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  1. 17 hours ago, djsurrey said:

    Who stops to fold clothes? Only Sheldon or someone with some OCD. I thought Amy's line was hilarious. Like let's not fold the clothes as if that would be particularly naughty.


    16 hours ago, joyceraye said:

    There's no meaning,  metaphorical, metaphysical  or otherwise, behind folding clothes. Sheldon means it literally. He's probably seen films where couples who spontaneously go to bed in the daytime are seen tearing the clothes off each other or there's a trail of crumpled garments on the floor. I think Amy's suggesting they leave their clothes in a mess for fun, knowing Sheldon won't want to do that. He might find neatness stimulating even at a time like this.

    Thank you guys for the clarifications. When Sheldon said What if we fold them again in a flirty way, I really thought there was some subtitle in the line.

  2. I enjoyed the episode very much. There was a good balance between meaningful and hilarious moments.

    We know they didn't give to Lenny any kind of closure for the end of the season, but I think they moved forward, not only physically from the kitchen to the doorstep. :) Maybe because today there is the sun and I'm seeing the bright side of nothing, but finally they stated they don't want a third wheel in their relationship. They pointed out it a lot. The "Oh nooo..., when"? line cracked me up! I hope Lennyfree is a premise for giving them more plots as a couple about adjusting and enjoying their marriage in the next season; individually about what can make Penny happy (a new job, giving birth?), what can make Leonard feel more self confident and less insecure especially in his relationships.

    Howardette were amazing in the episode, as well in all the season. In some way they have been the most balanced couple for years. I agree with everything @wowbagger has written about them! And I miss creepy Howard!

    The Shamy scene were funnily sweet and well played. I liked Sheldon's little clumsy touching of Amy's arms before the frenzied lovemaking. His genuine naivety, I used to love in the character, came out again, instead of the childish selfishness. I didn't really get the joke about folding clothes. Maybe there is some metaphorical meaning I can't understand, translating literally from English to Italian.

    The part I was disappointed with was the one about the project. Seeing how the writers concluded it, everything seems even more far-fetched. And pointless. Like the story of poor itinerant Raj. What was the point of Raj living with Lenny?! Quizas quizas quizas!!!

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  3. 16 hours ago, joyceraye said:

    Sheldon must be pleased to show off an old pupil who's become a doctor of sciencey things at CERN. Romana surely will have kept in touch, considering how  few of that postgrad intake he thought were going to do well and said so.He'll be proud of her even if he doesn't say so. It's the Jane Eyre syndrome*. I bet she put herself  on his 'friends' list in all sorts of internet chatty stuff over the years. That would be enough for him to refer to her as one. He had some reason to be grateful to her, albeit somewhat grudgingly. He wouldn't share the authorship with her but wouldn't be so unprofessionally stingy as to leave her small but crucial contribution off the list of acknowledgements. That would have been  her first. She'd never forget that.

    I wonder if Romana nagged Professor Higgs to eat his meals and keep his mind on his work ?  I can't believe Sheldon is her only shovee. If she could steer Sheldon she could do it to anybody.

    * ' Sir, you have given me the gift teachers covet most : praise of their pupils' progress.'

    You can be right, obviously. But, I was talking about what I have seen on screen for all the seasons and what I got from the taping report.
    I did not know anything about the "Jane Eyre Syndrome". I learnt something new. :)

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  4. 5 hours ago, hokie3457 said:

    Yet another interesting post @jenafan.  One thing I would like to know (and maybe it is in the TR and I missed it....) is what is Ramona & Sheldon's relationship?   Has she been at CalTech all along or for a number of years and in another department or just off screen (like Mandy)?  Has she been friendly with Sheldon prior to the episode?  Did she know about Amy prior to the episode AND did she know Amy has just left before her sudden attention to Sheldon?  These are all things I would like to find out.

    That being said, depending on the nature of their friendship (length and how often they interact)  I think that two people going alone swimming is a little strange.  That would be a great activity for the entire group to do, but, to me, the act of swimming is a little intimate.  Perhaps it is an age thing; sort of old fashioned?  I would love to hear some more opinions on this: swimming in a group v. swimming with only one other person.....

    I was asking myself the same questions, because Ramona appears, out of the blue, after 8 years. So, I would not call "friend" a person who has not been mentioned for such a long time. I can call her "colleague" (apparently she is), but basically, for me, she is almost a stranger able to bring Sheldon to go to the swimming pool. And It's true that there are some people that can make Sheldon do things he does not want to and push him out of his comfort zone. But, usually they are people that he loves/trusts a lot.

    I only think the writers could have found other pretexts to create worries in the gang and chosen a different motor for the proposal, handling it better.


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  5. Hello everyone,

    I haven't posted for years (litterally), but I read your posts quite daily and enjoy all the speculations. By the way, thanks to Kazzie for both the reports and all people that provide us the spoilers.

    When I read the plot for the finale released by CBS, I was convinced that the Sheldon/Ramona stuff was about detracting attention from something (good...I hoped) regarding Lenny.

    I was wrong. And disappointed.

    They are leaving Lenny in the middle of nowhere.

    Raj as well, even if we know that his nowhere will be close to the Bert's garage.

    Also, they keep writing some incosistencies:

    Ramona appears after ages as a ghost of an ex-swimmer

    Sheldon goes to the swimming pool. What?!? Does Sheldon go to the swimming pool?!? Probably, a visitant took possession of his body. Otherwise, it seems OOC to me, despite all the changes Sheldon has made in the last years.

    Sheldon proposes after being kissed by the terminator-Ramona, going straight to the airport... with the ring in his pocket? Magic, telekinesis or was Sheldon planning to propose, carrying the ring everywhere, waiting only for the right moment?

    Kudos to the writers for choosing just the right moment!

    Is it all necessary only to create a (not real) cliffhanger for the season finale?!

    I really do not know what they are getting at with the next season.

    Maybe, I will be enlightened after watching the last episodes. I look forward to that!

    At least we will get some Lenny, Shamy cute scenes; the Shelnard's one; team spirit and funny moments.


    Sorry if I have been repetitive, I have to catch up with all your posts. And for my writing. English is not my native language.

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  6. it just seemed odd to me too. Last episode he said iLY to Amy. This episode he's holding a teddy bear. He went from an adult to a kid in one week.


    I thought and wrote the same thing after reading the TR.
    Amy, as his partner, shouldn't act like a mother.
  7. First, let me add my thanks to happy kitty. Actually, I think it's an improvement for Amy to treat him like a child, rather than Leonard and Penny treating him like their child. That seems to have gone away, so far, this year, with Amy taking over. Remember, Bernie still treats Howard as a child. In some ways, the characters are still in the process of becoming adults. There are still bound to be times when the child comes out.


    I'm glad that Leonard and Penny have changed the way they relate with Sheldon. And I'm happy if the child comes out. I love Sheldon character for that too.

    But I don't think Amy, his partner, should act like a mother.

  8. I think Sheldon will always be a big baby, even maturing a bit, being in love, etc. This is something I love about this character, he is clearly evolving, but he has this adorable childish behavior... I love him so much!

    Maybe, I didn't explain very well. 
    I adore Sheldon too. And I can melt when his naivety comes out as in 7x23 when Sheldon explains Leonard's joke about the gorillas go-go dancer in Schindler's List or when he is enthusiastic for silly things he likes as in 8x02 with the Cadbury Creme egg.
    But, basically I don't like when people leverage his childish side to get things from him or make him stay quiet. They don't help him to grow up.
    I know this is not the case, but there are many different ways to reassure a person rather than buy a balloon.
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  9. Thanks Happy Kitty.


    Looks like a funny and tender episode.
    We will see:  the staging is so different from how you picture they play some scenes.
    But, I can't stand that Sheldon is still treated like a child, especially by Amy. 
    For heaven's sake, he declared to be in love with her in the previous episode.
    And again balloons and teddy bear, after bobble head in 8x03?! 
    Do they want to make him grow up or not?
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  10. Sweeps is a term used to describe a period in time that Nielsen Diaries are calculated through the 210 DMAs in the country.  There are LPM (Live people metered markets that use demos) and OM (overnight markets--off households) that calculate ratings daily off set-top boxes, but majority of the countries ratings information for certain DMAs are provided by Nielsen diaries (actual surveys filled out by viewers).


    There are 4 sweeps in the year (4Q-Nov, 1Q-Feb, 2Q-May, 3Q-July).   Because much of the country's viewership information is provided by the diaries (and this is what the advertising world uses to sell off of and price) its crucial that the "best products" are placed infront of the viewers.  This is why you will see station news promotions during the "sweeps" period.  Its also generally all new programming in prime, and live syndication (talk and such). 


    For my world, diaries are HUGE and is the sweeps period.  The Nielsen diaries provide crucial demo information. 


    Thanks Kerry for the detailed explanation! :)

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  11. tumblr_ncvo0v70Be1rn4qwao5_1280.jpg



    OMG! I hadn't seen this picture yet!

    Basically I like Amy's usual outfits, that's her!

    But this..., if you look at the picture for more than 2 minutes, you risk the retinal detachment!

    It's appalling and hilarious at the same time! :)

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  12. Really funny episode. I loved it!

    Simon and Mayim were terrific! 


    Great writing. I laughed hard for a lot of scenes!

    The starfish stuff and the virgin throat drove me crazy!


    Has anyone noticed that Sheldon doesn't repeat the same sentence when he knocks on the door of Missis Davis?

    They won't want to tone down Sheldon's OCD, will they? I could freak out for that!

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  13. I enjoyed the episode and all the actors did a good performance!

    The opening scene was funny and Jim amazing as usual, but I'm not so impressed. It sounds like a little bit old.

    I loved especially:

    -Penny's in "people, people people... people".

    -Sweet Shamy's moment in the car: Sheldon's body language when he speaks about his concern (I just adore the Sheldon's tics) and Amy' smile.

    -Howard/Stuart's argument and Bernie's bitchy attitude

    -And even if he was only to support the others' scenes, Leonard's lines and his facial expressions were priceless.

    I found good premises and I'm quite sure we'll see many comic scenes and a growth for the gang.

    -Sheldon has admitted some of its weaknesses with Amy and somehow with Leonard when he speak about Sheldon's fear of finding people smarter than him.

    -Penny is no longer the blonde girl next door. Now she is engaged and has to take a charge of a new hard job.

    -The Stuart/Debbie's stuff maybe will help Howard to cut the umbilical cord with his mother.

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  14. Well intially when Amy complained about the date, and Sheldon was like "Well don't come then". That was not good, Sheldon you douche lol. I don't think you can justify Sheldon not being "sappy" because Leonard is and Sheldon is not that type of person. Being romantic is all relative and cirucumstancial, it doesen't come naturally to everyone. Difference is Leonard is being honest with Penny, I guess you could argue Sheldon is not inherently with Amy. Leonard and Sheldon are not all that different, Both socially awkward and inept. Difference is Leonard has far more experience in the relationship paradaigm then Sheldon. Sheldon maybe Sheldon, but being sappy or romantic, is not a personality trait, all it takes is a bit of honesty. Obviousley for Sheldon to function in a relationship with Amy, he needs guidelines and rules, hence the RA so he feels secure. So I like SRAM's analogy about Sheldon being in a bubble, that is so true. I also thought Sheldon was really arrogant to suggest his relationship is better then Lenny based on a test lol, but what's new status quo clearly has not changed in that regard. Lenny have been prooven to be the strongest couple on the show, I mean if they based their relationship on a silly test, then they woulden't of got past date one. But they have always had this unspoken bond, that needs no qualifying. They are both scared but I think what has always been endering about their relationship, is they meet on off chance, where is any other scenario neither of them would be caught dead together, and based on socities conventions and rules they have no buisness being together. I laughed at Penny's line "Our relationship has been based on your blind infaturation". That is so true. Leonard had been dating Penny since they meet, he was infaturated to he point he saw her as pefect. He no longer does, he see's her as imperfect, what makes it work is she is just as insecure, and scared about the future. And up ill now you haven't really seen Leonard talk about his fears, because obviousley he has wanted a future with Penny for years now. So I think it reassured Penny she is not alone. Funny if that was S3, Penny would of stormed off, and Leonard would of chickened out and let her. Where as now Leonard challenges her, and has the confidence to challenge her to be honest.  


    -Leonard and Sheldon are really different. Sheldon never shows his feelings. Leonard is inclined to do so often. Also Penny told to him in The Proton Transmigration "Thank you for being the emotional one in the relationship"!


    -No couple is stronger than other one. Lenny and Shamy have different relationships on several levels. Compare them is pointless. It would be like comparing a shoe and a shirt. What are the parameters you use to say that one is better?! The only thing you can say is that both are clothings.

    I personally love both couples because of the differences. Paraphrasing Michy, Shamy has something Lenny don't and vice versa.


    I think Lenny is the most credible relationship on the show. As you said, it began with a Leonard's infatuation that made Penny perfect to his eyes. But it has evolved. The flaws have emerged, together with ups and downs.


    [Digression: I always pictured their relationship as a rubber band: first in a quiescent state, then stretched on both extremities, therefore more distant. When the tension becomes unbearable, before getting at the break point, the tension drops and inevitably the two extremities come back close.]


    Many small things achieved during the years. Imperfections accepted, shared love, engagement. There are in a safe place now.

    In the episode seems like they can face their weaknesses and smile at that. Touching!


    Shamy instead is the most in-credible couple. They are out of the usual social dynamics. They live in a own dimension, where the measures are relative. Something visible only under a microscope, with magic Shamy's glasses has unprecedented proportions.

    In their dimension there are rules to share and the word intimacy takes on a new meaning. The time passes slowly, the movements are imperceptible. But if you are able to go into their fantastic world, you can see the progression that get Sheldon to take a fry from Amy's plate. And you can exult for that.


    I'm exulting for that and for the sync seems to be between them.

    But I'm not happy about the "Trust me. You're happy" line. I agree with Michy.

    I'm fed up with the same dynamic of "two steps forward and one step back".


    Also, I'm sorry about my little Howie. I'd would like to see him be able to throw the damn ball! :)



    Thanx Michy, Kazzie and BBTGUY for report and news.

    Tensor, you rock!

    Sorry for mistakes, I'm still struggling with English!


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  15. I love Kaley's haircut. Even so she is hottie and more fascinating! I look forward to see how Kaley plays a new Penny, adding to her character different nuances!
    I'm curiouser and curiouser about 'what Emily really likes' (in addition to horror movies and cutting people) and why Sheldon wears a shirt instead of his usual double t-shirts!
    So, Kazzie sharpen your secret agent skills please... we need spoilers before go crazy! :)
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