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  1. When family die, worrying about a character in a TV show just seems silly!

  2. Popularity is fleeting. Talent and intelligence is forever. Embrace your gifts despite what others think.

  3. An expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less!

  4. Sometimes we only appreciate our loved ones when its too late!

  5. Every obstacle in life is a challenge to get better at it

  6. True sadness can only come from being upset by those you love

  7. opinions -you can have them as long as I agree with them!

  8. Sometimes work trumps time on forums

  9. So close to reality replacing theory

  10. I will not be discussing my contract until the end of Season 8!

  11. You really learn a lot about people from their reactions when you make them wait for something!

  12. I'd like to thank you all for this high honour!

  13. Jealous of those discussing attending taping reports. Come on Australian Big Bang episode!

  14. To be spoiled or not be spoiled in Season 8, that is the question!

  15. Can't wait for Season 8 to start so we can actually start talking about Season 8 on Season 8 threads!

  16. Happy birthday to my very own, real life Penny!

  17. It's not always good for your daughter to be so much like you!

  18. Not easy always being the Voice of Reason!

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