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  1. I really want Sheldon to push Amy up against a door. .................. *ahem*
  2. Yes omfg we have been talking about a "platonic sleepover" for so long, I can't even remember how long it's been. Oh wait yes I do, it's been four years. These damn writers man, they know exactly what we want and they know how to give it to us! (Just like Sheldon with Amy, lmfao, okay, okay.) I was positively freaking watching this episode. I didn't want to dare get my hopes up that there might be a hand-hold or a little peck or some brushing up against each other, but I was not disappointed. Sheldon looking all nervous but excited and giddy at the same time... and Amy's cute little face when she first suggested it, she looked so scared but somehow confident too and it was all just so perfectly Shamy.
  3. Yes, yes, yes. Please always give me Sheldon and Amy haggling with each other over just how intimate they're going to get. Just give it to me until they're negotiating what positions they're going to do and in what order and on what surfaces.
  4. Here's a GIFset from tonight's new episode for whenever you have watched it! http://michygeary.tumblr.com/post/115997105514/
  5. The earlier tapings in the season are actually easier to get tickets to because people aren't aware of things being back in session yet. At least that's how it was for this season. Guaranteed tickets for the first scheduled taping were up for like 15 minutes before they were sold out. You just have to start checking the AU site around June for the dates.
  6. These are fantastic!! Great job. The first one is my favorite.
  7. Just dropping in one I wrote tonight for the prompt "green"! It began as a picnic. Amy was determined to prove to Sheldon that they’re not as bad as he thinks. She jumped through every hoop in the Relationship Agreement to make it happen. And now here they are – at Griffith Park, laying in the grass, of all things, watching clouds through treetops and naming which famous scientists they look like. Somewhere between Robert Bacher and Eva Feldman, Amy feels something brush her hand. She thinks it might be an ant, but it’s warmer, and the pressure increases. She tilts her head down to see Sheldon lacing his fingers with hers.
  8. Just a note, please try to keep stories spoiler free so that everyone can enjoy them! If you write something about an upcoming episode, that's really awesome! But if we could try to either post on another site and link to it here (with a spoiler warning, so people can choose if they want to click or not) or just wait until the episode airs to post it, that would be awesome for all the spoiler-free people who like to read these. Here's one I wrote today for the prompt, "Sheldon asking Amy on a date, the first one!" (It is 100 words, I swear, haha.)
  9. Yes, anything to facilitate new experiences for fans!
  10. As I understand it, we have three or four extra guaranteeds if you need them!
  11. I'm in chat; let me know if you need help!
  12. That's fine. No one said you had to. I was providing it for people who said they didn't have any ideas for one.
  13. The "street" is literally just called Gate 3. The exact address for GPS-sake is 4301 W Olive Ave.
  14. Here is an amazing website I found today that gives you random prompts! http://fanfictionpromptgenerator.blogspot.com/ BRB, using this forever. Go forth and write, my Shamy friends!
  15. It will definitely be warm outside while you're waiting. The studio can get chilly (although I'm usually so full of adrenaline that I don't notice) but I would definitely advise bringing a layer that you can add on if you get cold.
  16. Exactly! And they're so easy to do, so we can have them endlessly. (Which is so much better than waiting weeks for a fic to update, that's always the worrrsssstttttt.)
  17. I love this so much!!!! Here's another one I did for Tumblr, my favorite prompt so far! "I am a scientist." "I know you are, sweetie." Amy fluffs the pillow behind Sheldon’s head. "I have five advanced degrees in various fields." "I know you do, sweetie." She sweeps the hair out of his eyes. "Then why can’t I feel my face?" Sheldon pokes at it to demonstrate. "Stop, don’t do that," Amy says, grabbing his hands and pulling them away. "You’re going to bruise." "But I can’t feel anything," Sheldon whines. "Look." He grabs the back of Amy’s neck and pulls her mouth down onto his. "Okay," he mumbles into her lips. "I lied. I felt that."
  18. I don't believe you! I think you should write one to back up that assertion.
  19. Two more I wrote for Tumblr. Look at her. Her slightly curved posture that holds her frame, the gentle way she cradles a teacup in her delicate fingers, sipping Darjeeling through her beautiful lips. Her long, bare legs that stretch high up to her perfectly-shaped – The sound of the boys snickering pulls Sheldon out of his reverie. He snaps his attention away from Amy at the kitchen island and towards his friends on the couch beside him. “What’s so funny?” They all stop laughing as they consider one another. Howard’s face immediately falls into a smirk. “I don’t think he realizes he was talking out loud.” "Why can’t we just buy this one?" Sheldon reaches for the Pinot Grigio, but Amy slaps his wrist away. “That’s white.” "So?" "Leonard and Penny are making chicken marsala." Sheldon stares. "I refer you to my former question." "White is too subtle for a heavy sauce entrée, we need a supple red." She reaches for the bottle beside it, a Pinot Noir. Sheldon scoffs. "You just made that up." "Penny’s taught me a great deal about wine and its effects," Amy defends. Then murmurs, "So have you." "What was that?" Sheldon asks. "Nothing," Amy sings. "I’ll tell you after dinner."
  20. Tickets for the last two tapings of the season are coming up: this upcoming Monday, 3/16, and the following, 3/23. Taping dates are April 14 and 21.
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