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  1. I love Mayim but I won't pretend to agree with every opinion she expresses. It very much unsettled me reading that she thinks women like Ariana Grande were making themselves "sexually available" and my god, I hope she doesn't teach her sons that. I also didn't like that she seemed to assume Ariana had no control over her image and it was all down to her living in a partichal society. Some women do want to express their sexuality in that way and it doest mean they are a victim to sexism. I think Ariana said it best.. "Women should be able to express themselves however they want...I think that's feminism. I don't think to be a feminist you have to cover yourself up or do something a certain way...people should be able to do what they want and not be stereotyped" Anyway, like I said...I love Mayim but maybe it's not so bad she got critiqued on this. You shouldn't bring other women into your opinion pieces just to put them down.
  2. i think we need more push up scenes from this angle. http://t.co/aH7L4Yp9qj

  3. RT @silvabrowne: Danielle Cormack 3 day's to wentworth uk. http://t.co/eL9vsRaIf3

  4. when you tweet actors from your wentworth account instead of your personal account by accident :/

  5. does she not look like the hottest kisser http://t.co/0OOdsKs9l2

  6. I just did something smart!

  7. RT @jacs_holt: I think it's time for a catfight-to-the-death between the #Wentworth and the #OITNB girls. Needless to say, we'd win.

  8. Freaky Friday is actually so fucked up! He's falling for the mum!? #FreakyFriday

  9. RT @MileySourceNews: Uncensored photo of Miley from V Magazine! http://t.co/GHGAMNmxec

  10. making a vid for Poussey & it's actually so hard. With Wentworth, I know the eps back to front but i've only seen oitnb once :/

  11. my new vid! Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy Girls of Wentworth ;)http://t.co/780LROlSiu

  12. i want you tooooo turn that cherry out turn that cherry out

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