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  1. Leonard getting tenure over Sheldon would be a good test of the new improved Sheldon 2.0 allegedly coming to a screen near you in Season 8. His reaction either shows the sincerity of his change or an excuse to go back to being an ass. On the Lenny front it either provides the security for all future decisions re: marriage, living arrangements and "family planning" OR one of those annoying but ultimately harmless tension builders for Penny's career as an actor, with her being restricted to travel elsewhere because Leonard is entrenched in his job. This harks back to that discussion they had during the murder mystery.
  2. That was more myth/legend than astrophysics but at least he mentioned stars instead of his pathetic love life! Shamy can barely get to cushion talk!
  3. Well they're not going to go for less romance. The Lenny engagement, possible Raj/Emily relationship and some resolution with the Shamy is clearly going to be front and centre. I would like the relationships to revolve around the science backgrounds inherent in them though. What is the last astrophysics thing Raj has done in this show? Any one? Would be great to see him showing off his latest work to Emily and then getting the same reaction as the Lenny I forgot how smart you are episode. And as Lenny become more supportive of each other, Penny can visit Caltech more often to see Leonard at work, since that is the place that truly sparked her recognition of love. Maybe in the spirit of Howard's I'll fated microscopic Valentines gift, Leonard could get some laser hologram thingy incorporated into the wedding - that hologram galaxy really did turn Penny on. I'd love to SEE Bernie at work - we hear about it but never see it - a la Amy and her monkeys and brains. Howard doesn't have to go into space for him to be involved in the space program. And if Sheldon is coming back changed , we need to see him re engaged with his work at his old frenetic level. They've managed to get good humour throughout the seven seasons from science so I can't see why it can't be cranked up to its former levels again while still keeping the love going. And we do still dream of the return of Lenny pillow talk!
  4. Syfy channel manages to resurrect Alphas and Firefly, Penny gets small parts in both and earns Sheldon's undying gratitude. From there she gets a role in Star Wars and yet another Star Trek reboot and Sheldon gives her Apartment 4A after losing a bet. "Well played, Penny!"
  5. I wish for more episodes with everyone involved in the same story. They were the best ones this season. More coherent and no need for scraping the barrel for something for the minors to do. Yes I'm looking at you, Bert and Raj and Stuart at the mall! I wish for outside the comfort zone plots. The girls embrace the geeky side of the boys a la D&D episode. The boys are fish out of water at something the girls want to do. I wish for resolution to the Shamy debacle, at least for peace and good will to all men and women on this forum!
  6. Agree. No babies til the end of series. Babies is a "jump the shark" event. It's taken 7 years to get engaged. No rushed pregnancy. Solving how to balance girly with nerdy in 4B, solving how to deal with Sheldon, solving how to balance family with friends in a wedding, advancing both Leonard and Penny's careers ( whatever hers may be), solving the answer to "catching a break" ( will we ever be left alone?). Plenty to do without babies.
  7. Emily is only a "Season 1" incarnation. Like Bernie in season 3 and Amy in Season 4, if the writers want her to stay in show long term, some of the weird quirks from her early appearances can just "disappear" ( Bernadette got a complete new voice, Amy no longer has that awkward obsession with Penny). I hope she stays- Raj is a far better character happy than pathetic. I think I'm happy for Leonard to move in with Penny in her apartment and have plots revolving around how Leonard can get some geeky influence into her place. She has always been quite possessive of her space so it could be interesting how she copes with Nerdvana claiming some of her space. I want to hold off a Howardette baby for season 8. With 10 seasons guaranteed, that's too long for a 'jump the shark' baby to be in the show. Only problem is that they've been married now for two seasons - what do they do as a married couple for another 3? Unless they go down the career storyline path for the two. They do have the two most practical jobs out of everyone so maybe they could be involved in some interesting projects that can impact on their married life. Shamy? I want them to go back to having fun in quirky ways as kindred spirits. Fun with flags and counter factuals cracked me up. It might get me kicked out of the forum but I'd prefer to see an end to the uncomfortable romance in the quest for SIK 3.0 and second base and see them just enjoying each other's company again as friends. It might be too similar to the Lenny reboot plot but I'm a bit over the mutual whining between them over the seriousness of their relationship.
  8. Penny's no gold digger. She loves Leonard no question and is marrying him for all the right reasons. She is not doing it to leech off Leonard as a stay at home. While the running joke on the show is her getting free takeout at the guys apartment, that has been toned down a lot in Season 7. I don't think the remark by Amy about it making sense to live with Leonard makes sense since she isn't working needs to be taken so seriously to imply Penny is marrying to be financially secure. That is way out of character. I don't mind Leonard being the main breadwinner as is often the case in marriages ( it is in mine ) and I don't see a problem if Penny is unemployed temporarily, just as my wife has been at times.(And yes, we have one joint account and all money is our money- she had more savings at the start of the marriage, I have the higher paying job now). But I'm sure she will want to work and make significant contributions. She's a proud woman.
  9. Nah, I'm with Daisy Jane. I want to maintain the independent girl from the first seasons, the one that felt really guilty about owing Sheldon money, the one that got the help from Leonard to budget more efficiently, the one who used candles to compensate for electricity rather than get help paying her bill, the one who refused to take the $11 back from Leonard eve though that was the last $11 she had, the one who brought home leftovers from the Cheesecake factory all week instead of freeloading off the boy's takeout order. Yes I know she is also the one who has spent the last 7 years freeloading off the boys' takeout order, let the girls pay for her high tea and drinks and admitted to never paying for a meal "with money". And yes, Leonard did buy her a car, but that was a necessary support at the time and symbolic of his desire to give back to her. But despite all that, Penny wants to be self sufficient and I'm sure she is going to try really hard to make sure she can contribute financially to this relationship. And if she wants shoes, she can convince the shop to accept her Texaco card!
  10. I have a different opinion on that, Tonstar. Leonard was still pretty immature emotionally after the breakup and while it hurt him deeply during end of Season 3 up until hooking up with Priya, I think it was still too much about sex - Plimpton and Mrs Latham was desperate sex, each time he tried to hook up with Penny it was about sex and making out rather than their deep bond (Love Car, Boyfriend Complexity, "friends who have sex" in the Sheldon goes to Disneyland episode, season 3 finale), initially I think Priya was a sex thing as well since she initiated it. To be honest, anyone who offered he took the offer. So I don't think he was ready to REALLY reunite with Penny until he really thought it through - which was the whole point of the Recombination I guess. Its not that he gave up on her, he just didn't want the repeat of Lenny 1.0, which I've said before was more lust rather than love (hence the constant Season 3 pillow talk scenes we all miss!) As for Penny, she was an absolute emotional wreck throughout much of Season 4 and the Plimpton/Latham/Priya events rocked her big time. She already had doubts, even though she knew she had feelings - Justice League was sad and so was the "Goodbye Leonard", snowflake reflection and Raj admission during the Priya era. She needed Leonard to take action to know he still loved her before she could even think about going down that path. Plus the whole discussion about Alice vs Priya wouldn't have given her any great confidence in Leonard's commitment levels or maturity. And it was only 5 episodes between the Priya breakup and their reuniting, with the 'not a date' episode in between ( and she threw out a bit of a hint at him in that anyway with her take control Leonard comment) so I don't think she had much time to make a move before he did anyway I think the writers got the timing with the whole Lenny relationship pretty much spot on from Season 1 to 7. Season 1 - testing the waters Season 2 - recognising the true feelings Season 3 - Lenny 1.0 - good effort but we are not ready for a true commitment, either of us. Season 4 - Is there someone else for us or do we truly belong with each other. Penny realises her mistake. Leonard still happy with sex from anyone ( a little harsh I know but.....) Season 5 - Lenny 2.0 - lets do it right this time Season 6 - Settling the issue - yes we do love each other Season 7- Let's just make sure before we finally commit - yes lets get married. For the characters they both are, with all their insecurities and immaturity, I think they got it right.
  11. Yeah the first episode should open with them in bed in the morning, having breakfast, safe in the knowledge that HE won't be barging in on them anytime soon and end with them saying goodnight . Episode 2 then will probably open the same way until we hear a key opening the front door. There's your one of each minimum, nograv. Realistically, it will probably play out like the getting ready for bed scenes over at Howardette's place. That appears to be the BBT married couple standard. Although because Lenny are more central to the show, the cameras may linger longer in their bedroom than Casa Wolowitz. Actually change of plan. we will go with this instead!
  12. Tonstar, I'm not saying anyone here said Penny was sex crazed. On the contrary, everyone here seems to be supporting the opposite. I'm referring to the constant characterization by Sheldon that she is.
  13. . Good point Squidley. It's interesting that in Recombination Hypothesis, it's Leonard's scenario dream that has Penny initiating the sex, like that's all she has to offer but the reality is that she is the one who wants to develop the new relationship slowly without the sex. Then when she finally decides it time to go faster, she still puts in the proviso that she doesn't want to do anything to ruin the relationship that had them in such a place. The same thought was evident after their first date in Season 2 ep 1. She wanted to take things slow because she wanted something more than sex. I think for a long time she thought Leonard only appreciated her for the sex. The S3 I love you came after sex ( although Yoda quote helped), the first proposal came during sex. When she had that S6 epiphany moment of I forgot how smart you are and that's why she loves him, she thought she had to give him sex to show him. In Raiders, sex was the solution to his sadness. But it was all about the idea that Leonard needed sex from her, not the other way around that she was the sex crazed one. That's why the toning down of the sex in the second half of Season 7 is so important to the relationship. The car gift scene is great because she doesn't know what to say and he says she doesn't have to say anything. It's like you don't have to do anything. I just want you to be happy - it doesn't have to be about me getting something back. The proposal knock backs from Leonard are important because he always stresses it's about her being happy, not him. Telling Sheldon during the living arrangements talk that he wants to give Penny the life she deserves. That's why the engagement is solid because it's no longer about the sex, which it was in Season 3 and that's why it ultimately failed back then. And Season 8 can then be about building story lines around their non sexual relationship and doing other things together. Penny accepting her interest in geek culture and Leonard finally enjoying a Nebraska football match or a Lakers game. This needs to happen to erase all doubt and make marriage a rock solid deal.
  14. One of the great perplexing questions is why , while Big Bang is considered to be an intelligent comedy, it still sinks to the same sexist level as TAAHM. It's wrong on every level to depict Penny as a slut. The double standard is ridiculous considering what's already been said about Leonard - Plimpton was almost straight after the supposedly heartbreaking split. Priya was not long after his anguished look on NYE and Love Car, Mrs Latham was just......wow and Alice he was debating while supposedly in love with Priya. Penny on the other hand - Kurt was long term, Mike was a committed relationship and Zac was a perfectly reasonable relationship during a tough time. And as soon as she found out about Dave Underhill being married she dropped the creep. Several times during Season 4 she mentioned to the girls she had not been in a relationship or had sex for months and wasn't desperate for it. So in the reality of the actual show, she is in no way a slut. So it comes down to the lazy sexist joke writing to go with the stereotype of her being the hot blonde around the nerds. Sheldon is the worst offender and can be absolutely callous in his remarks but everyone throws one liners in as insults against her, including Penny herself. In Season 7 she has been portrayed as a far more mature and smart person but Sheldon is still used way too much still to insult her with the slut inferences. Hopefully it will stop now with the engagement and the change coming. If it doesn't straight away Leonard has to finally tell Sheldon to shut the @$& up or else to send the message that enough is enough. It shouldn't be up to Penny although she shouldn't suffer in silence either. There are plenty of jokes to be written about Penny and the gang without mimicking the crap that comes out of Two and a Half Men.
  15. How could we forget Hugh? She could be in Wolverine XXXVII or Xmen reboot 12. She's already got experience as one of Sheldon's C-men. Imagine the traffic jams in Hobart if Tens of people lined up for Serial Apeist ( although I reckon Adelaide folk are more suited for that - sorry about the obscure Australian references, fellow posters). Actually her Serial Apeist exposure could get her to NZ for a Hobbit role or Lord of the Rings reboot. She looks good in fur!
  16. Yeah, except they barely do outside scenes in LA, let alone going overseas for scenes. TPTB seem to prefer the comfort of their studio sets-the effort to build that train station set rather than just tape it at the actual station is an example. As many have said, though, Lenny deserve a vacation elsewhere so who knows?
  17. That would be lovely but that's what YouTube fan videos are for. But more in character would be Leonard and Penny having some kind of lighthearted argument during which mutual "I dos" slip out accidentally then after a pause, Leonard says , "so are we married?" And Penny replies,"yeah, I think so!"
  18. As much as I would love to attend a show taping in Australia, I don't want them doing an Aussie episode if it's as insulting, stereotyped and cliched as the Modern Family crap that was dished up from 'down under'. Happy, though, for Penny to be in Thor 3 with Aussie Hemsworth as Amora or Brunhild the Valkyrie, two stunning blond Asgardians. She'd just need to send in her New Years pics dressed as Wonder Woman to convince the casting crew.
  19. Good point, dj. The key to that dream sequence is how he's going to prove what he said - "But I do appreciate them." 'Bout time you make good on that statement, Shelly, 'cos few are buying that at the moment - here or on the show! One heartfelt hug with Leonard with no smartarse followup quip aimed at Leonard is not enough to convince everyone. I'm with you @djsurrey, though, I think somewhere in that subconscious is something worth being friends with but he has a lot to make amends for in Season 8, starting with toning down the crap comments about Penny ( and to a lesser extent, Leonard) and being fair dinkum with Amy.
  20. But will that leave them enough money for the Switzerland honeymoon!
  21. The cheeky smile Penny gives Leonard when she jokes about knowing Klingon is a regret and his smile back - they were so at peace with each other in that moment "You, you stupid pop tart!" "Next time I get married, it will be for love!" "oh, Jewelry!.....oh my god Lakers tickets!" "Oh my god....Yes!" Penny spending money on rose petals! That purple nightie!! (and the real commitment to making Leonard happy -and it wasn't just sex: she gave up sports night for him too) The look on Penny's face when she realised he bought her a car and the hallway scene (would have been better if he'd told Sheldon to @#%$ ) Supporting Leonard when the Serial Apeist director attacks him ( I prefer to dismiss the split second nod to his "isn't she too hot for you" barb) Presenting herself as his Christmas gift "I do have you" ( I don't care if she was drunk...that was sincere) Walking off at the train station hand in hand The beer bottle clink and smile at the bar after getting fired when she laughs at him thinking he is 5 feet six No pillow talk but a lot of real emotional development instead. Enjoyed the season's Lenny story - understated but real.
  22. So Season 8 sees - Penny taking cooking classes and testing out her progress (or lack thereof) on her 'supportive' fiancé, - meeting regularly with her agent ( she actually does have one - she spoke to him/her on the phone in Indecision and as far back as Season 5 when she gets the call about the commercial) a la Bebe from Frasier and as mentioned Joey's Estelle, - alternate visits at Leonard's lab by her and Leonard attending auditions and hopefully tapings of her new TV show (Babylon 5 remake?!? just to annoy that other guy OR Firefly returns to gain respect from him), - shared laundry nights with Leonard ( do we finally get that make out in the Laundry room the Snugglers on Fan Forum have been waiting for? She could wear that same outfit from Amy's story about trying to make out with Sheldon in the Christmas episode) - fights and makeups over who does the housework - getting a pet ( maybe they visit Yvette the vet!) - dealing with where they live (and who near/with) and how that can eventuate - plan the wedding -pillow talks or before and after walk ins/out in dressing gowns/nighties - take on Penny's AND Leonard's families - Integrate Emily into the girls' group (maybe) - And all without any interruptions from that other guy! That should get us through Season 8 with Lenny!
  23. Based on Penny's ability to look after goldfish, I think you might have that the wrong way around!
  24. No probs, Tensor. I wasn't trying to be smart with my Lenny Rules comment either.
  25. OK. Sorry Tensor. Just replying to the comments made. Lenny Rules.
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