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  1. Just gonna drop this here... http://michygeary.tumblr.com/post/118404417984/sheldon-x-amy-commitment
  2. Yeah I had no idea if you would want to be "spoiled" on that or not so I figured, best not say anything.
  3. Girl it was so hard not to tell you about the cold open at dinner because they filmed it at our taping, and then you were like "I have no idea if they're going to have a cold open or if Amy's going to be in the episode," and I was like ".........uh-huh!!!........."
  4. I think the point is that the show is fun in part because those characters add a diverse cultural element. Not that there's a fear of losing them, just that their presence already adds something to the show, and some more cultural diversity as yet unrepresented on the show would be beneficial. I agree that media representation of minorities is seriously lacking and it's always nice to have well-rounded characters represent those minorities, rather than single-sided stereotypes that are there for comic relief. However, I'm not sure if the ninth season of a show with an already large ensemble cast is the place to introduce that. If they did, I wouldn't complain. But I don't see the show taking on any new major characters any time soon when they've already got a strong main cast of seven and several supporting characters who are regularly utilized.
  5. Current deal on WB tours through the end of May if anyone is in the area or plans to be and wants to do a tour for a bit of a discount: $49 -- Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour w/Parking
  6. That was my immediate thought. It was so jarring to see him sitting on the couch and not be in his spot. Mayim said it herself, although she was talking about Amy, but the same can be said for Sheldon. "Well, you have to meet him where he's at. And I think, like, that's a lesson we all could learn, right? You have to meet people where they're at."
  7. I don't believe so. I could be mistaken, but it seemed like they just pulled back and were smiling. There might have been a light sigh? But nothing heavy.
  8. I know, me too. I think I'm going to use it for all the things.
  9. Dana, I love you and your reaction GIF preparedness. It rivals my own. #preparednessishot
  10. This is literally all I have been thinking about since the taping. Sheldon just coming to Amy about how he hasn't stopped thinking about her since she broke it off and how he never wants to think about anything else ever again and like babbling all this as he walks her across the room and then finally when he's all out of words, he just shoves her against the wall and makes their faces do the thing.
  11. I have died. In lieu of flowers, please send money to Chuck Lorre et al.
  12. I'm so proud of you. We are soulmates. But you forgot to put "Amy is five months pregnant" under your "think" category.
  13. Oh boy, are we arguing about the maturity level of building a blanket fort and whether it's right or wrong now? New low. All I'm going to say is that my friends and I built a blanket fort recently and it was awesome. So you can't say "that's not something adults do in real life." Now, you could argue that I'm not an adult, but then you'd be hurting my feelings, and that's just not something this forum does, right?
  14. It was a sort of yellow/tan outfit. I think there are some photos of the cast on Twitter and Instagram where Mayim is in that costume.
  15. But like... Sheldon and Leonard haven't been single bachelors in four or five years so like... that hasn't been a thing for longer than it has been a thing???????
  16. So what does everyone hope will happen in the last two episodes, and what does everyone think will happen in the last two episodes?
  17. Leonard and Penny were so freaking adorable in tonight's episode. Penny is so damn doting.
  18. Last year wasn't so bad. I got in line at 8am, panel was over before noon. All depends on the schedule and what room they're in, which we won't know until probably a week or two before the con. Siiiiggghhhhh....
  19. Dannii and I will be there. As for the "breaking" comment, it didn't sound like Molaro was saying that Amy should or will break him. Just that if she pushes him too much that he will. The implication to me was that that wouldn't happen, if anything. Like they will stay within the confines of what is safe for the characters.
  20. I think they'll reconcile sooner but he'll propose in 200.
  21. I know, I cracked up at that. He definitely meant figuratively "backing him up against a wall" but that wording sure got my brain a-goin'.
  22. I'm sorry, but this has me spitting my coffee:
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