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  1. I like thinking of Sheldon 3.0 and Shamy 3.0 too! I hope to see them having fun together with a lot of science references and their absurd games, in the meanwhile they improve their relationship in their romantic quirky way. Get them back just friends isn't the right choice. All the progresses made in the last season would nullify, starting over with the same dynamics. When Sheldon will be ready to "commit" with Amy, I think that Shamy will progress faster. I have no clue how long it will take to happen. I'm really curious to see how the writers will solve the mess!
  2. I agree with you totally. Moreover, it would seem to me like a stopgap scene. That is to say, we have taken away the cake from you, but we give you a sop!
  3. In the whole I enjoyed the episode, even if I found some gags not so funny, except the Penny (in the cage) / Wheaton's scene. I loved Lenny's scenes. After the development of the past few episodes, the actual proposal was around the corner. And it was just right. Both of them were in character and the Kaley and Johnny's acting was really genuine. The first part in the Penny's style was spontaneous and funny. I laughed so hard after "I guess, I'm in" and "Cool"! But, when Leonard gave her the ring, it was touching! Talking of the Sheldon/Raj conversation, it's interesting to see Sheldon cur
  4. I agree and I can imagine Eric who repeats for the umpteenth time: I told you what happened to me at UPS? And Sheldon who rolls his eyes!
  5. The difference between the first and the second Shelnard's embrace -that you described so good!- makes me think Sheldon can change, indeed he is already doing it. From the beginning of the season they've shown us the Sheldon's progress with Amy and the others. In the last few episodes they highlighted the Sheldon's direct relationship with each of them, instead Amy has been marginalized. We've seen him empathize with Howard, trust Penny, hug Leonard and in the next episode, he's going to have a little talk about Raj's feelings. It was obvious that we were expecting a grand finale for Shamy. Am
  6. The previous scene to the Shelnard's embrace was the one where Sheldon told Prof Proton about his losses. I think It isn't a coincidence. Sheldon mentions his grandfather, his father and then Prof Proton. The only male reference figure closer to Sheldon is Leonard. The embrace was meant for him.
  7. I loved so much the episode. It was touching, funny and geeky. Happy to see Bob Newhart again. That man's comic flair is unbelievable! I really enjoyed all the scenes between Prof Proton and a very relaxed and smiling Sheldon. The laser sword scene was the funniest one! There are a lot of little clues that point out how much they and their relationships have grown up: Penny so in keeping with the group that she can understand the Star Wars references; the confident Leonard that jokes about the rejected proposal; the vulnerable Sheldon that speaks about his losses; the Shelnard's embrace -
  8. Hi there! My first post. Inspired by BBTGUY's positive mood. I read a lot of interesting things here and for sure I will not say anything new. Despite the Sheldon progress, Shamy have reached deadlock and the relationship seems to go on only by force of inertia. Even after the kiss they've never talked about it and their feelings openly. The dynamics can't be the same forever and ever: Sheldon that takes one step forward and two steps back and Amy fixed like a tree. Something had to happen. Something that makes both of them aware of their relationship; something that forces them to exa
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