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  1. 1103 - The Relaxation Integration (October 9)

    Just had an “actors dialling it in” tone to it, this one. Just felt a lack of energy, especially from Jim until the flip flop story near the end, from most of the actors. Bernie was funny enough, liked the last Shamy scene, a couple of jokes here and there, the tag had potential, but I just couldn’t get into it tonight. Raj more than Stuart annoyed the shit out of me. I like more episodes than most on this forum cos I don’t get hung up on bias against different characters or repetition or “canon” but once or twice a season I just feel no energy from the actors in an episode. This was one of those for me tonight. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Canned Laughter

    Take it from someone who has been at a live taping, it’s REAL laughter. Even on the second or third take, we are still laughing. You do get “encouraged” to laugh again so at times it can sound a little forced - but it is real laughter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Young Sheldon Discussion Thread

    Felt like I was watching the Wonder Years. It’s not a comedy. It’s a good humoured drama. I didn’t not like but don’t see it as a compelling must record for later show for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. 1019 'The Collaboration Fluctuation' (March 30)

    Channel 9 does seem to have lost interest in the show. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Tensor will be temporarily unavailable.

    Great to hear you survived Ok, Carlos. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Information For Attending A Big Bang Theory Taping

    When I went this year, I did the 9:30 tour, came out at 12:30 and got to the line up at about 1. There were about 40 people ahead of me but I had a "guaranteed ticket" so wasn't fussed. When it was officially time to line up, it became apparent many were hopefuls with standbys and I suddenly moved up to number 20 in line. I was fine but as we found out later, it was a specific taping at which the cast brought about 50 guests between them so even some "guaranteeds" who turned up confidently around 4 missed out because there was seat shortage due to the guests. As an Aussie with one chance of ever going, I was glad I got there by 1. Tour was great too but I was given advice by regulars here to go early so I'd have time to get a good spot in line. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Tensor will be temporarily unavailable.

    Good dose of perspective for what is really important in life. Staying tuned in over here in Australia via cable news, where we have these kind of events in common, although not in Melbourne where I am. Stay safe,@Tensor and@Carlos. Do what you need to do to get through this. We are all thinking of you in a scary time. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    That moment Penny truly realises that this man she has tried to find so many reasons to NOT be with is the one she WANTS to be with for one shocking reason - his intelligence. Happiness was not muscly buffoons or good looking idiots. It was a smart guy that made her smarter too. As mentioned above, Penny has grown smarter - and nerdier through Leonard ( and the others ) but she has constantly battled with this change. Loved the Proton funeral episode when she is fighting a losing battle against knowing Star Wars. Deep down, she was enjoying but on the surface is her battle to seem not to. This moment is another reminder of how much better life is for Lenny alone. Penny is so much more loving and Leonard so much more confident without the negative shit that gets in their heads from Sheldon, Wheaton, Howard and Raj that have interfered with Penny's conflicting emotions so often before and after this. Here, in the silence of the Lab, Penny is swept up in it all and submits to her true feelings. And Leonard is in control. Love it. The beginning of the best Lenny season - number 6. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    Between seasons coincide with busiest times of year for me. Tend not visit much when nothing on. Too much prediction of doom and gloom. But I love a good moment of reflecting on the triumphant past. The good bits always meant a lot and this moment was truly beautiful in the Lenny saga. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    Defines Penny's true nature. Despite all outward appearances of her and stories of her being able to get any man because of her looks, despite all the snarky, insensitive, ill-conceived crap that's come out of her mouth over the years when talking about the Lenny relationship to the girls or Sheldon or even Leonard, this exposed us to Penny completely on her own recognising the depth of her feelings. They haven't even really got together yet but she deep down knows she is completely lost without him and 3 months alone without Leonard walking through that door to save her from a shallow life is gonna kill her. So obvious the way she jumped him on return. It was followed up - same reaction - when he came back from North Sea in Season 7. This moment, the box of mementos, the proposal realisation of what makes her happy counters every stupid negative scene from the last 3 seasons. I'll hold these moments forever as proof that Penny is lost without Leonard and loves him so much. I don't care what the writers do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. [Spoilers] Lenny:Season 10

    Still got 4 weeks here - New York, DC, Orlando, New Orleans for JazzFest and returning to Hawaii to relive our honeymoon from 25 years ago! Where many have said Lenny should have gone for their Honeymoon. Again Leonard in the shade, Penny walking around or coming out of the pool or ocean ......for the fans! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. [Spoilers] Lenny:Season 10

    Saw her 9 days ago[emoji12]. But here, not quite that level of quality spotted yet. Mrs Itwas excepted of course. They need to do an on location ep by the pool here. Leonard can hide from the sun in their personal cabana and Penny can just.....walk around the pool for the fans![emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. [Spoilers] Lenny:Season 10

    It's why the slutshaming is so unfair. Since the bowling alley breakup, Penny has only been with Zac who, despite the accidental marriage, was never a serious option - early on she was trying to go back to "type" but he bored her then New Years was just to avoid being alone. Season 4 was really to show she only wanted Leonard and it hurt she didn't. Leonard, on the other hand, was the one with slutshaming tendencies, jumping at Dr Slutbunny first chance he could, then Joy, the old lady, Alice and sort of Mandy, with the real relationship with Priya in between that he launched into with instant sex that first night. Penny's joke persona is really so far removed from her reality of a very loyal partner who doubts compatibility but never love. When we get down in this thread from the snarky scenes we too easily forget the true story of Penny. She is, as we say in Australia, a shit stirrer, but the real love has never diminished. ( posted poolside in Vegas[emoji16]) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. [Spoilers] Lenny:Season 10

    Sorry for late reply, SRAM. To be honest, mind has gone blank on details of the viewed episode but I don't think there was much Lenny. It was (surprise) very Sheldon centric ( a Sheldon/Penny old fashioned laundry scene ) with a bit of Bernie stressing over returning to work. There might have been some kitchen island stuff and a bit of shared staring at Sheldon when he was unexpectedly sleeping on their couch but that's about it. Definitely not a Lenny episode from hazy sleep deprived memory. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    Hi all. Just a quick report. Got to pack our bags for a flight to San Francisco in the morning Episode was called "The Separation Agitation". If anything it was centered on Bert and StuHowardette more than anyone. But I thought everyone got a fair run without dominating. It was StuHowardette and Bert and the rest appearing together. Started with Fun with Flags: Behind the Flags - a retrospective complete with Raj and Howard on music. Shamy talk to Lenny ( at the kitchen island of course!) via video link about their Fun with Flags memories. They of course show their utter contempt for the whole thing. Found Penny's repartee funny. Then they call for viewers to call in with their memories. Deadly silence is followed by excitement when Bert calls - but just to tell them he has a girl friend. They ask for callers who want to talk flag memories but the next call is just Bert again telling them her name is Rebecca. Later at the university cafeteria, Sheldon, Leonard and Raj are joking around, Bert sits with them, Leonard invites him to come to his place for dinner so they can meet his girl. When they arrive she is a stunning blonde who is a failed actress who has become a personal trainer. She's much younger than Bert. Penny asks if Rebecca has dates a scientist before because she was thinking of starting a support group. Rebecca says she dated a Scientologist. Sheldon quips Bert is copying Lenny. We find out they met online. Raj remarks he had not much success online. Bert says he only got success when he mentioned his $600 thousand grant. Sheldon gets sent out by Amy when he speaks inappropriately. Bec comes back and says if she'd done something wrong and Leonard just says it's just normal Sheldon. Bec says something that implies it was the money and Amy is immediately suspicious and mentions it when Bec goes to the toilet. Sheldon makes another comment, gets sent out again but Amy calls him back when Bec makes her suspicious again. It was all very funny but can't remember the lines. When Bert leaves, Sheldon compares them to Lenny - Berts money and his groveling to get the girl and Leonard says it's completely different - Berts money will run out but he can beg till he dies. Penny quips - all that and he's shorter than me. ( Some will be annoyed by the usual insults but we all found it funny in the delivery of it. I thought Lenny were funny together and Amy's reactions to Sheldons comments were hilarious. Back at cafeteria next day, Sheldon tells a joke about Feinmann, Einstein and Schrodinger. Raj and Leonard react slowly but eventually love. Bert comes in. He is worried about what everyone said about being used. He says something about the relationship that Sheldon thinks is funny and tells Leonard it's his turn to tell a joke. Bert turns up at the apartment to tell them he broke it off. Raj starts saying he did the right thing, comparing him to his story which gets depressing and says maybe someone else should speak. Amy is glad but Bert is upset she convinced him. Sheldon has a go at her and she says to raise your hand for permission to speak. Penny tells Bert he should be looking for someone who likes him for who he is not what he has. Sheldon raises his hand and Penny makes the mistake of letting him speak because he delivers one of his trademark Lenny insults and Leonard just looks up at her and says don't look at me you gave him permission. Bert then leaves saying he might buy Bec a jet ski to get her back. Then there's a Fun with Flags retrospective retrospective and a call comes through and it's Bert saying it worked he got her back. The report of this plot doesn't do it justice. The jokes were very funny in my opinion and everyone else in the audience sounded like they agreed. There were no real dead spots in audience reaction. The other separation plot was Bernie going back to work but being really unhappy about but she is hiding that from Howard. She confides in Stuart who has clearly replaced Raj now that he's moved in with Lenny. Before going back to work, they all take Halley to the zoo but that just depresses Bernie more because she compares herself to other mammals who stay with their young longer than her. Howard has a chat to Stuart as well but he reveals nothing. They finally all share their feelings when it comes to dropping off Halley. They all cry except the baby and Bernie does her trademark angry thing telling Halley off for not caring. Later Howard and Stuart are at daycare dropping her off, showing Bernie via FaceTime how Halley is fine. Bernie cracks it again because she ignores her The boys can't leave. They steal Halley away and take her to the aquarium. Later they come home and pretend they are back from daycare but are caught because Bernie got a call about them taking the baby. Again the report doesn't do it justice without the jokes. I thought all three were hilarious interacting with each other. Stuart got Howard a few times with some comebacks and Bernie as always got them both. Thought it was a very funny episode. Lots of good jokes and no one really dominated. Mayim was hilarious but had a shocker with bloopers. At one point she was just sitting off camera eating the food laughing. I think she was distracted by friends in the front row. Everyone fluffed a line or two and a few scenes got joke rewrites. Raj had his family there as well. As was Kaleys dad but apparently he's always there. Jim reacted to the crowd more than usual according to others near me who had been before. Johnny and Kaley as always climbed up to speak to the audience confirming two more years and thanking all the fans. My wife and I had an absolute ball and stole the show in the audience interaction between scenes. Mrs Itwas won best laugh and I must say I dominated the dance competition ( I did a follow up dance with a crew member I was that "good" - it was no contest on the applause-o-meter) and gave as good as I got from the MC when he started picking on my Aussie accent. According to my wife I had Kaley and Mayim in stitches when I started talking about the difference between Americans calling it math and us Aussies saying Maths. He asked me my job and I said Maths teacher. He said if I'd had trouble communicating with Americans while here and I said only the last two minutes. I have to go write a report on my day for my Facebook fans - family and friends - now so I'm going off till tomorrow. I'll answer any questions if you have any then. So worth the 15 hour flight!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk