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  1. I think that is part of the premise of the show and his character. The battle between his ego/centre of universe personality and this never before felt sense of friendship he develops from the moment he meets Leonard who then brings the other characters into his life. Every act of friendship or love that Sheldon portrays is followed up with a sense of self importance or superiority - but he keeps having these moments. Why do I like this Leonard guy when I am so superior to him? Why do I like this Penny girl when she is so stupid and interested in physical contact? How can I love this Amy girl when I love myself so much? The Nimoy napkin Shenny hug, the Proton Shelnard hug, the SIKs, the D&D Shamy conversation are the rare occasions when he doesn't fight this feeling. Maybe the spiteful, less likable Sheldon in S7 and some of S6 is the result of the 7 years of this inner battle between his ego and his growing friendships that has his ego fighting back against his actual enjoyment of friendship and affection. And Penny and Leonard needed to separate him from everyone so he could have that battle alone. Or......... Nah. It's probably just a bunch of successful comedy writers thinking that asshole characters in sitcoms are funny, probably based on the fact increased ratings are telling them that. We really do think too much don't we?
  2. Agreed. I think we are cherry picking bastard Sheldon moments that really stand out rather than assessing his overall character. I hate his sex related insults towards Penny, his I don't give a shit about you innuendo towards Amy and his you are so inferior crap to Leonard ( although to be honest, if Leonard actually fought back, that wouldn't worry me) and individual moments like the Raj castration line, the itchy sweater revenge and him winning over the table with his "sometimes the baby wins" ( not endearing to me that line) But his banter with Howard has been consistent and loved the line in Proton ep when He remarked that Howard is the last to suggest we skip the least popular. I am more positive about his friendship references like how he talked to Leonard after the proposal rejection (despite the kick me sign) and his "don't hurt my friend" bedroom conversation with Penny (despite his homeostasis wish) than Lennies have taken a negative bias towards him, his Texas and post Texas conversations with Howard were both funny and friendship building. His reactions to Missy's home birth were hilariously over the top and his interplay with Penny in the Scavenger Hunt were typically dismissive but at the same time she was given the opportunity to show she was capable of solving the puzzles as well. I don't think his overall personality is repulsive, just the crass one liners that the writers feed him. Yep. Do we really want the show to turn into I Love Lucy (hopefully enough forum members get this reference) starring Penny and Leonard, guest starring Howard and Bernadette? Season 8 opens up the chance for a Sheldon reboot, an opportunity for the writers to stop sexually insulting people, allow the main characters to take on regularly ( not just one off episodes) the Kripke/Winkle role of taking Sheldon on and seeing how the new Sheldon can cope with not being the centre of the universe. But I don't want him watered down to never being insulting or inappropriate or too openly honest. That's him. Not sure we can advocate a lessening of the Sheldon character. I doubt Jim would have got the awards playing the role of Leonard, Howard or Raj.
  3. He'd hire the girl guides from the pilot episode to get him through the security. They have had some success treating his as a dog. They could tell him to stay.
  4. If they move away he can still put on his bus pants go via the Sri Lanka district and annoy them with "Penny and Leonard knock knock knock Penny and Leonard knock knock knock Penny and Leonard knock knock knock" until they agree to come visit!
  5. And the way the finale has set up the Shelenny relationship triangle, we can't discuss Leonard and Penny future path to happiness without discussing the impact of the big dog poop in the middle of that path. Up until the finale, Sheldon was oblivious to the fact that life for Lenny without him was considered a possibility. If he accepts it in season 8, then it's smooth sailing for the happy couple and Lenny threads will be about them. If he comes back refusing to budge, then we won't be able to stop talking about him in a Lenny thread because he will be the cause of every problem they encounter.
  6. The Relationship Agreement may become a big focus early on as Sheldon tries to use its power. But as shown in the Season 4 episode when Priya rips it to pieces, Sheldon is no lawyer in the wording of this document and there are some loopholes and discrepancies to be found. Maybe in his absence, Penny and Leonard go through it with a fine toothed comb, seek legal advice and Sheldon returns to find the RA is now a burden to him. The possibility of either being engaged when it was written was just not considered and so the wording could be open to a lot of ambiguity. Could be interesting to explore.
  7. I think the show should end with the birth of the babies ( make them twins) and then a flash forward to their graduation with proud dad turning to Uncle Dr Cooper in the audience and saying " see they're not imaginary. Our babies are smart and beautiful!"
  8. Agree. Scavenger - great team comedy that was funny from start to finish Locomotive - THE big moment of the Season ( Lenny engagement expected - SIK long awaited and unlikely) and great acting by Jim and Mayim Proton - consistently brilliant writing from start to finish - great drama and emotion that was appreciated by all fan base, sweet moments, funny and great acting Surely these three quality episodes can get them over the line.
  9. The Gorilla Experiment "I can't be impossible; I exist. I think what you meant to say is "I give up; he's improbable."
  10. Yeah, I saw the keys too,Tensor. And while they looked a bit like car keys, it makes no sense she carried them all the way up in her hands from outside. Maybe it was a little sign thrown out there for fans that Amy has been given even more rights under the relationship agreement - could have come with the "in case of emergency contact Amy Farah Fowler" deal. There's been a few episodes where Penny just seems to be in the guys apartment before them and considering she was willing to give them spare keys as early as the second episode of the whole series, it's a sure bet Leonard has keys. Probably why his keys make him sound like a warden - 4 keys!!
  11. No! If your mind is going where I think it is, ours starts with 'j'. LOL.
  12. OH NO! " Its me or Sheldon. Leonard. Decide now or the engagement is over!" "Uhhmm!......" "DId you just say, Uhhmm?" The folks over at ShennyHQ are plotting their downfall as we speak.........
  13. We'll put, Cecilia. We can't have Sheldon changing too much - that would change the show too much. But getting him to understand the dynamics of his relationships can be done while he can still be an occasional jerk. As long as the others call him out on the major inappropriate insults or demands while not sweating the small stuff, allowing the acid tongue of Sheldon Cooper to live on.
  14. Yeah except that spot scene was yet another of those one off, never to be mentioned again moments these writers are famous fornever referring back to . That was end of Season 1. He's been back in that apartment countless times and never looked for that spot since that scene. That kind of canon continuity is unheard of with these writers.
  15. It's all part of the exaggerated Jewish mother/son dynamic prevalent in many sitcoms combined with general angst played out between any adult son and his mother in modern American comedies. The only healthy mother son relationships are in sitcoms that start out with the sons as children. It's pretty much the same as George Costanza and his mum, Raymond and his mum ( in Australia we had a series called Mother and Son that followed a similar dynamic. ) like everything in BBT regarding relationships between characters, it can be over the top but there is a caring relationship behind the insults. With every tasteless fat joke or complaint comes a good deed from Howard. And SRAM, I doubt Beverly would even let Leonard know, let alone expect help from him.
  16. So if the couch dynamic changes, can we expect the title sequence to go all Simpsons style and we have a different couch scene every week?
  17. But hamerman, the spot is far more than the couch and cushion, despite the fuss he made with the paintball stain. “In the winter that seat is close enough to the radiator to remain warm and yet not so close as to cause perspiration. In the summer it’s directly in the path of a cross breeze created by opening windows there and there. It faces the television at an angle that is neither direct, thus discouraging conversation, nor so far wide as to create a parallax distortion. I could go on but I think I’ve made my point.” ​He can't just move the spot to Penny's place - although he did find a suitable spot in her apartment after much investigation in Tangerine.
  18. Yeah, i think we overplay the overgrown baby deal with Sheldon, but the writers are to blame for it. He isn't consistently a big baby, just in specific episodes for comedic effect (Disneyland trip, Proton party). Autism spectrum is a touchy subject so they steer clear of it explicitly but he has been written with many traits of spectrum kids i have taught but some can be explained away with the much less taboo OCD. The extreme cleanliness fetishes, the couch spot, the routined meal days and TV viewing, Saturday night laundry are all clear obsessive routines that kill him if broken. This consistent characterisation doesn't make him a big baby, the individual scripted acts in particular episodes depict him as one but then just as often episodes can show him to be a mature, caring adult capable of meaningful discussions with his friends ( interrupted by funny one-liners necessary for the BBT style humour). Yes his tantrums are childlike in nature (the strawberry quik inspired one was a doozy) but so are my very rare ones and to be honest, any dummy spit from any adult I know could lead to baby comparisons. As for his behaviour at the train station, I found him quite calm and purposeful. He clearly articulated to Leonard his sense of being overwhelmed and the need for him to deal with his aversion to change maturely on his own. The only time he sounded slightly childish was when the writers needed jokes to cut through the drama of his adult discussion and the inner torture he was suffering from. it was similar to his adult conversations with his mother and Howard in Texas and his serious relationship conversation with Amy in Love Spell. What will be interesting is whether his OCDs cut short his train journey because he can't find a seat on the train with the right cross breeze and viewing angle, he runs out of hand sanitiser towels before the next mall stop and the nearest Pizza shop is closed on Pizza night.
  19. The Spoiler Alert segmentation. "I'm available for experimentation"
  20. Yeah, I think a strong theme with Penny next season will emanate from "He's a grown man!" "maybe, we need to let him go. i think it will be good for him" Pennys whole stance at the train station was "no more looking after our little boy. It's our time now!" She was quite adamant about it too - that look she gave Leonard with her arms folded was like - DO IT LEONARD! And the whole aloof thing with Amy at the end and even the "Get Out" was " Enough with the Shamy stuff too! I've been dealing with that for 4 years too." SO yeah, I think we will be going back to classic Penny who took on Sheldon often but even mrs forcefully because this is it this time - it is really me and my man Leonard. What I'm still hoping for is a bigger change in Leonard. While he was quite forceful towards Sheldon when he couldn't comprehend Leonard was putting Penny ahead of him, he still got all soft with Sheldon when he put on his sad face at the station. Is it too much to hope that Penny can get him following her lead to truly lose the Sheldon dependency?
  21. Herb Garden Germination. "Today's the day a girl's finally going to touch you in your little special place."
  22. It wouldn't be a Lenny moment without them being interrupted. Can't catch a break. It was fitting Raj's announcement spoilt the moment - their only good moments are when they are alone. Eloping is probably the only way their marriage won't get ruined by someone else's problems!
  23. Not to forget Mary, Beverly, Missy, Stephanie, Debbie, and ......... Damn it Priya, another reason not to like you! But on topic, Raj has been so much happier since Emily and as a result funnier. Happy comedy instead of pathetic comedy. Hope Laura can juggle Bones and Big Bang roles, eventually sticking with Big Bang and this relationship goes somewhere. I hope happiness gets Raj back on track as an astrophysicist. All he's done at Caltech since being in Peoples 30 people under 30 is eat lunch with the boys in the cafeteria.
  24. Not a bad plot idea. Then when Sheldon returns, BOTH him AND Amy can bash Leonard with a pillow - Sheldon can use his spot cushion - while Penny looks aloofly at her ring before telling them both to "get out" sternly, thus start yet another flame bait war between Shamies and Lennies!
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