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  1. Lenny need help: http://www.eonline.com/news/632364/2015-tv-s-top-couple-tournament-vote-in-the-sweet-16-now
  2. Due to the high demand of BBT tickets, their system is set up so that any duplicate tickets get reduced to a single name on their list, so if you both enter the same name, there will only be one ticket under that name. You should communicate with each other as to who is getting which tickets. The best thing to do is each try for your own name. Only when you get yours, try for the other. That way if you're both successful, then you have nothing to worry about and you're both covered. And if only one person is successful but gets two, then you're still both covered. Easiest way to do it is to just parallel play and get tickets while sitting next to each other so you can communicate your success or failure. Anyone else you're getting tickets for that can't be present in the room with you, it's probably best to just use alternate names that you can always transfer later when you figure out who still needs a ticket.
  3. AU has added a new batch of Standby for the March 10 taping. http://www.tvtickets.com/fmi/xsl/tickets/addrecord.xsl? One week from today.
  4. You can walk there from the Tangerine but I'm not sure, with bad knees, if that's the best idea. I know that when Rick was in town, he stayed at the Best Inn Hollywood and took the bus (it goes directly between the hotel and Gate 3) which is only $1.75 each way. That can be a good option that doesn't involve gas money or getting lost and is affordable. The Best Inn is also cheaper. The only downside is when you get out of the taping, it only runs about once an hour, so you have to hope you didn't just miss it. But then again, you can always take an Uber or Lyft home. Cheaper than a taxi and you won't have to wait around. You can park at many lots in Hollywood that are $7-10, or there is the parking structure at Hollywood and Highland, which can get expensive depending on how long you're there and whether or not you validate. I tend to park my car at Universal / Studio City Station (free) and take the Metro Red line one or two stops to Hollywood/Highland or Hollywood/Vine ($1.75 per ride). It's a good option if you're looking for a cheaper way to do things. I got around the city for two years on just the public transit. It isn't the best in the world, but it's manageable, especially with the locations you're visiting.
  5. You guys can also take a look at some of the classic train sights that Sheldon mentioned when his mom came to town. I know that every time Dana and I drive by the Carneys in Studio City, we talk about how we need to actually go there someday. [emoji38]
  6. The first post has the address for VIP tour checkin, but you can get more information at their website here: http://vipstudiotour.warnerbros.com/
  7. You have a pretty good chance if you show up before 11am. Obviously the earlier you are, the better your chances, so it's up to you how early you want to get there, but it's not necessary to get there at the crack of dawn in order to get in. I tend to show up between 10-11am with a standby and that works out very well. But I also live here and if I don't get in, it's not a big deal, so it's really your call about how long you want to be in the line. You can always bring a book and order some take-out food! I think a tour is probably your best bet since you'll be right down the street from the line. I wouldn't recommend trying to get in a beach visit before the show since you'll have to battle the traffic coming from that far out, and I wouldn't want you to miss the show. Warner Brothers and/or a visit to City Walk would be manageable since they're so near to Gate 3. The Walk of Fame is pretty close too if you're driving, as long as you allow plenty of time for our crazy traffic.
  8. I'm pretty sure people aren't allowed to discuss anything form taping reports in those threads until the episodes have aired. At least, those are the rules. Anyone breaking them should have their posts reported.
  9. I definitely do suggest getting there before noon! Standby tends to vary in terms of how many get in, but typically it's somewhere in the area of 30-50. We've seen as many as over seventy get in, and as few as nine. So there's always some variables at play, so obviously the earlier you arrive, the better your chances. But if they're in the first twenty or so, their chances are very, very good. As the only guaranteed in your group though, you might consider bringing them food later in the day.
  10. We have a few members from this site hoping to go, so any help is appreciated!
  11. Tickets go up tomorrow for the March 24 taping. Don't forget!
  12. When you say 12-13 hours... do you mean 12-13 hours early? Or like 12 or 1pm in the day? Either way, split the difference. I wouldn't get there 13 hours before the taping, but getting there at noon or one is kind of pushing it if you're standby.
  13. BTS was in the chat. I will retype when I get to my laptop.
  14. Oh sorry no I wasn't directing that at you at all. I was actually agreeing with your assessment. It seems like if there's not something big to talk about, people like to take the small things and make them big. Or people like to argue about who said what to whom about what and the manner in which they said it. [emoji30]
  15. You and I can PM about all that stuff, whatever you have questions on!
  16. Honestly, I'm surprised more people aren't pleased with the episode. Both A and B plots were compelling, and everyone acted the hell out of their parts, particularly Simon and Melissa, but I gotta say Jim acted in a way I've never seen before. It was almost akin to 6.02 when Sheldon found out Penny might want to break up with Leonard and he was trying to talk to Leonard about it. It was a lot like that, but it was something so... unlike Sheldon. For the first act, at least. It was almost like I wasn't watching Sheldon anymore. The Leonard/Penny stuff was kind of disgustingly adorable. Penny was so comforting and nurturing of Leonard, and did everything she could to make him feel better (think how she acted when Amy and Bernadette were arguing over the boys' parking space and how Penny kept trying to interject to smooth things out - that's how she was with Leonard and Sheldon). And of course, the Howard/Bernadette/Raj stuff was super touching. Touching in all the right places, and funny when it called for it. Do people ever enjoy the eps or do we just look for anything we can complain about? Kind of a bummer.
  17. They have a lift! Just let them know ahead of time, and upon arrival, that you'll need to use the wheelchair access and they'll take you around a different entrance. And they'll probably seat you in the first or second row all the way to the right.
  18. Haha perfect! I love fics that leave you wondering what's happening until the end.
  19. Not sure why when in the episode it happens is relevant. By the end of it, one article lists Sheldon, one lists Leonard. So ultimately, the fight about Sheldon getting all the credit is moot. They both get credit. And there will be much more coverage on their theory to come from other sources, I'm sure. My point is that ultimately, one article that failed to mention them both is not going to make or break anything. People are making a way bigger deal out of this than there needs to be.
  20. Remember that "Sheldon and his team" was only in one magazine. Leonard gets credit in another one.
  21. I hope everyone enjoys it! (See if you can hear us!)
  22. Thanks to Trinabeana for clarifying something I was just about to! The article credits "Sheldon Cooper and his team" and not just Sheldon. It just doesn't name Leonard specifically. But it is not written to sound like Sheldon was alone. And about tonight's episode: yes, Amy did help Kripke with the math. Sheldon chastises her for "handing out her math to guys on street corners."
  23. Oh, I totally forgot to mention. Penny's hairdo is adorable. It's getting longer so they kind of fluffed it out the sides.
  24. No problem. It was definitely confusing because Sheldon was so sensitive in the first act and Leonard was seemingly mad at him for no reason (since it's really not Sheldon's fault) and then they were both suddenly mad at each other and it was like oh, that escalated quickly???
  25. To clarify, by the second act, Sheldon does get very vocal about how he did the math and Leonard only had the idea. That's a good portion of their quarreling, actually.
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