I think it would be cute if he proposed on National French toast day to wake up and eat french toast together on the right day, which is Tuesday! If someone wants to write a fanfic, thats fine!
  9. I don't want to come off hard on him. I think a lot of that is Sheldon held a long term belief of coitus, how it was a baser urge and that the mind/intellect should be fed first. To admit his theory was wrong and there is a valid need for that, I think will take him a little bit. I think about his apology to Amy in her lab, and on the ride home when Amy said she cared about him even though he wasn't perfect.
  10. I think that will come, but ..it seems not until we have been beaten up enough that we aren't expecting it! She doesn't need it, and even if she did, I don't think she would get it. Personally I think we need Sheldon to admit to himself how much he like intimacy before that happens. I hope there is some denial happening on his part!
  11. OK I've been reading the discussions on indifferent Amy, and I don't know how else Amy is suppose to act. Amy knows what we know, that sex didn't change Sheldon, ( Its being beating into us) and that to her and our knowledge she isn't even getting laid again til her next Birthday. I guess in a relationship like that I see no reason to be over the top lovely dovey, when it most likely won't be reciprocated. Sheldon just isn't into that for the most part, not saying that is a bad thing, but that is just setting yourself up to be hurt if you ask me, so I'm glad she isn't trying.
  12. Fu**ed up beyond all recognition, Thought I'd help
  13. LMAO!!! Dumb? This is ART! We should make a caption game? Post a pic and whomever has the best caption by likes wins and gets to post the next picture..
  14. Thats better then what I was fearing it was
  15. Please contribute, some of these are priceless!!
  16. Thank you, that is a relief for me... From what I read in TR, It really does seem it will need more resolution. In your opinion, ( I know you saw the episode) How was the "I guess" said?
  17. I have been nervous since I found out she was coming, then I read the TR... I hope you're right about another episode..cause I really don't know about what I have heard so far..
  18. To me that is even more romantic! I don't like the idea of Amy gloating over it either! She didn't want me to have it but I got it anyway, Thats asking for bad Karma! Who knows maybe the reason Sheldon is waiting to get a new ring, and explain why he did it? I can't wait for this Meemaw episode.. I really can't even though I have fears..I won't have to wonder/worry anymore
  19. In the US you wear both, but you wear the band first then put the engagement ring on ..that way the band is closer to your heart! It becomes like a set though
  20. I have to see how this plays out! I thought I read that Amy said I don't need her ring when Meemaw was telling Sheldon to tell Amy she would never get the ring, and he couldn't. That is sweet, but depending on the "I guess" ..We'll see how I feel! By Amy saying that alone to me proves the Amy willing to wear those dresses and this Amy now different Amy's.
  21. Yeah that was kinda icky, but I was talking about new taint lol.. I personaly would tell her to keep it and mean it ( as Amy did) cause its not about anyone else but them, and once someone else butts in...thats over. I reserve judgement on Meemaw til I see the episode though. I wouldn't feel bad about being off putting in the least. If you can't understand that, I shouldnt be marrying you anyway. To be reminded that someone didnt think I deserved ring and/or man that I wear as a reminder of our love and commitment ...she can keep her damn ring!
  22. Its a personal thing and not everyone has to agree with it, but I'm glad you do!! For me if Meemaw's " I guess so" is even slightly sarcastic or negative, I'm done with that ring! What you said is so on point. I think an engagement ring should involve two ppl. I wouldn't want to be reminded for the next 50ish years every time I looked at it how someone didn't think I deserved it, Thats the exact opposite meaning it should have. Yeah, we are probably stuck with the heirloom, but Amy said in TR that she don't care if its a new ring. I would have no problem with Amy trying to "lose" it for a few episodes for exactly these reasons. To me, to accept that ring if Meemaw isn't 100% on board, it is just accepting bad Karma!
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