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  1. And if I recall correctly , his response there was to quote Peter Parker from Spiderman, not give her a genuine response. And she took it as good enough.
  2. I sort of agree with you Tensor but sit more with Chiany. While each of those instances did come from an Amy action, I have a sense that they were more subtle than her too direct push for moving in with him. As Chiany says, Amy expresses how she feels and then I think he still makes the call on what option he has. He could have easily gone back out to the group in the D&D episode as Amy suggested but he decided to pursue the role play. She subtly manipulated the situation by going out with Stuart but he still chased her to the cinema and drew up the Relationship agreement. (I know they also had a big conversation but I can't recall the gist of it). Yes she expressed her disappointment at how things were going and said she deserved romance on the train but she didn't outright say I need you to kiss me - he made that call. She had some influence in those situations but he made the final move. The moving in idea is where she is trying too hard and that is why its backfiring. She is firmly putting that out there as something she wants rather than mutually exploring it. In the Season 6 episode when Leonard moves in with Penny temporarily, she goes too hard with the phone message and the moving her stuff in. In the Table episode, she has him on side until she throws the moving in idea in. And she should have known he was too angry to bring it up in the finale. She has to work out how to get this idea in his head more subtly.
  3. While on the surface, the final episodes appeared to be Sheldon centric, I am of the belief that Leonard and Penny were very important to the story line. In a way, much to the disgust of Shamy fans, the writers reignited the importance of the bond between the 3 main characters, which has been there since Episode 1, as they lessened Amy's role a little. Penny's career crisis began earlier than Sheldon's and it was quite central to the second half of the season. It got better as Sheldon's became worse. In a way Season 7 was about the careers of Penny and Sheldon, with Leonard around for both of them and Penny and Sheldon awkwardly supporting each other in their own way, Sheldon with his 'we're dreamers' line and Penny with her early morning speech, don't rush advice ( advice that was central to her own relationship with Leonard), the Psychic visit and her final ' we need to let him go' decision.All the while Leonard was supporting all the way, without being the centre of attention himself. The final episode was the crunch episode that has Penny and Leonard putting each other as number one priority - goodbye Sheldon, get out Amy, walking Hand in Hand as that special couple they are in this show, made all the more obvious with their increasing scenes away from the group, and several discussions by the group being centred on their relationship. So I think it wasn't and isn't just the Sheldon Show. It was and still is the Sheldon, Penny and Leonard show. And with the engagement now settled, I think Season 8 will continue with Lenny front and centre for a long time with obviously Sheldon's solutions to his multiple crises, including Amy, of major importance as well. Everything Sheldon does in the show stands out more than everyone else -because of his persona and Jim's performance - but I really think season 7 was more about Penny and Leonard than it is given credit for.
  4. I think it has to come from Sheldon himself. When he makes the decision for change, things go OK. He made the move for official boyfriend/girlfriend status after the Stuart intervention. He made the decision to continue the D & D move. the SIK appears to have brought on the kissing on Date night decision. He needs to be in control of his life choices, which is why he finishes Season 7 in such turmoil - he's lost control of his life. The only thing he thinks he still controls in the end is his relationship with Amy. When Amy pushes for change, he resists. Amy needs to recognise this. Yes, she needs to get him to show respect but with strong statements like she used to, not with the needy demands that became familiar in Season 7 . Push for respect you deserve, Amy, but allow him to make the big relationship decisions and the relationship may progress better.
  5. Leonard gets tenure, Howard is re -employed by NASA to build a new probe for their latest space mission, Raj as an astrophysicist is invited to work on the project, Bernadette is involved in a team that develops a major drug program, Amy's work in neuroscience is given major recognition, Penny finally gets a major breakthrough role, and with financial backing from his silent partner (Mrs Wolowitz), Stuart reopens a new and improved Comic Book store that outshines his rival Jesse. Meanwhile Sheldon continues to beat his head up against a brick wall with string theory and can't handle that he is the only one of the group (not counting Emily yet - too soon) who is not succeeding. But instead of sooking like the Big Bad Baby of previous seasons, he sucks it up, goes into overdrive and by season's end is on the verge of a major breakthrough - Season 8 cliffhanger not involving trip away or relationship drama. There 3ku11, something outside the predictable Lenny and Shamy theories..........and none of it will happen!!
  6. In Australia, September is Football Finals month. A lot of husbands/wives need consoling when their teams lose. My son was born in June, 9 months to the day my team lost a preliminary final the previous year!
  7. Not easy always being the Voice of Reason!

  8. True. Seen that in other family members' weddings. But for me, any problems with the families will just drive Leonard and Penny to get a quick marriage without them and move on. In 160 episodes we've had 2 visits from Leonard's mum, a few Skype calls, a visit from Wyatt and a phone call to Penny's mum. Other than a few references to Penny's brother's "questionable life" on top of this, their families haven't played a massive part in the story of this show. Penny is strong enough now to resist the psycho analysis that Beverly threw at her during their first encounter. She knows she can always get her drunk at the wedding. Penny's mum is an unknown but Wyatt's desire for this to work should help. It will be good for a couple of episodes but I don't think it will cause doubts in Lenny's minds.
  9. I suppose it depends on your definition of insecurities. Yes as a sitcom they are going to milk the "weddings are stressful" concept ( one i didn't experience myself in planning mine - most stressful thing was hiding the fact I would sing to my wife as she came down the aisle - so its probably why I don't see it as an issue to cause problems) and this will cause drama and the odd conflict to build the wedding plan plot. But any issue that arose in my wedding plans didn't lead to insecurities about our decision or relationship - just discussions about whether we really needed bombonieres or that extra table of her mum's Maltese friends! So Penny and Leonard can have all of those conflict resolution discussions without "second guessing" What I can't accept returning in Season 8 is the series long tension of Penny and Leonard being insecure about this relationship. Am I smart enough? Am I manly enough? Am I ready? Do we have enough in common? Can we accept our different interests? Will she dump me again? Will he dump me for that smart pretty girl? Will my mother accept her? Will our careers affect our relationship? Can we handle separation? Can I commit? Is this love? What about kids? All of these questions have been answered or openly discussed by the time the engagement finally became a reality. Unlike Howard and Bernadette, whose secrets ( the prenup, the motherhood doubts, the creepy sexual past) didn't come up until they started planning the wedding, there is nothing Penny and Leonard haven't told each other about their lives over their 7 year friendship/romance/friendship/romance. There are no doubts about their fidelity. All of Leonard's sexual encounters came after Penny was seen as unavailable and Zac was never a serious replacement. During their romantic relationships, the Guitarist, the English Study Partner and Alex were never threats. So yeah, if Season 8 still has Lenny story lines of regrets and insecurities a la seasons 1-7, I'm going after the writers! Wedding planning can be funny without being stressful and angst filled! This I think will be the biggest issue for them to deal with. Leonard has always had to share his living space and was generally happy to talk with or hang out with Sheldon or the other guys. Penny on the other hand has consistently stated her preference for alone time in her place throughout the series, although especially in late Season 7, alone time has become Lenny alone time. The difference now is that she will have no option to escape for alone time if the need arises. Living with Leonard means no escaping to solitude. So I don't mind this being a major theme in the Season 8 Lenny plot ( but I still don't see it as a regret/insecurity issue ). Getting used to the concept over the whole season will be fun to watch and with Sheldon still across the hall, Leonard can go over there while she has Girls Night.
  10. I don't want it to actually eventuate but could be a group discussion during a takeout on the couch night about possible wedding plans just for sarcastic laughs. I'm still looking forward to the possibility of the secret wedding in private in 4B to avoid their "Can't catch a break" history of the rest of the gang interrupting or stuffing up their plans. Penny's apartment is the only place anything good has happened with them.
  11. I'll join the "I hate the writers" club on this forum if regrets and insecurities eventuate in Season 8. The whole of Seasons 6-7 were dedicated to eradicating those feelings. Let there be happy times ahead in season 8 for Lenny - the arduous journey from "Hi! ....Hi!....Hi!" to "Oh my god, Yes!!" Is over. And sECUREij, if you're going try to argue against Leonard and Penny, you might want to go beyond Season 1- 3 examples to prove regression. Drunk sex acceptance has been replaced by rejection of drunk proposal and a determination to ensure Penny is ready that started with the Valentines discussion. You may want to update your DVD collection if you're still interested. Every other hole in your argument has already been addressed by others so I won't continue.
  12. Nah, Leonard knows that him knowing Klingon is seen by Penny as a regret! More likely a Star Wars theme for the wedding since she can no longer hide her secret love of all things Star Wars! Maybe Bernie and Amy can make the wedding cake after the Death Star effort! Catering by Admiral Ackbar's Snack Bar courtesy of Raj and Sheldon's good friend James Earl Jones could MC the reception! Penny could easily pull off the Princess Leia look - Leia looked good in white and Penny had that Leia hair look in the episode when she borrowed money from Sheldon. Leonard could cut the cake with his light sabre. Possibility?? nah but fun to think about! And would be the ultimate compromise by Penny to show how much she loves Leonard!
  13. And friendships for people with superiority complexes is not easy. You can have lots of positive relationships, have lots of people who rely on you for support, be respected for your talents but having them as actual friends can still be a challenge if you don't know how to relate as equals. It's not easy being a Sheldon!
  14. If it happens, it would be better if it happened while they were still room mates. More comedic conflict on the home front and maybe a catalyst for the final Leonard move out of 4A. I think it's a big long shot though. Tenure more likely event, and considering the relationship Sheldon has with Caltech and Raj's complete lack of on screen work since his team up with Sheldon way back in S3' he has to be the front runner. Unless the writers go for Kripke just to really tick off Sheldon!
  15. I'm with you on this SRAM and I think a lot of forum posters especially the Lenny shippers and Amy centric Shamies agree with your last statement. Sheldon has become a bit of a polarising force for the overly analytical members of this community and there seems to be a desire to tone down his character. But to the majority, more casual viewer of Big Bang outside of this Group and other forums,who laugh at every inappropriate thing he does, Sheldon is seen as the centre of the show. Over the last few weeks, I've been talking to a lot of friends and family about the show and all I get is "Sheldon's so funny!" "I love Sheldon!" "What's going to happen to Sheldon this week!" "Oh my God, Sheldon's leaving?!?" interspersed with the occasional " about time Leonard and Penny got engaged....but how's Sheldon gonna handle that?" While Season 8 is going to have a lot of Lenny moments I think the finale has still set up Season 8 to be Sheldon centric, at least early on.
  16. Nice dream but I don't think any double date on Big Bang has occurred without some tension or smart arse humour. Howardette/Lenny dates have had the psychic fight and the dishwasher/Valentines day proposal issues ( although the matchmaking first date was a success after a very bumpy start) , Howardette/Shamy have had Eric the train guy and Howardette/Remily had the whole Howard toilet problem. It would be a good test of new improved Sheldon 2.0 to have the two polar opposite main couples out together for dinner though, just to see how much better than Penny's chaperoning of Shamys first date it could be. But there has to be jokes - it's a sit com- and tbh I can see it degenerating into a conversation about Season 8 living arrangements.
  17. I don't mind them doing that for a while when he comes back, just for the comedy possibilities but at a certain point,for the good of their own relationship, they have to make a break from Sheldon. Married couples don't split their time between friends apartments. I would like Penny to work on a butt imprint on the reverse side of the "spot" cushion while he's away and then one of the compromises in the TEMPORARY room mate agreement is that she gets the spot one day a week. A bit of a variation on Sheldon's deluded plan in the finale of giving Penny a one day a week living there trial. As for the table, I don't think it needs to return. Leonard and Penny looked very comfortable eating alone at the 4A kitchen servery when Leonard cooked for them in the final ep. That can be their alone time spot like when they eat at the little table at Penny's place. The couch area can still be the communal eating area, with maybe Sheldon buying some more furniture ( as a sign of being sorry for the grief he has given to everyone ) so Raj ( and Emily?) finally has a permanent place to sit. And He gets Lenny their own snuggle couch!
  18. Would love this to be the case but...it's the Sheldon/Leonard/Penny show, so.... the writers just won't keep him away from them. Hopefully they'll at least change the power dynamic to Lenny over Sheldon instead of Sheldon the boss.
  19. Love it. "can't catch a break" the BBT version of Charlie Browns "Good Grief!" And Carlos, it BBT not B&B ( Bold and the Beautiful)! LOL
  20. It would be nice for the Shamy storyline but he's a theoretical physicist and she's a neuroscientist. Their special fields are just too different for me to see this happening.
  21. Tonstar and Mislav, I think the point of this whole argument is that the writers of BBT deliberately throw in scenes or episodes that challenge the viewers take on the OVERALL personality of the characters. Leonard is the nice guy in this friendship who puts up with a lot of crap. But there have been episodes or scenes when he's been selfish, insulting, mean towards Sheldon as well. Penny is this this friendly accepting girl who has taken this rat bag group of nerdy misfits (Amy included) under her wing to develop their social skills but at times this gets hard and she becomes a bit of a "bitch". Sheldon's character flaw has more potential for overkill than the others and so it is written that way. In nearly every instance ( and there have been many throughout the series) when he shows true friendship or affection towards any character the writers have to throw in a contradictory action or statement to counter the 'normal' behaviour he exhibits. As Tonstar says ' my opinion, your opinion' and many unresolved arguments are thrashed out on this forum as should happen when differing opinions are expressed but I tend to overlook the extra line added that keeps Sheldon Sheldon and believe the normal stuff he attempts are real. This is a solid, real friendship. -'don't hurt my friend' to me was real. -The hug was real. -The standing by Leonard in his three confrontations with Kurt despite his misgivings and complete lack of ability to do anything meaningful was real. -His concern for Leonard after the drunk proposal despite the kick me sign was real. -His genuine blessing of the engagement to Leonard's mother was real. -The fact he admitted he broke Leonard's Star Trek transporter despite all the 'and that's a lie' quips was real. -the missing Leonard while he was gone was real -The effort he goes to in order to get Leonard back when they've had their big fights, regardless of whether many on this forum believe it's for selfish reasons, shows this friendship is real. And I could quote good and bad instances for his friendships with all the other characters too but this thread is about Leonard and Sheldon so I won't. The point is the show's main premise from episode 1 is the Sheldon-Leonard friendship (along the Leonard-Penny love story) but in that we have a unique individual who is learning how to be a friend. He regresses often because of his massive ego and deep social issues ( and the writers' predisposition to go too far at times) but deep down this is a special friendship.
  22. What do we mean when we say any development in Penny's career will test the engagement? Just that it will need to be postponed until the job is done or do people still think this relationship can be rocked by: a part becoming more important to her than Leonard; Leonard getting insecure or jealous because she has to get close to a male lead Penny actually gets attracted to the male lead It makes Leonard and Penny have to make that decision that was discussed in the murder mystery episode? I personally don't think this relationship can be tested any more. Leonard's 3 month Hawking trip had absolute zero impact and they're way more secure now. And once we got past that initial season 6 Penny doubt, we've virtually gone 2 full seasons with this relationship being solid and without doubt ( the drunk proposal double episode had about 5 minutes of uncertainty in them) Having said that, I hope she does get a real breakthrough that inadvertently interrupts the timing of the wedding a la Howard's space trip, not that I want an identical plot. It will just be a reason to extend the wait for the wedding, give Penny a chance to succeed, for family and friends to gain a sense of pride in her and for Leonard to be over the moon about the love of his life finally achieving her ambition. For once, a positive take on the "can't catch a break" interruption scenario.
  23. It's clear from the name and the flurry of posts added as a new member in recent days in support of the old days that First3Seasons yearns for the original plot. Having said that, 3ku11, despite the progress and change of direction of the latter seasons, I don't see anything wrong with wanting the 4 guys to still act out their nerdy roots. Season 7 has still allowed that to happen, too so I don't think it's going away just because the girls are influencing them. In Season 7, we've still had Star Wars Day, the obsessive pursuit of booking ComicCon tickets, Howard's tribute to Nerdvana in the Bernadette song, Bernie's need to replace the damaged comic book to keep Howie happy, Sheldon's train obsession, the geek culture references in the Scavenger Hunt clues and the devastation over Amy's dismantling of the Raiders plot as examples that their Nerdy Behaviour is still well and truly alive. I think the show can still mature while still maintaining a healthy mix of the nerdy stuff from the early days. Just not as much as the purists like First3Seasons want!
  24. Up til then I would agree with you, SRAM but it's pretty clear from the last few episodes of season 7 that the insecurity is completely gone. Since he declared his full support for the bravery of her decision to quit her waitress job and pursue acting, he has been able to have mature discussions with Penny and shown no fear of what he says to her. He stuck to his convictions about career in the murder mystery discussion, stirs her relentlessly in Proton, takes control of situations like the car gift, is not afraid to knock back her final proposal, pushing her to convince him she's ready and has the balls to criticise her cooking in the last episode. Both of them are absolutely secure in this relationship now and it would make absolutely no sense now for the writers to throw in any insecurity plots in season 8 after the way they have built the Lenny relationship by the end of season 7.
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