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  1. Yes, I'm an architect and I think it's professional bias! And I really love this thread too! Happy taping day to everyone.
  2. I know, I'm on late with the thread and I had to catch up everything all of you have written. And you wrote so much and such many interesting considerations! Reading this, I couldn't help but think of it in terms of architecture. When a historic building or a part of it burns out or collapses, and you have to rebuild the missing part, according to one of the theories on architectural restoration, you can't do it exactly the same way. It would be called a fabrication of history. The new part won't be identical to the previous one, because, for example, the materials will not be the sa
  3. They look like two teenagers. And Mayim's laugh is contagious!
  4. You're right. I can't be sure about that, because it happened off screen. But, for Sheldon it was a big step, so I don't think he'd have been persuaded by Amy.
  5. If you were right, why would Sheldon have added a kiss in every date night to the relationship agreement?
  6. Maybe Sheldon was robbed of credit cards, documents, laptop and he is forced to get off the train and go to the police. And then he calls Amy or Lenny (we'll see if the umbilical cord has been really cut!) to be picked up. Next, we Know Stuart is involved in the episode, so in the Howard and Bernadette's place (or Mrs Wolowitz'?) there may be a scene with Stuart, Howardette and maybe Raj/Amy. About the 4A, I pictured it half empty and quiet, without Sheldon and with Leonard comes and goes from 4B. But, without the 4b set up, it becomes... curiouser and curiouser!
  7. I agree with you, so that's why I prefer that their first meeting after Sheldon's return takes place in private. We don't know how long Sheldon has traveled and what happened during the trip. We only know that he left. And even if they spoke one or more times during their separation, I think the first time they'll meet again might be awkward. I can't imagine Sheldon rushing up to Amy and kissing her passionately. Instead, I picture they stare at each other for a while, maybe with one of the their best eyes coitus. I hope to see some sort of little talk between them like in The love spell
  8. In the complete list of winners, you can see it: OUTSTANDING SINGLE EPISODE FOR COMEDY SERIES THE BIG BANG THEORY (CBS) - episode ”The Proton Transmogrification” – Mark Cendrowski (director) & Steven Molaro, Eric Kaplan & Steve Holland (writers)
  9. I thought to be there too! Thank you for the real-time informations!
  10. Hi Roberta! I'm italian too! I understand the language problem, but reading and translating posts help me to learn english!
  11. Favorite episode: The Proton Transmogrification It was a complete episode: touching, funny and geeky. And it showed how they have grown up and their relationships progressed. Favorite moment: SIK Favorite storyline: Sheldon's crisis
  12. What do you hope and predict for season 8 Shamy? How do you see their story going? When Sheldon comes back, he go straight away to Amy. She welcomes him, but demands an explanation. He isn't yet able to process the situation. It will take a several episodes before Sheldon admits who wants her in his life and he is ready to talk about his feelings. Do you think Sheldon will have to face his true feelings for Amy and not run away from them anymore? Yes. I hope the journey and the separation help him to understand what he really wants from his relationship with Amy and how much she means for hi
  13. Miserable fate! Jim arrives in London today and I'll go in Italy tomorrow for few days! Good luck Kazzie and Rachel!
  14. Amy-Howard. I'd like to see a kind of musical-episode. They sing Neil Diamond's songs in front of the group and drive them crazy!
  15. It was difficult, but definitively I chose the Lenny's moment in The romance resonance. It's indicative of how their relationship works. No romantic striking gesture, but many small things / goals achieved during the years. Then Leonard buys Penny a car: the scene was cute and well acted. And the new Penny's awareness with "You, stupid pop tart"!
  16. SIK1, no doubt. Literally, I cried out! I didn't like the second one, except for the Sheldon' self-confidence grabbing her waist and the gaze between them before kissing. Seeing it in the episode, after the promo, I was disappointed. Sheldon looked like he wanted to deepen the kiss. Amy didn't respond to it. I don't know how it was written or if it was a acting choice. I pictured awkward and sexy, but when I watched, I tought they were doing a homework and in the meantime Sheldon was distracted. Maybe I had many expectations!
  17. It's true! I learnt a lot of new words, phrasal verbs and idioms watching BBT in english with eng subtitles over and over again! Now I know the meaning of gal pal!!!
  18. In addition: - more geeky stuff - more choral episodes - Debbie (voice)/Stuart's scenes - Lenny's comic gags trying to adapt to the living together - Penny/Sheldon/Leonard's dynamic in reverse with Leonard or Penny knocking to Sheldon's door when they fight for nonsense - Amy and Howard singing Neil Diamond in front of the rest of the group - in a dance party (or samething like that) the whole gang dancing. I'd like to see Shamy in a slow dance and Sheldon a little bit excited - Amy meeting Sheldon's mum - Penny getting a part in a good movie - Sheldon showing his affection to A
  19. You're right. Probably that is the reason. I wasn't arguing about the video call per se, but about the say-nothing subject IMO.
  20. I picture in the episode 1 final tag, Sheldon who knocks on the Amy's door. "Knock knock knock Amy, Knock knock knock Amy, Knock knock knock Amy". Amy on the other side freezed. After a moment of hesitation, she opens the door. "Hello Amy"! "Hello Sheldon"! We basically see them stare at each other and... theme song.
  21. I didn't like the video call too. The scene didn't tell us more than what we knew about the conflicting relationship between Leonard and his mother. It seemed an end to itelf. Even without that scene, the episode would have been the same.
  22. [email protected] your post is so interesting! I agree with you in many ways. Sheldon's world are collapsing. And he runs away from a place to another one; from a problem to another one. University: the principal does not allow him to change field of studies Home: Leonard tells him that he will have to live alone Amy's house: she suggests the possibility of living together Comic book store: the place he needs when is sad went up in smoke Metaphorically, the places of his daily life are no longer "his safe places". The train is. There he is confortable. The journey has always been a
  23. I agree with you. I wish Sheldon lived alone for a while in the 4a, which will continue to be the meeting point. I'd like to see the Penny/Sheldon/Leonard dynamic in reverse with Leonard or Penny knocking to Sheldon's door when something drives them crazy in the new cohabitation as well to see Shamy spend more time together. Amy could sleep over at Sheldon's sometimes, invited by him. If that happened, Amy should feel more confident -I want the vixen's return!- and there could awkward and funny scenes of little "casual" intimacy. It would be interesting to see them "sniff" at each ot
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