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  1. They did the dinner scene live, twice. The only playback they had was anything in the living room, and the car scenes were all re-enactments.
  2. Simon has been incredible with this stuff. I mean serious pain and sadness in his eyes at all times. He's truly an incredible actor.
  3. I can sure try! So Sheldon kind of sauntered over to Leonard at his desk while he's reading the article. And he almost kinda sneaks up on him and starts massaging his neck/shoulders and tells him to let it all out and relax all his muscles. Leonard says it's not necessary. It definitely has a bit of the air of "Sheldon is awkward in social settings he doesn't understand and is doing his best to help but he's just really not." And Leonard is just like, the hell?
  4. Hey guys! This is my one-thousandth post. Aw. So it's not going to be my usual this week because I have an early flight tomorrow morning, but here's an overview. The episode is The Leftover Thermalization. Story by Steve Molaro, Maria Ferrari, and Jeremy Howe. Teleplay by Eric Kaplan, Jim Reynolds, and Steve Holland. COLD OPEN. Apartment lobby/hallway. Amy, Sheldon. Sheldon and Amy arrive at the apartment building, and Amy is quite relieved that Sheldon is done reciting pi to the one-thousandth number. He checks his mail and discovers this week's issue of Scientific American, which has an article about the theory he and Leonard did together. Sheldon is thrilled, but Amy flips through and notices Leonard's name is not mentioned and points out that Leonard might not be too thrilled. Sheldon doesn't understand what she means until she reminds him how he felt when the child at Disneyland was selected to pull the sword from the stone over Sheldon. Now he gets it. "Poor Leonard." SCENE A. Howard's car. Howard, Bernadette, Raj. Howard thanks Raj for coming along to help go through his mom's stuff. Raj has been there before – he helped go through his uncle's stuff when he passed (and found he was a worshiper of Shiva instead of Krishna!). Howard says it's hard to throw out some of the stuff because it's attached to so many memories he has of his mom. SCENE B. Apartment 4A. Sheldon, Leonard. Sheldon doesn’t quite know how to approach Leonard. He tries to break the ice by pointing out that Leonard's name isn't on the cable bill, only Sheldon's, and he wants to know if that's okay with Leonard. Then he points out that Leonard's name is on the electric bill and not his own, and he's okay with that. But when Leonard reminds Sheldon that his name is on there too, Sheldon is devastated. There's no way to make this conversation any easier. Leonard wants him to get to the point, so Sheldon tells Leonard about the article in the magazine. Leonard worries that they hated it, but Sheldon says they only had good things to say. Leonard wonders what the problem is, and Sheldon tells him: "They don't mention your name at all." He hands him the magazine and Leonard begins to read. Sheldon tries to comfort him by giving him a massage and telling him to relax all his muscles (just not the pubococcygeus, please and thank you). Leonard tries to see the bright side: the important thing is that it's being talked about. Sheldon agrees and compares them to Stan Lee and Steve Ditko creating Spiderman and how Stan Lee gets all the credit, and the money, and the Marvel movie cameos, and the household name. Leonard's not sure that's helping. SCENE C/D. Stuart, Howard, Bernadette, Raj. Wolowitz living room, kitchen. Howard, Bernie and Raj arrive at the house where Stuart informs them that the power went out. Howard panics and runs into the kitchen where he opens the fridge and discovers all the food is defrosting. He's devastated; this is the last food his mother ever made. Bernie suggests taking it home and putting it in their freezer, but Raj explains why refreezing defrosted food alters the taste and texture of the meat. Howard wants to eat it all, but there's too much food for them to eat. Howard suggests they invite all their friends – it'll be like mom's feeding everyone one last time. SCENE E. Apartment 4B. Penny, Leonard, joined by Sheldon. Penny and Leonard sit on the couch with the magazine. Penny wonders if anyone even reads this thing, but Leonard says it's a big deal. Penny's not impressed that their big celebrity on the cover is a molecule. She asks if there's anything she can do to make him feel better, but he just wants to stop talking about it. She says she has an idea and gets her iPad. She wants to take him shopping. "My baby's upset and I'm going to make it better," she says. Leonard doesn't think shopping will cheer him up the way it does for her. "Not even if it's a helicopter that you control with your iPad?" Leonard perks up. "Does it have a camera?" Penny is positively giddy to inform him that it does. "Baby's listening," Leonard says. Sheldon knocks on the door and announces that he called the head of the magazine to find out what happened. Leonard opens the door and Sheldon informs him that they made the editorial choice to only list the lead scientist. Leonard doesn't understand why they would think that was Sheldon since it was his idea. Apparently the reporter was following Sheldon's work for a while and the magazine only did the story because Sheldon's name was attached to it. Sheldon tells him about dinner at the Wolowitz's house and tells him to take a shower. Leonard slams the door in his face. SCENE H. Sheldon/Amy, Leonard/Penny. Amy's car, Penny's car. Sheldon is complaining about Leonard's attitude to Amy. Why isn't he happy that their paper is being talked about? It's not his fault that they didn't mention Leonard (and Amy agrees, it's not), and it's not his fault that when the interviewer named Sheldon as the lead scientist, he didn't correct him (oh, look what a pretty bird! Amy cries). Leonard is likewise complaining to Penny about all the credit going to Sheldon, and he thinks Sheldon is being a big baby. And by the way, he totally doesn't get to play with the helicopter. SCENE J. Wolowitz kitchen. Raj, Howard and Bernadette. Howard finds some crazy stuff in this freezer – his boutonniere from high school prom, a slice of cake from his bar mitzvah. (If he finds his foreskin in there, he's out.) Raj takes a tally of the food they have – three briskets, four meatloafs, ravioli, and a tub of matzo ball soup. Howard remembers how his mom always kept that around in case he got sick. He starts to get emotional thinking that he'll never get to talk to her again, and Bernie wonders if he wants to cancel, but he wants to do this. She'll be strong if he will. (Raj isn't making any promises.) SCENE K. Howard, Bernadette, Stuart, Sheldon, Amy, Penny, Leonard. Wolowitz living room. Leonard and Penny arrive at the Wolowitz household shortly before Sheldon and Amy. Sheldon makes a point of saying hello to Leonard by name since that's important to him. The girls ask if Bernie and Howard need any help in the kitchen, but they say they have it under control and to make themselves comfortable in the living room. Once they leave, the girls beg the guys to put it behind them since they're here for Howard. Stuart changes the subject by asking how the paper they wrote together is going. SCENE L. Howard, Bernadette, Stuart, Sheldon, Amy, Penny, Leonard. Wolowitz dining room. Dinner is served, and it's nothing but meat! Just like ma would have wanted. Amy comments that the low lighting makes her feel like they're in an old French salon. Sheldon explains that a salon is where people would discuss topics, and Raj proposes a salon topic: is the world approaching gender equality? We've got female leads in the Hunger Games, and Thor is now a woman too. Amy thinks it'll be gender equality when Thor has a baby and the Avengers are okay with her pumping breast milk. Penny thinks the salon is a cool idea but they're kind of ruining it with superhero talk. Sheldon doesn't think the topic matters – as long as the conversation is good. Leonard isn't surprised that Sheldon thinks the execution is more important than the inspiration, and he proposes the topic to the table to discuss. Howard weighs in that he spends most of his time on execution as an engineer, so that's his vote. Sheldon is excited to have him on his side. Leonard is about ready to throw his food across the table at Sheldon when Bernie snaps and demands they both see her in the living room. We don't see it happen, but we can hear Bernie yelling at them. Her voice is very familiar. When she's done yelling, Howard wonders, "Do you guys ever notice that Bernadette kind of sounds like my mom?" Nope. No one has ever noticed that. TAG SCENE. Howard, Bernadette, Stuart, Sheldon, Amy, Penny, Leonard. Wolowitz living room. Everyone is lounging around positively overstuffed. No one can hardly move or muster up the strength to talk with any conviction. Someone mentions that their paper was mentioned in another magazine. Amy wants to know if Leonard is mentioned, which he is. Cue the least enthusiastic "yay" from everyone. Bernie comes down the stairs. She found Tums! Everyone musters up a slightly more enthused "yay."
  5. Super short taping tonight guys. We just got out about 20 minutes ago. I posted some quick story lines on my Twitter, driving home now, will join chat and fill you guys in on the rest.
  6. Don't worry girl, we got this! I'll be in CT on Monday, so I'll have an extra three hours to sleep in and will be more rested for ticket day.
  7. Yep I think this is going to be another lightly peppered audience day, since tickets were never officially released online.
  8. LA likes to start shutting down around 9pm, but there's still things about the city you can enjoy. It'll be dark to go to the Walk of Fame, but fewer people to trip over. There's also some nice LA restaurants you could hit up for dinner.
  9. 100-word AND dialogue-only (mostly!). My two favorite kinds of fic! Love it!
  10. Hey guys! So a few of us had talked about 100-word fics and how they're great for some people (like me) who don't have a whole lot of time to write (or read), because the writers don't have to commit a whole lot of time to write them, and the readers don't have to commit a whole lot of time to read them. We can just appreciate bite-sized little Shamy scenes that are a lot of fun to write and read. I thought it'd be cool to have a thread where we can share them with each other, or give each other ideas. Anyone game? Here's an example of one I wrote for the prompt "Amy helps Sheldon to tie a tie," from bookie-yan on Tumblr: All right, who's next? (To write a fic, not to unbutton your shirt. But I mean, if you want to do that too, I won't stop you. We're all friends here.)
  11. You're fine! There's only two blocks of Hollywood Boulevard shut down for the Oscars, between Orange and Highland, which you won't have to go near if you arrive in Burbank by the 134. The site has been down for a few days, which they do sometimes for some unknown reason. The next date for tickets should be next Monday, the 23rd, at 8:30am PST for the March 24 taping. The site should be up by then. (We hope!)
  12. I'm not sure a lot of these things can be done before noon on Wednesday...
  13. You have time for one or two small scale things! Maybe walk of fame Monday night when you get in. If you're guaranteed, you might be able to do something in the am before the taping like a WB tour.
  14. I'm going to Connecticut for about a week and come back to LA on the 2nd, but it's a ticket day so I'll be taking off right when tickets are going up.
  15. I just booked my flight too... so I'll be completely incapacitated for ticket day on March 2! My flight leaves at 11:22am EST, which is like exactly ticket time.
  16. No problem. Cross that bridge when we get to it.
  17. 9 am should be more than enough time. Then again, I have no idea how popular the finale will be so I have no idea how many guaranteeds will show up and how many standbys will get in. It's always a gamble. I think the worst I've ever heard was prom when only nine standby got in. After that was 11 standbys for the Leonard Nemoy episode. I don't want to tell you it's a guarantee because it's always a risk on standby, but 95 percent of the time, if you're there as early as 9, 10, even 11 am, you're gonna get in for sure.
  18. Okay, cool! I'll PM you and we can coordinate all that when we get closer to your trip. :D
  19. I've got a folding chair you can use so you don't have to worry about transporting it on the plane. Like Tomasina said, there are benches for the earliest standbys (about the first twenty). If you're guaranteed, you can just show up around 3:30 or 4 when the line is already split and inside the garage where there are benches for all so you don't have to stand in the line outside.
  20. I don't know that I'll be doing that on a guaranteed ticket. That's usually just when I've been in line since 7am.
  21. You can see all the upcoming dates on the first post of this thread or on the AU website here. Wednesday's taping has been moved up a half hour, from 6:30 to now 6:00 pm. http://audiencesunlimited.com/changes.htm
  22. The first Amy one is from 6x01, the getaway with Bernadette. I forget if there's another, but it could be from 6x02 when Sheldon and Penny both call Amy (Penny to yell at her, Sheldon to warn her that Penny's about to yell at her).
  23. I zero percent understand this topic. Emily is well established as having a crazy busy work schedule, so Raj doesn't see her all the time. When we see her, it's because she has the night off or has gotten out of work early.
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