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  1. LOL 3ku11, argue with my opinions and analysis as much as you want but don't mess with my Sheldon Cooperesque memory! Anyway, looking forward to the first challenge to Lenny's happiness in Season 8. Will it be family, Sheldon, work, self inflicted living together issues, or simply a disagreement about why Penny cut her hair short?
  2. Now back to Leonard and Penny Season 8 Spoilers.......
  3. Australian gamblers happy. Online betting site promised to put $50 into accounts if Australia scored in World Cup! And we are ahead of Spain on goal difference! Good luck to England - now we have Ashes back you can start winning in football again. Just stay away from penalty shoot outs! And Tonstar, I think we are allowed to type the word SEX on this forum!
  4. Howard and Bernadette were married there in season 5 finale. Leonard, Penny, Raj and Sheldon were the co celebrants. They got it photographed by the Google Earth satellite. Pretty big event. Surprised you didn't see it or recall it.
  5. Done in one ep? Oh no, six months of complaints about lack of continuity, poor story arc development, ignoring canon, is too much to handle. Please writers, do it justice! (sarcasm sign displayed!)
  6. Might have forgotten a little wedding that took place up there, 3ku11!
  7. Needs to get me one of those sarcasm ( or euphemism ) signs!
  8. Agree, phanta. No abandonment. The phone call in the final scene is in character with his first response to waking up from his drunk night with geology - where's Amy, need to ring Amy to apologise for his actions - and his need to find her when she goes missing after the girls went wedding shopping without her in season 5. He needs time to work out his issues and needs to do it alone but Amy is still in the forefront of his thoughts to be contacting her to let her know what's happening. In other posts I've stressed how the importance of Lenny to him was played out in the finale but the finale subtly rammed home how important Amy is too. His comment to Stuart, "My girlfriend is so in love with me she wants to move in with me" is a huge recognition of the depth of feeling in this relationship. His reaction in the apartment to her suggesting it yet again may have sounded fierce but on another level, the mere sarcastic mention of engagement and settling down in a house suggests it is playing with his mind. Amy's whacking of Leonard is not a sign of Amy feeling abandoned by Sheldon but a display of how much she is missing him even knowing he is coming back to her, much like Penny and Sheldon missing Leonard knowing he was coming back from the North Sea. So Season 8 can't skip over this too briefly. While there's no reason for us to think he needs to crawl back and apologise, I'm hoping for real discussion about the relationship. Whether on his voyage of personal discovery, Sheldon talks to strangers Forrest Gump style about his Amy in the early episodes or he returns quickly to open up to Amy one on one, the emotional explosion of that final discussion before leaving and the "malarkey" from the psychic can't be swept under the carpet. Shamy have had serious conversations before. They need one early in Season 8.
  9. Yeah, now that they are so in love and engaged, they should always be together on the couch cuddled up or snuggled close on Leonard's chair ( when not eating of course). The I can't stop touching you of Season 3 should return. Annoyed me when they returned from funeral after such a loving day together they were at opposite ends of room watching Star Wars. They could have been sitting on the couch bonding over Jar Jar Binks! Also in the finale after their romantic engaged couple meal, the next scene they are on the couch alone but Penny's just playing on her phone. At least open with cuddling. Come on writers, they're newly engaged and unreservedly in love. Bring back touchy feely hug and kiss.
  10. Interesting results. Surprised how easily Scavenger won over Proton. The both ranked evenly in polls for their individual episode threads. Out and out comedy won over story development. Love Romance Resonance for Howard's song even more than Penny's box. 4 votes in it.
  11. Howard could put his engineering skills to use and rig up some scaffolding with bench seats in the lift to accommodate more guests! Then the wedding could start with Sheldon knocking thrice on Penny's door, heralding Wyatt to bring her out as Bernie and Amy walk up the stairs with Raj and Howard as the bridal party, Penny's vows start with a chorus of Hi followed by her famous accidental I love you announcement. Leonard then stares across the hallway, reminiscing on his computer software analogy and our babies will be smart and beautiful, rubs her arms and shoulders, and announces he's finally catching a break. The crowd then leaves the seats in the lift, Howard raises the scaffold and the newlyweds descend down the lift kissing a la the lift dream scene from Nerdvana.
  12. In Mondays newspaper trivia quiz, one of the questions was name the Austrian scientist famous for his experiment with a cat. The whole table in the staff room answered in unison " Schrodinger!" Never have so many below average trivia players on staff known an obscure question so confidently. Aah Big Bang you teach us so much!
  13. I'd be disappointed if Leonard got jealous of Penny career advancement, even if he eventually accepts it. She was very willing to accept his Hawking trip without a gripe.
  14. It will be a challenge for the writers. There were some great examples of using all of the characters in a single plot that ended up being some of the most popular and well received episodes. Thanksgiving and Christmas stories involved everyone in the same building interacting with different groupings without having spinoff plots. Proton death episode, which was my favourite episode in terms of writing, had a good spread of the characters doing something meaningful with interrelated stories and the scenes were relatively lengthy and well developed. As Nograv has said, Scavenger worked despite the constant jumps from character pair to character pair, but again it worked because it was based around a single story. It was when we had C plots like Bernie needs to fix Howie's comic, Raj/Stuart at the mall and Bert and Amy or Anything can happen when they jumped between locations too quickly and were skits as nograv mentions, that the stories seemed rushed for 19-20 minutes. Emily isn't another character to fit in if she just becomes part of the others' stories that are already happening. She's an extra girl at Girls Night, bringing in new issues to an existing plot device. She's an extra person eating around the coffee table in group chat scenes ( yes, getting crowded and an extra voice to throw in another one liner, I admit). She's just the latest added on to the Raj without the guys scenes, although again some of these scenes have been C plots that have not worked for me. So I suppose in some cases she won't create extra stories but does represent a challenge if the writers want to build up their relationship too quickly. Bernie was a slow build in Season 3, became more visible in Season 4, then an established main character by end of 4 into 5 with the engagement. Amy became important more quickly. SO if Emily is going to become a regular presence I hope its a slow build like Bernadette rather than a big inclusion like Amy. That will give time for Raj to still work in with the boys and the main Shamy and Lenny plots to continue without too much rushed Remily development. Interesting to see how the writers do it.
  15. It's not always good for your daughter to be so much like you!

  16. Eloping as an ultimate reaction to the problems that arise from wedding plans is a real option late in season 8 ( a logical low key action in character with their relationship) but the writers can't have it happening over the summer. It's too big an event to resolve it off screen during the hiatus. It's one of the two big plots of the new season.
  17. This relationship development is going to be very interesting in Season 8, especially following on from the final story arc of Season 7. With the 'status quo' combusting, how the writers bring in changes to how Sheldon and Penny deal with each other with the new dynamic of engaged Lenny and depowered apartment overlord is going to be a challenge. Some of the most iconic BBT situations have revolved around these two; the Penny knock knock knock x 3, the Soft Kitty solution, the wifi password change (long gone though), the surrogate mother relationship and the derogatory disparaging insults of the genius towards the dumb blond. With the inevitable living arrangement change, does the Penny knock continue, especially if Amy eventually moves in and replaces the need to seek out Penny's advice? With Penny's acknowledgement in the finale that he is a grown man that we need to let go, the surrogate mother appears to be moving on as a role. Does this eliminate scenes where she has to baby him and end Potential Soft Kitty situations ( I know it's been a while since the last song but I'm talking more about the situations it's used in)? While the train station scene seemed to pay tribute to the mother identity, the last few episodes saw the writers developing the idea of her as a friend who gave advice he actually listened to, despite still being an insulting asshole in between. This is not a new dynamic of course. Regardless of his disrespect for her perceived lack of intelligence, Sheldon has spent a lot of time in the doorway, in her apartment, on the stairs, at the CCF bar and in the laundry seeking Penny's advice and opinion. But the end of Season 7 seemed to make this advice seeking a little more mature and real. Does Season 8 make their relationship a little more respectful and serious, with less insulting from Sheldon or more fighting back from Penny or does it continue unchanged, flying in the face of the status quo change theme? Will the writers maintain the stronger,smarter, less emotional Penny in Season 8 and force Sheldon to start accepting and respecting her 'different' intelligence or will he continue to inappropriately reference Penny traits that no longer exist? Will the power struggle over who controls Leonard ( a Sheldon perception that starts crumbling in the finale) continue to be a theme? I'm looking forward to how the new Penny and Sheldon relationship dynamic pans out in Season 8.
  18. Maybe she closed it off after finding Howard loitering on it!
  19. Rik Mayall - taking offensive comedy to new levels of greatness - offending both Jews and Christians with a single autobiography subtitle We lost a legend of Comedy today. Rik Mayall 1958 - 2014 Post your memories here. Ode to Cliff Richard by Rick of the Young Ones Oh Cliff Sometimes it must be difficult not to feel as if You really are a cliff when fascists keep trying to push you over it! Are they the lemmings Or are you, Cliff? Or are you, Cliff? Neil: Wow... that was really pretty bad, Rick Rick: Bad for society when the kids start to get into it! Ode to Rik Mayall by Itwasdestined of the Big Bang Forum (apologies in advance) Oh Rik Sometimes it was difficult not to be a "dick" It really was your trick You made the fascists feel quite sick Are we now lost Or are you, Rik? Or are you, Rik? Neil: Wow... that was really pretty bad, Itwasdestined! Itwasdestined: Bad for society when the kids forget who Rik was!
  20. sECUREij, Im finding it difficult to reconcile your opening post as the creator of this thread, in which you put forward 2 coherent, plausible possible scenarios (and one delusional Shenny plot) for the beginning of Season 8, which generated some interesting discussion amongst forum members with how this thread has now degenerated into you expressing an absolute hatred for everything about the show. Explain. Were you setting up for a conflict or are you just reacting to people forcefully disagreeing with your opinion?
  21. That's what I have loved about their portrayal this season. During the year I've read many complaints about how their story had been ignored or was boring and I've never agreed with that sentiment. Their relationship has just been on the slow burner all year, sometimes in the background, sometimes up front, sometimes dramatic, sometimes just beautiful. And every dramatic, stressful moment has been followed by a resolution. I've loved the simple decision to stay "at home" to be alone on Valentines Day instead of going on a big tip with the others. I've loved the little personal aside comment on Thanksgiving about 'next time I get married it will be for love' and the gentle kiss and touch. Obviously the box of mementoes was great as you mentioned. Penny's calm "I'm not breaking up with you" and her calm " it just wasn't the right time" at the funeral were as you say, quiet and dignified. The mature way they were able to address some serious topics they hadn't discussed before in front of the others at the Murder Mystery was a turning point too. And then to balance out the understated were their big moments that were still so private and meaningful. - the hallway scene - the funeral talk - the pre proposal bar scene - the final proposal - the car scene - the first wedding plans discussion -the farewell to Sheldon Even their fights were far more mature and controlled than their earlier battles in earlier seasons. I really thought their relationship was well written this year and hope they maintain that in Season 8 with or without the challenges they're going to face. And yes Shamy's serious discussions have had a quiet dignity to them as well in previous seasons. They were too aggro this year and I hope they readdress that next season.
  22. What Penny brings to the relationship.....this has been debated many times. My first post as a member of this forum was part of this debate. I agree with you that there are no 'equal' relationships in the show, to be honest, there probably aren't in life. With Penny, it's more about the sum total of her contributions to Leonard's growth over the duration of the whole show, rather than what she brings now. This sounds mushy for a 48 year old male, but love is an intangible quality that can't be quantified by how much each person brings to a relationship. Leonard contributes more to the superficial, material part of Lenny. What Penny brings to it - the love his mother never gave him, the sweet acceptance of his goodness early in the series, yeah for a long time, sex, quite possibly a sense of responsibility for someone who needs him to lean on, someone who has given him guidance and confidence in growing up in the social world - is a bit harder to measure in terms of an equality statement. Whoa 3ku11, not a good statement to support your argument. I don't think it is at all obvious to Penny and Leonard that they could do better. The whole premise of their relationship is realising what they have had in other relationships is not better than each other. Leonard has had several options with attractive, smart, successful women but Penny is what's best for him. Penny has had years of shallow relationships with attractive, athletic men but learned to realise that what Leonard offered was the best. Your statement makes it sound like they have 'settled' for each other, an argument many anti-Lennies present. They haven't settled - they've finally realised they are the best. In maintaining some semblance to sticking to topic on this thread - the Season 8 Wish List - I wish that Season 8 actually explores further why they love each other, obviously without turning a great sitcom into a soppy soap opera. They've spent more time telling their friends why they love each other over the years than actually telling each other. I'd like to see if the writers can actually make that happen in a funny way.
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