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  1. Thank you guys for the clarifications. When Sheldon said What if we fold them again in a flirty way, I really thought there was some subtitle in the line.
  2. I enjoyed the episode very much. There was a good balance between meaningful and hilarious moments. We know they didn't give to Lenny any kind of closure for the end of the season, but I think they moved forward, not only physically from the kitchen to the doorstep. Maybe because today there is the sun and I'm seeing the bright side of nothing, but finally they stated they don't want a third wheel in their relationship. They pointed out it a lot. The "Oh nooo..., when"? line cracked me up! I hope Lennyfree is a premise for giving them more plots as a couple about adjusting and enjoying their marriage in the next season; individually about what can make Penny happy (a new job, giving birth?), what can make Leonard feel more self confident and less insecure especially in his relationships. Howardette were amazing in the episode, as well in all the season. In some way they have been the most balanced couple for years. I agree with everything @wowbagger has written about them! And I miss creepy Howard! The Shamy scene were funnily sweet and well played. I liked Sheldon's little clumsy touching of Amy's arms before the frenzied lovemaking. His genuine naivety, I used to love in the character, came out again, instead of the childish selfishness. I didn't really get the joke about folding clothes. Maybe there is some metaphorical meaning I can't understand, translating literally from English to Italian. The part I was disappointed with was the one about the project. Seeing how the writers concluded it, everything seems even more far-fetched. And pointless. Like the story of poor itinerant Raj. What was the point of Raj living with Lenny?! Quizas quizas quizas!!!
  3. You can be right, obviously. But, I was talking about what I have seen on screen for all the seasons and what I got from the taping report. I did not know anything about the "Jane Eyre Syndrome". I learnt something new.
  4. I was asking myself the same questions, because Ramona appears, out of the blue, after 8 years. So, I would not call "friend" a person who has not been mentioned for such a long time. I can call her "colleague" (apparently she is), but basically, for me, she is almost a stranger able to bring Sheldon to go to the swimming pool. And It's true that there are some people that can make Sheldon do things he does not want to and push him out of his comfort zone. But, usually they are people that he loves/trusts a lot. I only think the writers could have found other pretexts to create worries in the gang and chosen a different motor for the proposal, handling it better.
  5. Hello everyone, I haven't posted for years (litterally), but I read your posts quite daily and enjoy all the speculations. By the way, thanks to Kazzie for both the reports and all people that provide us the spoilers. When I read the plot for the finale released by CBS, I was convinced that the Sheldon/Ramona stuff was about detracting attention from something (good...I hoped) regarding Lenny. I was wrong. And disappointed. They are leaving Lenny in the middle of nowhere. Raj as well, even if we know that his nowhere will be close to the Bert's garage. Also, they keep writing some incosistencies: Ramona appears after ages as a ghost of an ex-swimmer Sheldon goes to the swimming pool. What?!? Does Sheldon go to the swimming pool?!? Probably, a visitant took possession of his body. Otherwise, it seems OOC to me, despite all the changes Sheldon has made in the last years. Sheldon proposes after being kissed by the terminator-Ramona, going straight to the airport... with the ring in his pocket? Magic, telekinesis or was Sheldon planning to propose, carrying the ring everywhere, waiting only for the right moment? Kudos to the writers for choosing just the right moment! Is it all necessary only to create a (not real) cliffhanger for the season finale?! I really do not know what they are getting at with the next season. Maybe, I will be enlightened after watching the last episodes. I look forward to that! At least we will get some Lenny, Shamy cute scenes; the Shelnard's one; team spirit and funny moments. Sorry if I have been repetitive, I have to catch up with all your posts. And for my writing. English is not my native language.
  6. In one of the photos posted by Mayim on IG, Kunal photobombs her. Maybe Amy went shopping with Raj.
  7. I thought and wrote the same thing after reading the TR. Amy, as his partner, shouldn't act like a mother.
  8. I melted away! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-NaQmzrZBc
  9. Thanks Phanta. Probably last week was an exception!
  10. What time does the episode air on CBS exactly? I'm in UK and last thursday around 1am it was over! I can't miss the next episode or I'm going to freak out!!! Thanks!
  11. I don't understand why these days before The Prom have 72 rather than 24 hours! Time drags!!!
  12. I'm glad that Leonard and Penny have changed the way they relate with Sheldon. And I'm happy if the child comes out. I love Sheldon character for that too. But I don't think Amy, his partner, should act like a mother.
  13. Maybe, I didn't explain very well. I adore Sheldon too. And I can melt when his naivety comes out as in 7x23 when Sheldon explains Leonard's joke about the gorillas go-go dancer in Schindler's List or when he is enthusiastic for silly things he likes as in 8x02 with the Cadbury Creme egg. But, basically I don't like when people leverage his childish side to get things from him or make him stay quiet. They don't help him to grow up. I know this is not the case, but there are many different ways to reassure a person rather than buy a balloon.
  14. Thanks Happy Kitty. Looks like a funny and tender episode. We will see: the staging is so different from how you picture they play some scenes. But, I can't stand that Sheldon is still treated like a child, especially by Amy. For heaven's sake, he declared to be in love with her in the previous episode. And again balloons and teddy bear, after bobble head in 8x03?! Do they want to make him grow up or not?
  15. Thanks Kerry for the detailed explanation!
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