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  1. True. TNP has admired a boy band
  2. One of my finale theories was actually something like this... That they both went away and spent the summer together in secret, but are found out on their return and then the big question becomes whether they had sex or not.
  3. 73 At what age did Sheldon graduate from high school? Enviado desde mi ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 6040A mediante Tapatalk
  4. My guess is Raj Enviado desde mi ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 6040A mediante Tapatalk
  5. I wonder how sex will further modify Sheldon's behavior... I had a guy friend who was VERY high strung and judgeamental, a-la Sheldon, he had his first sexual experience kinda late and he confessed that it made him WAY more relaxed and tolerant about... Well, everything
  6. Insufferably hot What's your favorite breakfast food? Enviado desde mi ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 6040A mediante Tapatalk
  7. The comment that spawned a million "Sheldon's train goes off the rails" fanfics
  8. For me the importance of the "my gf loves me so much she wants to live with me" is vital. Sheldon is aware where Amy is coming from, and that she's not being deceitful or manipulative, she's just a girl in love with him who wants to be with him. And if we are going from past experience, whenever Amy proposes something that shakes Sheldon up he may freak out at first but he eventually gives in, conscious or unconsciously. The biggest example is the first SIK. He got pissed (for the first time REALLY pissed, I might add) but then he ended up giving her what she wanted. And he LIKED it. There's just no way that hamster's not gonna be spinning in its wheel all the time he's on the train, if the writers are going for consistency, I think it's safe to expect Shamy cohabitation soon. Also, I agree wholeheartedly that L/P are Sheldon's past going away, he's finally leaving his parents. Soooo... Whoever picks him up, or whoever he goes to FIRST when he returns... Is his future. ARE YOU LISTENING, WRITERS????? *shakes fist at the sky*
  10. I'm gonna tweet something like "Shamy is the cowbell of TBBT, WE NEED MORE!" Enviado desde mi ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 6040A mediante Tapatalk
  11. I think writers of insanely popular shows like this almost HAVE to say they don't know where they're going with the story, just to be able to keep their sanity by keeping fans, stakers and the occasional abductor at bay. There's just no way you can write something with no idea of where it might take your characters. I first raised my eyebrow at this statement when the writers of Lost also claimed to "wing" their storylines. I'm sure they just don't wanna end up like the guy in "Misery". All that being said, I'm pretty sure they also take some cues from audience reactions and that, if ever so gently, we can whisper to them some nice ideas. Or go into their heads Inception style and plant a couple of Shamy moments in there.
  12. I'm still hoping against my better judgement that there will be a secret scene. It just seems like the cushion-bashing scene is way too anti-climactic for a season finale... We will see...
  13. Every scorching day from may to october I wish I lived anywhere else but here. What's your dream job?
  14. No one in particular, although I am a Leo groupie and I will not rest until he gets his Oscar. Peter Dinklage is pretty high on my list right now, other faves are Morgan Freeman and old-school Johnny Depp circa Edward Scissorhands. Who's your favorite actress?
  15. Looks like someone needed to pick from the high-fiber end of the cereal spectrum today
  16. ^understatement of the year... (Sonora desert, where Sheldon wanted to build the new Jerusalem... Also, my street is called Jerusalem ). TPBM loves the beach
  17. Do we still put it past Amy that she could be medicating Sheldon? I know it's far-fetched and ilegal but... Do we put it past Bernardette? she has access to meds and very sketchy ethics. It just seems like Sheldon has been far too mellow this season. Don't listen to me, I'm letting my beer type...
  18. Regardless of the tone of the finale, or the secret scene or lack thereof, I just know that after thursday I won't be crawling out of my burrito of sadness until the season 8 premiere...
  19. I'll play!! Eeeh... Sheldon asks either Leonard or Penny (money's on Penny) to take care of Amy for him while he's away (an echo of what happened at the end of S6) Enviado desde mi ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 6040A mediante Tapatalk
  20. Tripe Enviado desde mi ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 6040A mediante Tapatalk
  21. False TNP has worked at the same place for more than 5 years
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