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  1. I nearly started something in another thread but decided not to! Breathe, Sitcoms, Breathe!
  2. A Fan Fiction thread and you're talking about fan fics? This can't be right? :o
  3. I like all kinds of sitcoms. Shame other people don't share that with me
  4. Stop giving your 2 year old son Chicken Vindaloo curry!
  5. Hey, don't age me, I'm 8! And I wasn't screaming...THIS WOULD BE SCREAMING!
  6. Today I'd like to complain about possibly the most ludicrous rule I've ever come across on a forum. They have an arcade, and they have implemented a rule. If someone posts a high score, you're not allowed to challenge the high score for an hour, if you do you will get warned, restricted, then eventually banned. Challenging scores when they are made is the fundamental nature of arcade games. Absolutely stupid!
  7. Yeah that's the problem with forcing guests to register. They may register because they have to, or they may think "I'm not going to register when I don't even know if they have any posts or members!" So I turned that feature off after advice from another forum. That is very true Kasey. I want to put an off topic section on my site for that very reason. If you count up the posts on this forum for example, nearly 50% of the posts have nothing to do with TBBT. It's something that a forum offers that shouldn't be overlooked
  8. True. I'm chillin' homie! TNP has two black eyes after a fight last night.
  9. She was bored. Why did Howard say he would not want Bernadette to work with him at the University?
  10. He threw up on them, Why did Sheldon cry in the game store?
  11. False. As far as I know TPBM is planning a holiday this year.
  12. Having sex with Amy. What was the problem with Leonards sweater?
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