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  1. I guess this was the scene they taped later without the audience, but they implied that the missing scene would involve Stuart somehow because of the actor he wanted to come (not Fillion) and the whole "he's getting his dish washer delivered today" or whatever the hell the joke was. I don't see how this scene will help explain that.
  2. I've never been able to figure out how many guaranteed they give away, but I imagine they give out enough to fill the non-VIP seats. There are approximately 240 seats in the audience, and they will reserve up to 75 for VIP. As for getting in on standby, it truly does vary from taping to taping. I've seen as many as 60 to 70 standby get in, and as few as nine or three. Generally the rule is, if you can get there by 11 AM, your chances are pretty good to get in. Obviously, the earlier you get there, the better your chances. I would recommend bringing a book or something to do to pass the time, and some food. There are some places nearby if you could have someone hold your space, you can go get some food, or you can order delivery from a few places in the area to have food during the day. Go figure, I would be up at 8 AM every ticket day and they would go up after 8:30, and the one day I get up at 8:15, the guaranteed are already gone.
  3. The site is listing the show as sold out. I guess guaranteeds already went up? :\
  4. Just a reminder that tickets go up tomorrow morning for the March 3 taping. Is anyone going for tickets?
  5. Okay, just to play along: 1) Penny has literally had the same hair in every single episode this season except for maybe an adornment or two (not really unusual for her character). 2) Penny's career has never defined her. We saw more of her in the Cheesecake Factory in earlier seasons but not so much in the last few because she is a character who can be interesting beyond the confines of her employment, and she has gotten some very compelling storylines this season based on her new career. She's grown as a responsible adult, she's faced relationship struggles with Leonard over their earnings, but she's still maintained the personality traits and characteristics that she's always had as a person in the face of all the change. 3) I'm not sure exactly what your complaint is here. You're bummed that he has a girlfriend? Or you think it's not enough front-and-center focus for a supporting character? Raj has had no more or less screentime or storylines this season than he ever has. 4) Sheldon hasn't been wandering around the dark for more than one episode this season. Literally by episode two he's already chosen a new field of study and has been pursuing it. So again. Not really sure what your complaint is here. It sounds like you're bummed that Sheldon doesn't spit out "bazinga" at every opportunity or that Raj is no longer mute around women or that Penny is no longer struggling to scrape by. Kind of a bummer if that's the case because long running shows like this are going to have development and growth for its characters and if you don't like it, then maybe you should watch a show that's been canceled in its first season.
  6. I think that's why we're not getting any foreplay.
  7. He said it to Penny. "Said Sheldon to Amy" is just something we like to say instead of "that's what she said." He didn't actually say it to or in front of Amy. The joke was that once he starts something, he has to finish, no matter how awful it is. So yes, he figure out what it was, but he had already started it and had to see it through.
  8. He probably picked it up thinking it was a book on men's fashion.
  9. If I wrote it though, I would probably want to make Raj and Amy actually kiss, so you might not want me doing it.
  10. Haha, that was super entertaining. I presume everyone is aware by now that this book is a Twilight fanfiction with the names changed.
  11. Yeah the way he said it, it was with emphasis or like air quotes or something. I've never read the book (because from what I've seen in quotes, it's terrible on a number of levels) but I assume that word is overused.
  12. OH MY GOD I love that!! I demand you write that instantly.
  13. Evidently he's warmed up to the idea. Yes, and we've seen how that has changed.
  14. I believe he picked it up an started it not knowing what it was, but by the time he realized it, he had already started and had to finish. And as much as I don't like him reading a poor representation of sexual intimacy, I like that he's opening his mind to it.
  15. LOL I love it. I'm following them both.
  16. Quite real! Sorry, I had completely forgotten it when I wrote the TR and by the time I remembered, I couldn't quite place where in the script it went so I was like, "Ah well, it'll be a surprise for everyone."
  17. I would say there's not really a cause and effect for this. I think Jim works out independently of stories on BBT, and the writers write scenarios independent of the actors' workout regimens. But I do believe they wrote the scene, and Jim decided if he was comfortable doing it, and I would say he agreed due to the fact that he is more comfortable with his body now than he used to be (like the gold bikini swapped for the french maid thing).
  18. Penny offers if Sheldon wants to stop the experiment and he says, "You know once I start something, I have to finish," and she says, "Like when you accidentally started reading my copy of Fifty Shades of Grey?"
  19. Okay, I wasn't going to bring this up because I wanted it to be a fun surprise, but since it's come up in the topic... Penny has read 50 Shades, and Sheldon has accidentally read her copy of it. I believe his exact response was something along the lines of, "How many times can one woman's loins detonate?" #saidsheldontoamy
  20. hassheldonhuggedamyyet.tumblr.com I'm telling you, do it. I made one for the bangin'.
  21. This is definitely something I think they can come back to. For the most part, I think storylines live and die in their episodes, but every now and then they'll call back to something if it was big enough. (Like Penny bringing up the train kiss, like Sheldon reminding Amy that he proclaimed his love for her, etc.) It doesn't have to be huge, but I'd love to even just see a comment from Sheldon like, "By the way, I found your fanfiction. We need to talk later."
  22. Agreed, and I think they need to increase their physical intimacy before getting to sex. There are a lot of physical landmarks between "first kiss" and "first sex," and I personally hope we see them hit every single one.
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