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  1. I am so sorry, but I can't stop giggling! The curse of the red shirt!
  2. I'm glad the ring came out after they we're reunited. Lets face it, haters got to hate, and I don't have to hear about her going back just for the ring.. there would have been some nonsense. If I'm completely honest depending on how the Meemaw episode plays out, I might want a whole new ring... I really have to see how some other things go to see where I'm at with this yet.. I'm probably alone with that, but I have trust issues!
  3. I worry about her back also, but I don't feel any embarrassment for her.. She WON, and accidents happen! *shrug*
  4. This!! This.. SO MUCH this! This is exactly why I said I still have trust issues in a previous post. They have done it already, and I don't want it done again to my ship!
  5. Nope because I agree, I think it was the bigger moment! For Sheldon to realize he enjoys and misses the softness Amy brings to him/ his life is HUGE! I don't think coitus could happen until he realized this. Earworm episode opened doors, and I was really excited about that!
  6. I would have if I was you!! That is just a given in that kind of situation!!
  7. Oh Sweetie!! I'm so glad you're a writer and have an outlet to get that out, cause that is ..REALLY icky!
  8. Yeah! I remember watching the episode when Leonard dreams Sheldon and Penny kissed.. I cringed, not cause they kissed, but cause I KNEW it was gonna cause bedlam on all TBBT related sites I got to, FF.net, here.. facebook
  9. I truly believe Shamy is taking a backseat for awhile, and the focus will be on Lenny, I don't want to spoil you.. but there is a quote from upcoming episode that hints to us Shamy fans to chill
  10. That's a good one, even if I do say so myself. Chapter 4, in particular, is kolobok_heat.gif And to think, 12 months ago, I hadn't published a word. ETA: Isn't it about time you wrote something? [emoji4] Seriously yeah it is, got an idea so gonna try Sent from my LGL31L using Tapatalk
  11. Got it now!!! Went with Heat of Passion
  12. Clicked on that link, but the story won't come up!! I was hoping to get some porn time today, as my daughter isn't home!! I died a little inside!
  13. OMG TY! I didn't even get that message!
  14. OMG TY, Maybe they are just doing maintenance.. That scared me!
  15. Ok, I'm scared, what happened to the BBT section at FF.net, cause I can't get any stories to come up!
  16. I agree, But wasn't there an episode at the beginning of the season where she asks Sheldon's advice if she should go to an audition, and she was afraid Leonard would be mad if she went? I have a feeling this is going to be addressed this season.
  17. He'll probably be cheering on the Patriots later today, I'm from Massachusetts but not a big fan. I guess what I'm saying is I like houston over the Cheifs but #GoPanthers
  18. This is how I feel, I love the whole show. There is no reason to be bitter about anything! As a Shamy fan, If its a Lenny episode It's not gonna ruin my week! I love the show as a whole
  19. Is he still in the band? ... and thats my basic point
  20. I think this is one of those things in life where you're background is gonna play a part in how you see the situation. I for one wouldn't be happy if I looked back and thought, I really wanted that, but didn't get it my all. I have seen people quit their dream and end up with nothing as well. Decide to focus on family, and then something happens. They are not current in that profession and have no current job history to boot, so they can not find work. As far as the show, this is still a dream of Penny's, and if she is bringing it up in therapy, it still has to still have value to her. I'm not saying your dreams can't change, I'm saying be true to yourself, cause there are no guarantees in life. You can't guarantee she couldn't find work as an actress, as much as you can't guarantee she is gonna be better off forgetting about it!
  21. its 100% unattainable to those who quit
  22. How do you know if it attainable if you quit before you attain it? I think we are gonna have to agree to disagree with this one. How is being an actress not attainable?
  23. Point is don't give up! I just don't think that is the message to send, especially to girls. Sick of seeming them be told that Can't do something, or something isn't logical ..
  24. I guess I just don't see it, Jim parson struggled in acting. He didn't get big bang til he was in his thirties. He owed his parents, cause he went to Grad school to help his career. Look at him now, He could pay them back x10
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