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  1. That was kind of what I was thinking. But no one else on the show's intimacy needs accelerating. I mean.
  2. Isn't his brother older? Do we think Max can pass for older than Jim?
  3. It's definitely the younger Max Adler from Glee. He's been tweeting about it.
  4. And to be clear, Max Adler has never sung on Glee, so... not really a thing anyone needs to worry about.
  5. I think it might have been moved for Max Adler, honestly.
  6. Yeah, I... ah grabbed some. But it seems like not a lot of people are going to be able to go on such short notice. I wonder if these will be available for a few hours... and also since no one even knows about them.
  7. Tickets for 1/27 standby are up. Now is your chance if you're thinking of going: http://www.audiencesunlimited.com/fmi/xsl/tickets/addrecord.xsl
  8. Holy crap, already!? Thanks for the heads up!
  9. Dude, rent one for the day. Be with me. I can't do this alone.
  10. Ignore me, I'm an idiot, my brain said Tuesday and my fingers typed Monday.
  11. Legit does anyone want to go to this taping on Tuesday?
  12. I have so considered doing that. Wearing a wig or some shit. If anyone else is considering going, please let me know ASAP. I'll buy you Thai food in the waiting line.
  13. I'm not sure, I've already gone two weeks in a row and I'm going in February too. I don't want them to ban me... but then again, how can I not? Yep since I had a 2/3 standby, they're letting me move it to a 1/27 standby. If I decide to go, I will get in no matter what it takes. (Said Sheldon to Amy. Probably. On Tuesday.)
  14. AU is giving 2/3 ticketholders the week to respond in case they'd like to go to it, and then they are putting up tickets on their website. Please tell me you are going. I don't want to be there by myself!
  15. It only gets funnier when you explain it. Now I know you can't be talking about me, because I did not engage in any of that.
  16. Please remember there are girls on this site.
  17. Oh good lord, their site has been under a lot of revision today. Okay, here's what I've got now. February 2 → 3/3/15 February 9 → 3/10/15 February 23 → 3/24/15 March 2 → 3/31/15 March 16 → 4/14/15 March 23 → 4/21/15 (finale) This is not including 1/27 and 2/18 since tickets for those dates are being done unusually due to the scheduling. This makes it 24 episodes for the season.
  18. Also, I think you will all be impressed with how good Amy's writing is. Nice of the writers to make her good at it (since we know she's into literature) instead of veering off into the too-easy joke about poorly written fanfiction from twelve year old girls.
  19. I'm gonna pretend like your avatar isn't a picture of Kaley's boobs and move on.
  20. Are guys not allowed to hear about these things?
  21. AU has added another March date for the tenth. It looks like this is the current taping schedule for the rest of the season as of now, and the dates tickets will go up for them. February 2 → 3/3/15 February 9 → 3/10/15 February 23 → 3/24/15 March 2 → 3/31/15 March 16 → 4/14/15 March 23 → 4/21/15 (finale)
  22. I can't tell if you're being serious or kidding? But Jim's boyfriend. For me, the excitement was way less about him being naked in and of itself, and way more that Amy was there with him bathing him. If we had a scene of Sheldon taking a bath on his own, I wouldn't have screamed. But it was more the fact that there was some hand washing going on that got me excited.
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