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  1. I think she thought she loved him early on but she KNEW it when that hologram of Earth popped up and he started talking science in Holographic Excitation. It was the moment it finally hit her and Kaley showed it so well. Despite the poor writing and snarky jokes that plagued them, I don’t think she ever expressed doubt from that moment on. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Melissa was Harley in Batman and Harley Quinn, a DC animated movie. Kale is Harley in the new Harley Quinn animated TV Series Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. This forum wouldn’t exist without the endless speculation on things yet unseen [emoji12] And there’s a difference between critiquing and criticising. I outlined my reasons. I don’t think I was negative about it. And as I said, im not gonna worry over it. If it happens, sobeit. I like Shamy. Just think its overkill if,when writers continually refer to not wanting any more babies, they introduce a Shamy baby plot. But yes it is an IF and may not happen in the show. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I’m not gonna lose sleep over it or complaining incessantly but I just find it overkill ( not that either is confirmed yet ) to have Shamy ending with BOTH the Nobel AND the baby IN THE SHOW. And my feelings just go back the beginning of each character’s journey in the show. It’s got nothing to do with Ship Jealousy cos that’s just not me. I look at it this way. The 5 principal characters from day one Sheldon ( the original recipe) - it was all about winning a Nobel or being an incredibly successful scientist with all the accolades. To be fair the polarising guy, he’s been pulled through the ringer from go to whoa on this front. The monopole experiment that he thought was a winner found to be a hoax caused by his buddies, the new element that was much celebrated briefly before being found out as a fluke and not legit, losing hope in string theory then not getting anywhere with dark matter, the Shelnard paper and gyroscope that got killed of by military..... and now his last chance with the Super asymmetry in the balance with the two other physicists....... Fake science or not, I don’t begrudge him finally achieving his Nobel goal to complete his scientist journey on the show. Leonard - from day one he wanted Penny and with some misfires and restarts he got her. Mission accomplished there for that part of his journey that was arrived at a long time ago ( contributing factor to him being downgraded in recent scenes - his main journey ended 4 years ago). Now his other goal was probably to be respected in his field. Despite the constant belittling by his buddy, he’s had small wins but they too have been cut short. That part of his journey is unfinished and doesn’t seem to be in the writers’ minds unless something happens out of the blue. I guess his other part of the journey is gaining the respect of Beverly. There’s been tiny wins there last couple of years, wondering if that will be achieved with Beranski saying she’s in the finale. Controversially I’m not counting smart and beautiful babies as a series long goal. It might have been day one and a few passing references but it wasn’t massive IMHO. Penny - came to LA for a successful career - in acting. Ends with a successful career - in sales and marketing ( sort of acting[emoji16]). Count that as a win. Others won’t. Wanted a man that would finally treat her well. Got him in Leonard ( ignoring boat kiss BS and the odd bad episode). Journey two complete. We might see her as an underdeveloped character even after 12 years but in the writers mind when they talk about giving each character a happy ending for their journey, they’re going to justify Penny as a success. Howard - at the start, he just wanted to “get laid” then loved. He got his girl early and it kept getting better. He also wanted kids before his marriage and got them. He wanted to be successful in his job. He got his work on the space station and went there as an astronaut on top of working for Hawking. Despite it ending badly, his gyroscope project was just a bonus add on to his journey completed. Like Leonard he reached his goal so early in the twelve years the writers started to mess around with him by reverting him back to a man child dominated by the woman in his life, Mrs W replaced by Bernie. Deserved better; one of my favourites. Raj - just a shambles. Failed. Gone backwards. From leading astrophysicist to planetarium presenter. Destroys every relationship he’s in, never learning. Sad cos I find him funny as comic relief but it’s all he’s ever been. THE LATER ARRIVALS Bernie was driven from the start to be a success in her field and has been for a long time. Didn’t see enough early on but plenty in recent series. Linked to Howard from start, fell in love and despite hiatus got her man. Her journey has ended well although that whole baby thing went against her plans[emoji15] Amy - started as a female Sheldon clone totally about the science of biology. We got to see her do a lot of her science over the years and she was celebrated. Strange that the biology was suddenly cut off and she suddenly becomes obsessed with physics with Sheldon. Find that a weird end to her science journey. Then her emotional journey. Didn’t take too long for the robot to yearn for being a real girl. That’s been a long journey and she got her girlfriends and her boyfriend/husband. I feel that was the journey and enough. She got there. Which is why the sudden episode of Amy manipulating Sheldon into liking kids, considering the writers constantly downplaying more kid stories, just seems like an unnecessary optional extra to the Shamy journey. Sure they have had the odd discussion about kids and yes unlike Lenny agree on having them but when I look at as part of their total journey I just don’t see it as a big enough part of it over the total run of the series that it’s so important that Amy is pregnant by the end. Knowing it will happen should be enough. Let’s focus on the science part - for me that is more important since that was what was most important to both Sheldon and Amy at the start. Leave enough space in the remaining episodes for others to shine instead of adding babies when the Nobel story has dominated so much already and isn’t over. Doctorate submission in Big Bang Character Study ends here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. If they wanted to portray the story of its OK not have babies, they could just as easily used Shamy to tell that story. But the Young Sheldon writers forced Shamy babies into the future through their bombshell reveal. Those arguing that Sheldon has for a long time wanted babies because of several statements he made over years ignore his long held disdain for them ( including even last weeks episode) Even from the first mention in the early Shamy story in season 4, it was only about maintaining his genetic pool, ( the reason for the sperm bank visit in the pilot ) not for any love of children. Saying Sheldon wants kids ( so should get them) is a disservice to Leonard’s same dream for better reasons. The whole role model for childless couples angle is just BS. They just want to add drama to the Lenny story. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. The reruns in Oz are up to Season 8-9 ATM and I’ve watched quite a few and probably laughed more than I remember. For me, but I’m sure not for everyone, I find time separation from the live angst of a current season when they are screwing up Lenny allows me to get over it and enjoy episodes in a different way. I even watched the stupid boat kiss arc the other day BY CHOICE and didn’t whinge. That’s why Season 12 for me is the worst because it’s the only season this usually calm, unfussed Lenny lover has actually vented on a regular basis. The no kids thing has really p$&&ed me off big time. But time will heal and 3 years from now I’ll flick on one of the 3 channels showing reruns and I’ll watch ep 1203 without throwing a shoe at the TV! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I find it sad that so much time is spent discussing such a serious issue as leaving someone because you want kids and they don’t and the crushing pressure brought on by this conflict on a much loved couple on a sitcom fan forum. Where did the laughter go? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Well then the question “Why?” needs to be clearly answered just as much “Why not?” with Penny. I’m happy if both are answered by the end. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Penny is younger than the others too. ( I think - never sure about Bernie’s age but I’m under the impression that Amy is close to Sheldon’s age and we know the guys are much older than Penny from the start of the show). She may change her perception later on ( and Amy might be trying to advance her own cause because of her age ). As a teacher in a profession surrounded by women of every age I’ve worked with a lot of Penny types who had no interest in motherhood around her age and some have changed later on. Of course, this a sitcom with writers sounding determined to stick with this no kids for Lenny thing, not a staff room full of real women so who knows what the last 7 eps will reveal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I think with Sheldon, his story has always been reluctance to embrace anything emotional but when finally led into it, he gradually accepts it and eventually embraces it. From his reluctance to hugging that Penny wore down, his fear of birds until convinced to hold a bird that became lovey dovey, from his disdain for the concept of the girlfriend boyfriend paradigm to finally accepting it with Amy but then slowly and at times unsuccessfully embracing it, then the intimate touching slowly leading to coitus which he found he enjoyed to finally accepting marriage as an option. But all these things took a long time. This baby thing seems too rushed compared to all the other milestones and to me it seems heavily influenced by that one future bombshell from YS, which Holland referenced in that interview. I personally don’t think it has to be shoehorned into the Big Bang finale to justify a statement that a big chunk of BBT fans may not even be aware of because they steer clear of YS. Finishing with the Nobel nomination is enough closure to the Sheldon story. It doesn’t need the additional parenthood thing as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Sheldon has often expressed displeasure with babies. Penny hasn’t. She just doesn’t want to have her own. Happy to be cool Aunt Penny without the pregnancy and giving birth and probably the 24/7 mother commitment. Babies are always delightful when you can hand them back and get access to them without the pain and struggle. I loved the raising kids bit when I was watching and helping my kids grow up and have been teaching young kids for 30+ years but now at my age I’m more loving the temporary attachment to my nephews’, nieces’ and younger colleagues’ babies. I think that is where Penny is at. Sheldon on the other hand hasn’t even wanted to touch kids until last night. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. We agree on the condescending ass. That is still apparent. But my family is full of condescending asses ( me included ) who still love each other. Just hard to see sometimes. Not trying to change your mind though because you have been very consistent with your opinions over the years, as is your right. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Yep, well aware of that, chucky. Had you in mind when I was writing the post. You’ve made that clear since YS started. And you’re entitled to that opinion[emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I think overall it’s more than that now. Early Sheldon absolutely just tolerated them but Later Sheldon has done enough between his canon BS actions that he loves his friends in his own way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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