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  1. Beautifully said, Cecilia. Despite the issues several have with Sheldon centric story lines, I agree with your perspective on how the writers have handled it. I'd like to add to it further by highlighting how they have managed to mature his relationships with the other characters who have been with him from the beginning during Season 7.

    After 7 seasons, despite the insults and sarcasm for comedic reasons, he finally sees Penny as someone who can offer advice worth taking and can sit down and discuss his issues with. The fact that in the finale, we hear that he has given her great praise to Beverley is further evidence of this. I think it is a beautiful touch that it is Penny who recognizes the need for him to get away and deal with his dilemma alone and that hug and kiss she gives him is a great way of shoeing how that relationship has grown both ways ( I know its dangerous talking about a Shenny moment in a Shamy thread but as a newbie I'll take the hits!)

    After 7 seasons he can finally, warmly and openly give Leonard a hug as seen in Proton promo photos and this is a follow up to his heartfelt speech to him after his refusal of Penny's proposal ( regardless of the unnecessary kick me sign tag ).

    After 7 seasons we finally see a real relationship with Howard. Some of their scenes together in late S7 have been incredibly well acted and shown real growth in both of them.

    After 7 seasons, we finally see him having a real adult conversation with Raj in ep 23 outside the topic of science or geekdom

    After 7 seasons, he can finally have an adult conversation with his mother and challenge her authority, her actions and beliefs.

    Which brings me to Amy. She has made amazing progress with him in 4 seasons. Much has been said about the pace of their relationships growth. Many here want it to have progressed further by now but considering it has taken him so long to cement adult relationships ( far, far from perfect I know and still liable to regress) with his long time friends, maybe more time is needed for him to work out what he really feels about Amy.

    Maybe the writers have it right and didn't want to resolve it before season 8. Maybe she does need time apart from Sheldon so she can work out what she really feels too.

    Maybe she and Penny have more in common than we consider and while some here think it is lazy and cliched to use the same plot device, maybe Amy needs to have time with her girl friends ( Bernadette, Penny and who knows, Emily - she did bond with her in her first appearance and Emily had some good advice for Raj on their first date) exploring and opening up about her feelings like Penny did in season 4 and early 6. Maybe she needs Sheldon to finally realise he needs her like Leonard did with Penny and have him barge in and ask her out a la 5.13.

    I'm not a Shamy shipper and don't have the same commitment to their story as most of you in here and was reluctant to give my opinion when many here are still quite emotional ( although it's good to see many have settled down after the initial traumatic experience ) but I do LOVE the show and I hope Season 8 will see Sheldon and Amy get there like Lenny have. And as I said it's taken the others 7 seasons to get there with Sheldon - it's not to hard to accept a 5 year success Story for Shamy, is it?

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  2. It was a funny episode in parts, especially the Raj and Howard scenes but some scenes seemed really short and the show itself was less than 20 mins. Some scenes could have done with more development, especially some of the Shenny scenes in the restaurant.

    A good thing for me was the Leonard/Amy scene, mainly because it proved yet again that many of us should not take taping reports so much to heart and wait for the actual viewing of scenes before flying off the handle about how unfair Leonard was to make out Penny had a more special relationship with Sheldon than Amy. Both Amy and Leonard were pretty spot on. Amy wasn't threatened but wished he would open up more often and Leonard simply pointed out Penny has known him for a long time. Truth is, they did have a lot of good moments in the pre Amy seasons between all the insults. It's been good to read that SOME of the Shamies who were so against this part of the episode in spoiler threads a few weeks ago understand its purpose now they have seen it for themselves. Maybe one day we'll learn to wait for episodes before reacting in Season 8 ( doubt it, though)

    I like what Emily is doing for Raj, regardless of the knife cutting and slash movie fetishes. On their first date she allowed him to be honest and again in this episode he was comfortable enough to be honest with her and express his doubts about her personality. It's refreshing change from the insecure, foot in mouth Raj we have known for years. Without alcohol needed to talk to women, he is slowly working out how to do it. Hope this continues into Season 8.

    Jim really is portraying an insecure, mentally tortured Sheldon beautifully at the moment. His facial expressions and voice tones tell so much more than mere words interpreted on a taping report and you could sense his mind ticking over when the Psychic was speaking. Leading on from his voice work in Diremption and his face in this episode, I can really sense his struggle at the moment.

    Not the funniest episode by a long way - it was like the later seasons of MASH ( showing my age!) when the drama took over the comedy at times - but still enjoyable and am looking forward to the continuing battles going on in Sheldons mind and how that affects Lenny and Amy in future episodes.

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  3. I still have a few pages to read but after going through the comments I see several good points from different people.


    -All these little things are dominos and are coming down one after another.

    -Sheldon has gotten better at social situations but with all of this happening at one time it makes sense he freaks out and goes to the one person that we know can help him sort out everything - Meemaw.

    -Even though Amy was only making a suggestion about him living alone or her moving in it was too soon to say anything because he already had enough to deal with.

    -He truly loves Amy but needs to get away and have time to detox and then he'll realize he loves and needs her too.

    -He's always had trains and a comic book store as something consistent in his life whether he lived in Pasadena or Texas.  Stuart's store burning was just another domino falling and Sheldon truly can't comprehend somewhere he's always been able to go for comfort is now gone and it may not come back.

    -Him calling Amy shows he cares for her but he's so confused and stressed right now that he doesn't know which is up.

    -Lenny letting him go was for the best because if they had told Amy she would've just gone after him and that would've made things worse because it would only stress him out to the point he might crack and do something crazier than go back to Texas.


    I know first-hand why Sheldon reacted the way he did so while I was stunned when I read the taping report (THANK YOU, KAZZIE AND DEL!!!) after I thought about it it made perfect sense.  Am I happy about how it was handled?  Not initially, but as I said this is exactly the way I would expect someone with all of Sheldon's quirks to react.  He can't find anything positive in any of this, including knowing Amy loves him, because it's all jumbled together and he can't sort through it right now.


    And that's my 0.2 cents.  :curtsey:

    Well said, Anita!

    As a teacher, I have taught tons of kids with Sheldon's quirks ( and I'm diagnosing conditions here). Whether you talk about S1 Sheldon or S7 Sheldon, changes to status quo can make them fly off the handle so easily and quickly. Many may not like what he has become and feel for Amy but I have been in Amy's position many times as a teacher of kids like Sheldon. They can be irrational for 10 minutes and then have a perfectly rational discussion with you when they have had time to reflect on their actions and be quite sincerely apologetic. I know he not Crazy because his mom had him tested but a Sheldon does have issues and despite what many have been saying about him and the writers' portrayal of him, from first hand experience I think his recent actions are quite consistent for someone like him. If he comes back in Season 8 like nothing has happened, it will infuriate the upset Shamies evident today but to me it would make sense if he did.

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  4. That is actually very realistic. If he is working on a grant to study string theory, that is what he has to do, unless the group that controls the grant works out something different for him. Anything else would be illegal. I worked a program, where we were informed our results didn't matter because the funds authority was not going to do anything with it after we were done, but we still had to finish, because the money was already appropriated. It is crazy but it does happen.

    Also how was a Sheldon melt down turned into such a big relationship issue. Sheldon obviously had a melt down which is common for people like him. The living arrangement changes due to the engagement, his all season job problems and finally the comic book store, his refuge taken away from him, made him snap, not Amy.

    I sort of resent the hard core Shamy's ragging on Lenny. They went to the train station to try and stop him and they talked to Amy, they did their best for their friends, they are not Shamy servents, they have done way more for Sheldon than he has evèr done for them, so chill.

    Agree with all of this. I need to learn to say things in fewer words like this!

  5. Long time lurker. First time poster! Found this forum only a couple of months ago and having been an avid contributor to a sport related forum a few years ago, it's interesting to see that regardless of a forum's focus, the same group dynamics apply. Clearly in this fascinating thread we have the stereotypical overly emotional, the conclusion jumpers, the sarcastic pot stirrers, the cheer leaders, the self appointed experts, the ridiculously biased, the " I shouldn't have posted this comment at 3 in the morning when I was so tired" and so on ( and I make all these observations with love in my heart!) Me personally, I'm more the rational logical stereotype who tries to keep the emotions in check and stick with evidence at hand. So much for the introduction.

    Clearly many in this forum who have made strong emotional connections to this wonderful comedy and its lovable bunch of characters are understandably upset and I'm not going to judge that. I can get that way with my wildly unsuccessful football team back here in Australia so I feel your pain. But hopefully in the cold light of day after a good night or two's sleep and some time to take of our Amy colored glasses ( that's probably the closest I'll get to an insult), we can come back in four weeks when we actually watch the show instead of interpreting some wonderful but not 100% perfect taping reports, we can come back and look at the events in a different light.

    I've only been watching the show for a bit over the year and watching episodes in syndication out of sequence didn't allow me to fully understand the show and the relationships. This changed when I became obsessed during the Aussie Summer School holidays and I got hold of the entire series and watched it from episode one to now in about 4 weeks. To this day I manage to rewatch episodes on a daily basis so am getting close to being as obsessed with the show as many here, the only difference being I am not emotionally attached to the character ships like many here.

    After that long winded build up, I'll get to my points.

    I feel the attacks on Lenny are a little more than unwarranted. I think those who are understandably upset about Amy's role in the finale are reading the taping report with their emotions not their eyes. Unless something different was said in the chat rooms that is not in delsinos report ( amazing effort that, by the way) I just can't see the bad treatment Amy got from them. My reading of the report is that neither Amy or Lenny are aware that Sheldon has left in the way it pans out when Penny asks her to 'get out'. All they know is that Sheldon has left Amy's apartment upset and not returned. Not exactly first time behaviour for our Shelly. From the word of the reports, Amy wasn't exactly emotionally distraught at this point and neither Lenny or Amy are really aware of what is to come. It appears from my reading that Amy recognizes herself that the engaged couple want some time alone, (Penny could have expressed it nicer but I thinks she recognizes that Leonard's less than obvious hints are not always effective with Amy and realises clarity works better with Amy)) and leaves voluntarily and not too upset.

    it's only 1 scene later when Lenny realise that something is amiss and they head straight to Sheldon to find out what is wrong, something that they have done so many times during this show, that I shouldn't have to list examples. Yes they could have called Amy like Penny did in the Table episode but she may or may not have got to the station in time anyway ( I'm no expert in the relative distance from the train station her apartment is compared to 4A). In keeping with both long term and recent characterizations, Leonard tries to convince him to stay but Penny in her current role of understanding what is needed for Sheldon ( I'm well aware many are angry with this sudden influence but again I don't feel the need to quote many times in previous seasons she has done this) and feels they should let him go.

    A couple of scenes later we are back at the apartment with Amy on the phone with Lenny in the background listening. In a 20 minute sitcom we don't see everything that happens and no one on this forum can 100% unemotionally categorically state that between these two scenes Penny didn't contact Amy and discuss what happened at the station or at Amy's apartment in more detail. Everyone's responses are based on what we so often describe as head canon on this forum which is based on what we want to happen, not what we know has happened. It is here I really want to see for myself how this last scene plays out, not interpret the words of a taping report. All I can say is that I read that Amy has spoken to Sheldon, she notes to Lenny that he sounds better and Penny thinks it needed to pan out like this. And then, probably to build the cliff hanger moment ( which unfortunately for the emotionally attached fueled the flames more) Amy lashes out at Leonard ( maybe Amy reads fan forums and recognizes that it is always Leonard's fault so it was the right thing to do), in an emotional outburst not dissimilar to her "what the hell Sheldon" moment in the Season 6 living together episode.

    That's my 2 cents worth. Will it be a funny episode? We don't know until we watch it, although I have already had a chuckle at some of the scenarios outlined in the reports. Will everyone be happy? NO . Fan forums would not exist if we all agreed with each other. will it rate well? Yep. And if every poster here who has threatened to never watch the show again because they are so upset follow through on their threat, the ratings will be affected by 0.00001% while I tune in later in the year to watch the clichéd, lazy, spiteful writers put together a season opener that will delight or infuriate everyone here.

    Sorry I went on so much. I've been waiting so long write something here I got carried away. I look forward to commenting on actual viewed episodes in the next four weeks when we can react to actual events not interpretations of them. I got to get ready for work tomorrow.

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  6. Long time lurker, first time poster!

    I now wonder when has Leonard leaned on Penny and she has come through for him. There must be examples, but nothing comes immediately to mind.

    Not so much in recent times but she was actually very supportive of him during other relationships he had, despite holding back her true feelings about him, and has helped him mature in many ways.


    While it hurt her, she kept her distance during the Priya relationship out of respect for him.

    She responded to the call to pick them up when his car broke down coming back from their unsuccessful quest for Sheldon's online gaming belongings, despite him being in the middle of his Priya relationship.

    She was there for him when he was questioning his fidelity when Alice came into the picture during his long distance relationship with Priya.

    Any time she stepped in to help Sheldon gave Leonard a break!

    She gave him good advice during the Stephanie relationship.

    She helped him get ready for his presentation by picking out an outfit.

    Tenure episode.


    While her support might appear superficial compared to buying a car and risking his life trying to her her money back from Kurt, she has been a great support in developing his confidence in living in the 'normal world'. 

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