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  1. It definitely played as he was afraid of her. He told her that he was more scared of her than ghosts, and when he starts to break up with her and she gets sharp with him about it, he gets scared and he panics and says, "I love you!" almost as a diversion. Sort of like a lot of Howardette fights, where he starts to say something stupid and she calls him on it and then he quickly changes tune (like "I'm too hot to go out with a guy like Glenn?"). He was definitely ready to break it off until he was in the moment and he got scared of doing it, so he said ILY to bail himself out. Omfg bizh, just stop.
  2. Nope, I truly believe he was calling her just to catch up since they hadn't spoken in over a day, and he was going to tell her that he'd been thinking about relationships and that he wanted her to come over for an impromptu date night. Don't think he would have proposed over Skype, he was just calling her (since they do calls by video and not phone) and going to invite her over, or invite her out somewhere, where he was going to do it. Or at least he was just going to test the waters, try to get things back to normal, and then build up to the proposal. I do not think the Skype call was the start of his proposal. Think he had the ring but was going to do it the right way.
  3. Kaley will be on the Late Late Show with James Cordon, taping Tuesday, May 5 in Hollywood. Tickets are available here: https://1iota.com/Show/439/The-Late-Late-Show-with-James-Corden?c=624808
  4. Exactly. This wasn't some monumental thing. It was simply, hey I'm not feeling so hot right now, I need some space. I mean, at least she told him over Skype instead of just running off to a train station, right? Anyone giving her grief about not doing it in person, I kindly refer you to Status Quo.
  5. Because in the land of narrative television story telling, Skype was really the only way to do this interaction and have it make sense. It would have been weird to have Amy stop by just to spend two minutes telling Sheldon she needs a break and then walking out for him to pull the ring out and look at it. That just doesn't play out on television very well. The Skype call allows them to have the dialogue and give Amy an easy exit for Sheldon to have his moment alone. And without really being able to reach out and stop her. In person, that wouldn't have worked. Especially since what she's asking him for is space. She's not going to go over to his apartment to ask him to keep his distance, or to say that she's keeping hers. What kind of sense does that make?
  6. Lmao, reaction GIFs are now "discussing the poster"? It was a response to the post. But this thread is so pointless, not worth the fingers on the keyboard.
  7. Bill is being snarky with them. He knows they're reacting to the finale, but he's making a point that the episode hasn't aired yet, so this person clearly hasn't seen it. He knows about taping reports and leaked spoilers from tapings, and he's being intentionally ignorant about it with this person.
  8. Any time. I'm happy to still answer any questions if I can; just gonna retire for future seasons.
  9. Me too. I'm like 90% sure, anyway. I just don't want any backlash if I get it wrong.
  10. Sorry guys, I'm officially done with taping reports or anything remotely related.
  11. I think that's what he said. Remember, my memory is not perfect, and they haven't filmed the scene yet, so even if I'm remembering it correctly, dialogue can change between re-enactment at taping, and the actual filming for the episode. Probably not worth debating that particular detail until we know for sure.
  12. It would at least prevent TPTB or AU from coming on here and seeing who the perpetrators are. You can't stop the idiots from being idiots, but you can at least protect the people who are sticking their necks out to provide taping information.
  13. Yes, I would love to see this forum only available to registered users. Would prevent it from being visible in a search or by passing by.
  14. When Leonard begins to tell Penny about the incident, he reminds her of the wild partying. She says coolly, "Yes, I remember." So the implication is that they were drinking while partying in a group, not that they were alone.
  15. Think this is referring to Raj, Howard and Stuart singing "It's A Hard Knock Life" while cleaning the kitchen. Says next week's episode, not finale.
  16. Is this for fucking real? I am absolutely done with taping reports forever. I cannot fucking tolerate people who do this shit.
  17. Amy to Sheldon when he tried to go back for more kisses.
  18. Lmao Dana I love you. The title on this thing is cracking me up.
  19. Not so! Amy technically was sending herself off. Not sure if she'll skip town or not, but as I've been predicting, she's the one who needed a break by the end of the season and went on self sabbatical. Nailed it.
  20. Sorry if this wasn't clear in the TR. Penny is fuming but a bit quiet and calm about it, and Leonard asks if they're still getting married. She says yes. So all indications are that they're still driving to Vegas to get married, but my humble opinion is that they will get there and realize it's not the right decision right now. They'll either continue to fight about it, or they'll be standing there ready to say their whatevers and one or both of them will feel that it's not right and back out. With this new information, it doesn't sound like they're quite as ready for marriage as I would have thought earlier.
  21. The point is that he would rather think about and TALK about whether or not he should watch a TV show than make out with her. Not that he wanted to watch it instead. Honestly, does it matter? The point is they were making out and he was thinking about TV. Kind of a bummer if you're the girl he's kissing.
  22. I believe that Leonard said she initiated the kiss. I know that he definitely said he put a stop to it right away, and that he's felt guilty about it ever since.
  23. I also agree and think that it was a bit sudden. However, I assume that while he did buy the ring, he wasn't going to propose over Skype. I assumed that he was just calling to maybe let her know that he had been thinking and wanted to see her. And then he would've done it in person. But I also think that the scene needed to be over Skype for the purpose of what the writers had in mind for how the scene played out. Would've been very difficult to do in person.
  24. No indication they were going to have sex that night. They were just kissing. As for the details, well, my brain short circuited but from what I was able to retain when I wasn't internally and externally screaming, it was heavy and had movement. Not your usual squished face kissing. Our babies have graduated.
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