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  1. Hey Gemma! Sorry I didn't see your message earlier. Did you go, and did you get in?
  2. Standby for the season 10 finale added:
  3. More standby for April 4th taping just added:
  4. Tickets for the finale taping were up from 8:23-8:26 this morning, now sold out.
  5. Standby for April 4 just added:
  6. My recommendation is to get in line right away. Or one of you can get in line while the other grabs some lunch to go and brings it to the line. The tour is typically 3+ hours, which gets you out at about 2pm. It'll take you a good 20 minutes to walk to the line, which puts you there around 2:30. Every week is different, but I know the last taping I went to, I got in line around 1:30 and nearly everyone in front of me was guaranteed, not many standby. The thing is, you'll probably get in even if you show up around 3:30 or 4, but you're cutting it close to when standbys will start to take your place if AU staff don't see you there. If you can get your lunch to go and eat it in line, that's your safest bet.
  7. Standby are up for 4/4:
  8. Haha yeah I was next to you!
  9. You can absolutely bring your phone with you to the studio - you just have to check it in with security at the door (along with photo ID). You can either let AU know that you're traveling and don't have a car and need your phone and they won't hassle you, or you can just hide it from them until you get to security. They try to scare people about not bringing their phones to dissuade everyone from doing it - as that would really hold things up. But in your case, there's no problem bringing it in with you.
  10. Standby tickets for March 7 are available:
  11. Same! PM me and I'll do my best to hop on for those tickets.
  12. Yeah, I saw them go up at 8:21, and by 8:24 they were sold out.
  13. Same! See you there. Standby are now up for the 2/22 taping:
  14. Standby for 2/7 are up:
  15. I'll do my best to help, too! Let me know the names and I've got a reminder in my phone.