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  1. For anyone in the LA area a week from today, Jim will be on a taping of the Late Late Show with Wayne Brady. Tickets here: https://1iota.com/profile/tickets/51832
  2. Where is everyone? Are you dead? Did everyone die after watching tonight's episode?
  3. I spend most of my time in this thread wondering what the actual crap is going on.
  4. I was gonna say Chrismo beat you to it, but Dena beat me to that.
  5. Oh baby I'm gonna be making GIFs tonight...
  6. What even is that song thing about? I only heard about it today. I've seen the episode twice now and don't remember any song? (Except Spice Girls, I guess, but she only sings it a capella...)
  7. Thank you all so much! [emoji173]️
  8. As some of you may know, a group of fans recently went to a taping of the Big Bang Theory in "Amy's Vixens" shirts. Well, now we're enrolled in CustomInk's "Ink Of The Week" contest, and we would truly love everyone's support! All it takes is a click of the "like" button (if you're logged into Facebook) so please vote for us if you think we deserve it! http://www.customink.com/photos/fair-warning-we-can-get-ca-razy
  9. Nope, it's just Sheldon planning the wedding. Leonard and Penny are off in unrelated storylines without each other.
  10. I don't think it's an accident or a fluke that we have the girls watching her movie in this week's ep. I think (at least, I hope) the writers are getting ready to remind us why Penny came to the city in the first place. I would be really sad if we never get to see Penny get that big break. Kudos to the writers for making it exceptionally believable with how long it takes someone to "make it" in this city, but I hope they haven't dropkicked that for good.
  11. No problem. That said I have no idea if it's related at all, but it is new and different from the norm, so it's possible. That would surely be a nice surprise.
  12. I think the point is that this is the first time we've seen something like this. It's usually just the script and a pencil. Now it's a script and a pencil and Kaley's hand showing off an engagement ring (no wedding band). So the implication is it might relate to the script.
  13. I would like to see Penny face a decision between her "stable" career and an acting opportunity that comes up. Maybe taking the audition means missing out on an important sales event or work function. It'd be great to see her confronted with her true desires.
  14. All in favor of up-against-the-wall kissing?
  15. Girl they taped it on another day. Where have you been?
  16. This is a spoilers thread, so... not really sure how to answer this.
  17. Know someone who works for the show. That's literally it.
  18. That sounds amazing! I would love that because I literally cannot find any good Shamy fic, and I know it must be out there. I just need someone to recommend it so I know it's good. I'm very picky.
  19. I think we may have a few members from this site who are going, Dannii included.
  20. The chances are next to zero that you won't at least get a standby. Those are pretty manageable to swing. The bigger risk is them rescheduling the taping, but that's something you can't really plan for at all anyway. I say go for it if you find a good deal on a flight. You don't want to wait too long and have the prices go up. EDIT: Also I just realized, are you talking about 9am Central? Because that would only be 7am PST. For Central time zone, the tickets go up around 10:30am.
  21. I'll be around (at actual 8am this time). They tend to go up at 8:30, but I've seen them go up as early as 7:50 and as late as almost 9am. They really do f*kall they want, but it tends to hover around the 8:30am mark.
  22. I presume the Comic Book Store Regeneration, when Leonard and Raj go out to pick up the food for the party.
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