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  1. GIRL ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?? Does this mean the episode might be about Sheldon driving? As for my top three moments. The ILY is actually not in mine for ~~reasons~~ but I'm going to pick some of my maybe less expected favorite moments. 1) Amy yelling at Sheldon in Anxiety Optimization. I love scenes that involve tension, and I especially love scenes that have Amy not taking any of Sheldon's crap, and this scene had both. Which is similarly why I'm going to also enjoy the shit out of the Kripke scene in the next episode because Amy calls Sheldon out on his petty jealousy. (Oh, and we can also throw in, "I PRESSED IT!") 2) "Then whisper it" from the premiere. Hello. Mama likes that breathing-in-her-scent moment above all else. We're starting to see that, even if Sheldon's going to turn around and make it a joke, he definitely enjoys being that close to her. All right, all right, all right. 3) I really have to go with the hallway scene in prom when Sheldon sees Amy and gulps and then freaks out and runs away and has a panic attack. Because like, he has seen her naked before. But this time, when he sees her like this, something is different. It's the fact that he's newly awoken to his own desires and they scare him, and I just love that. Close runner up would be, "Its binding!" Because yes, I love Amy using the RelAg to her advantage, since Sheldon designed it for him to get his own way. I wanted to include the bathtub scene because that is my actual favorite scene of the season, but it's not Sheldon/Amy so I left it off the list.
  2. Yes, this is a guaranteed ticket. The only reason they say it doesn't guarantee admission is because if you show up and try to get in five minutes before the show, they may have already given your seat away to a standby ticket holder. But if you follow the rules and show up on time, you are guaranteed to get in. They just put that disclaimer for the outliers who don't follow the rules. And congratulations and enjoy the show! [emoji2] Am I? Shit, what did I miss? [emoji38]
  3. Tickets for 3/10, guaranteed and standby, are sold out. Is anyone going?
  4. Remind me, who wants tickets for March 10? Tickets in less than 5 hours!
  5. Well yes but that was shelved for so long because it took a ton of special effects on Bob Newhart, didn't it? And we knew it was always intended for a May airing because the whole episode is about how it's May the Fourth.
  6. It was a cool scene, but it was hardly a Shamy episode.
  7. We even joked about Shamy banging in that tub. We could have touched it. Sigh.
  8. Haha, you are the coolest, thank you!!
  9. I'm referring to the attitudes of many of the male members here who say things like "try to remember there's guys on this site" like that somehow means there are certain parts of the show we're not allowed to discuss because it might make the heteronormative male members uncomfortable. I wasn't referring to anyone in particular which is why I didn't quote any posts. But never mind.
  10. WWWWHHHHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. It comes up regularly in this thread, yes. And it's getting to be tiresome.
  12. Penny is to this day the biggest Shamy shipper.
  13. Oh brother, not this "guys are uncomfortable when other guys are naked" bullshit again. BODIES ARE BODIES. WHO FREAKING CARES. Are you that insecure with your sexuality that another man being shirtless makes you squirm? Good lord. If the ladies got like that every time Penny or Bernadette dressed in something sexy, we'd have to stop watching the show. Good freaking grief.
  14. Good idea! For anyone who wants the rub down... http://www.infinitelooper.com/?v=GZf_qMbMUhI&p=n#/72;83
  15. I don't see how one person being naked instead of another makes it sexist.
  16. Yes please, give me all the Amy-writes-fanfic plotlines.
  17. If you wanna rewatch that scene, please hit this up! It's the official link from the BBT YouTube channel. Let's show them how much we love Amelia x Cooper!
  18. Happy one year anniversary of the day I decided to join fandom.
  19. I skimmed this and at first thought you had said it got a 10.2 in the demo and I was like EXCUSE??????????????
  20. That was quite us. And they toned us way down, even took us out at some points (the bath scene?????? what the crap was that laughter?????? I promise you no one was laughing, we were screeching) but you can hear Kazzie scream right before Penny and Bernadette do.
  21. Holy crap, this is the coolest thing I've ever seen.
  23. So like... does anyone want to talk about season eight in here, or are we just gonna roast each other and compliment ourselves on how funny we are?
  24. I love all the peoples!! Thank you all!
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