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  1. ...But she did! She was happy! She wouldn't have told the psychiatrist she missed it if she wasn't...
  2. I think that was the project not her, cause when they went to her play, they all said she was great, even Sheldon! Besides I don't care what you're dream is.. go for it! We have 100ish years to enjoy.. enjoy them!
  3. I don't really noticed what she is wearing, probably cause it don't matter she is still hawt. You don't have to dress sexy to be so. For me I was just happy she expressed her dream of acting and how she was good at it. I get the woman has bills to pay, but that WAS her dream and that shouldn't be forgotten. I will be livid, if after all that time, she just gives up on her dream!
  4. I would love a gang episode for the 200th! I agree that any Shamy moment are gonna be few and far between til probably the end of the season. My jets are pretty much cooled. I remember the discussion about all the baby references as well. They started mid season 8 and I believed ended as of 9. 12 We might get lil bits here and there, but for the most part I think its gonna peter out. With all that said though, I still have trust issues as to our couple
  5. They have chemistry on screen, both are good looking people. I'm not surprised about it, but it still makes me gag
  6. I just want to say, I think I worded this wrong! I doubt she won't pay for what she did... but I should have said I have little doubt Amy won't pay her dues?
  7. I have little doubt Amy will pay her dues! ..and Sheldon asked for it, He is a handful when he is sick! Those flashbacks, you can't blame anyone for being upset with him. To me that is why I can let it go, and its not a big deal to me either. I feel the rest of the gang is owed her empathy. I think its cute that with Shamy.. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. You still got to call a spade and spade though
  8. HAHA!! They are, they totally are! I love it!!
  9. Amy is my favorite character, and Its hard for me to be unbiased with her a lot of the times, but what she did here was wrong. I think the rest of the gang that did have to fight with cranky Sheldon would agree. She owes them the empathy, which is why I can go along with her apology as a joke, BUT also to point out someone needs to show empathy and then not show it yourself when you KNOW ( and she did if she felt the need to confess) what you did was wrong.. Is wrong!
  10. What I also like is by asking her to show empathy over "staying away longer" as Sheldon worded it, he is offhandedly admitting he misses her. If he didn't there wouldn't be reason to show empathy. I'm really glad they showed the strength of the relationship in this episode and most of the Sheldon is Sheldon stuff was with the gang.
  11. I was nervous about this episode, I can't lie now, but I think it turned out well for a couple reason as far as our couple goes. 1. Her staying away because he was sick Yeah it was for plot purpose, and I can't say I feel its totally in Amy's character to want to be away from him so soon after coitus, I think I posted already about how it seems weird in a weeks time she went from "Wish you were here with lust in her eyes", to "You're on your own bitch." I get he is a pain, but that is a really big leap to me. What I ended up finding comfort in is Amy was confessing to that when the statement was made. She was admitting I pulled a bitch move here, so she was owning to it. I'm glad he was allowed to call her on that twice. Once when she told him, and then again when he wanted her to show empathy over doing it. Still wish that part wasn't played for laughs, but I'll take it. 2. All the Skype I thought it would be to much for back to back Skype episodes, but as they are showing relationship strength through Skype as in the above example, I'm cool! I was worried it would be played to much as Sheldon is still Sheldon, and sex didn't change that. I think the episode over all did try to do that, and I'm not thrilled, but it wasn't played out in the Shamy scenes, and for that I am thankful!
  12. Yeah with a stranger I don't know.. that is pretty out there. Sheldon would be totally clinical about it, and Dave would take notes!
  13. I want reduction....in the amont of arguements in this thread! Ha! I am F-ing priceless ...and lol to Amys breast cookies!! Sent from my LGL31L using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks. That was brilliant. I just love Cher's voice. No problem!! Thanks for writing M fics for me to enjoy!! [emoji6] Sent from my LGL31L using Tapatalk
  15. HAHA!! I'm fu**ing crying laughing so hard!!
  16. New episode tonight, buty daughter has a recital, is there a way to stream not live? Sent from my LGL31L using Tapatalk Sorry didnt mean to quote..using phone and messed up Sent from my LGL31L using Tapatalk
  17. New episode tonight, but my daughter has a recital so how do I stream it?
  18. I make you fall out of bed, so ..you have to love me! Remember? Don't let it get to ya, not saying it right.
  19. Slight edits, and an audio swap for you!!
  20. This is a really good point, and I thank you for sharing it. It is true, and for me as an Amy fan it makes me see the " ready to be your GF again" scene a little easier. Yeah she was sad for herself he didn't want to get back together, but also for him I think. She did said she wanted him to be happy, and he was gonna forget about relationships altogether. When he did try to find a GF, that didn't go well either! He is happy in a relationship, that was clear in ear worm, or better yet he is happy in a relationship with her! I know some want Amy called out on shit, but at the end of the day, she deserves a lot of credit as well! She truely IS it for him!
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