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  1. I honestly just think they're trying to completely randomize it. For example, let's say they gave out 200 standby per taping (I'm just making this up here). It used to be they'd give all 200 at once. Now it's like they're doing 50-75 a day and at random times so that more people have a chance to get them. I think it's the same as always, just in smaller batches now. In a way I guess that's admirable, but it's also kind of annoying if you only have one shot to go to a taping and you have to guess when they're putting up tickets. Kinda low.
  2. Third day in a row! More standby for 11/10: http://www.tvtickets.com/fmi/tickets/addrecord.php
  3. More standby added for 11/10: http://www.tvtickets.com/fmi/tickets/addrecord.php
  4. Standby tickets for November 10th: http://www.tvtickets.com/fmi/tickets/addrecord.php And January dates posted: 1/12/16 ★ 1/19/16
  5. Is anyone going for tickets tomorrow morning for the November 10th taping?
  6. Standby for October 20th have been posted: http://www.tvtickets.com/fmi/tickets/addrecord.php
  7. Absolutely! Just please remind me the night before so I can help out. Hopefully other members here will be able to hop on the site as well! I'm not sure about specifically the day before, but I know it's happened very close to a taping. Last season, they had standby for the finale go up a week prior (during filming of the episode before it). And, of course, as you mentioned, the taping that they only found out about less than a week prior and had to put up tickets five days before. But that was a special circumstance. Not sure why they threw up extras for tonight's yesterday.
  8. More standby for Oct 6 have been added: http://www.tvtickets.com/fmi/tickets/addrecord.php (This is tomorrow's taping.)
  9. It depends on how safe you want to play it. Some people have show up at noon or 1pm and gotten in. But then, I've seen people show up at 10 or 11am and not get in. It really varies week to week. Depends on how many guaranteed show up, how many VIP, etc.
  10. More Standby added for 10/20 taping: http://www.tvtickets.com/fmi/tickets/addrecord.php
  11. I try to keep this thread spoiler free when possible, but I wanted to post this in case anyone who is attending tomorrow's taping would like to know. So if you don't want spoilers, please stop here! Sorry if this is old news (I'm spoiler free myself, only just happened across this). ... ... ... ... Mayim has just posted on her Facebook account: I wonder if this will mean that her scenes for the episode are pre-taped, and she will not be present at the taping?
  12. For anyone who wants to watch the Shamy scenes from tonight's episode ickless: http://shamy-edits.tumblr.com/tagged/s09e02
  13. Is anyone able to help get tickets tomorrow morning for an international traveler?
  14. When the line is still outside, there are benches for about the first twenty people who arrive - after that, people either stand, sit on the curb, the ground, or chairs they bring. I will warn you, the seats are VERY uncomfortable inside the garage (they're like metal lattice seats), and the benches outside are nothing to write home about either. If you can, I would bring some kind of cushion or pillow for her to sit on. Congratulations! That's so exciting that you were able to make that work while you're in the States. You'll have a ton of fun! As others have said, sometimes Kunal and Melissa will hang out at the banister to sign, although I've noticed Audiences Unlimited is a lot more strict about making people exit the stage as soon as the curtain call is over. If you can sit at the end of an aisle and head down right when the curtain call is over, that's your best chance. Your other shot is that you'll be passing their cars on the way out, and sometimes fans have run into the cast in the parking lot as they're exiting. Obviously nothing is promised, and if you do run into them, it's best to ask for a quick autograph or photo and let them get on with their evening, but it does happen.
  15. The garage is open very early, so you should be able to get in. They sometimes get testy about BBT people showing up before 2pm, but with a standby, you really have to. If you're nice enough and explain that you're standby, they will let you in. I personally wouldn't risk showing up at 10:30 or 11am with a standby. It's not impossible, but you run a high risk of missing out if a ton of people show up before you and not many standby happen to get in. It varies from week to week. Sometimes people who showed up after noon got in; sometimes people who showed up at 9:30 didn't. Personally, my suggestion would be to take the tour the day before or day after (depending on your arrival and departure times) and just devote Tuesday to the show. You also don't want to feel like you have to rush out of the tour, because it's a lot of money and there's a lot of cool stuff to check out at the end that would be a bummer to miss out on.
  16. Taping: Tuesday, December 15, 2015 Episode: 9.13 Time: 6:30 pm Members attending: TBA
  17. Taping: Tuesday, December 8, 2015 Episode: 9.12 Time: 6:30 pm Members attending: TBA
  18. First of all, congrats on the tickets! You'll have so much fun. If I have priority, I like to arrive by 2pm. That typically puts you in the first batch of guaranteeds that get admitted to the studio, which means you'll be as close to the front as possible. You will, however, likely be in the left-middle section which is in front of the elevator set. But there's really no bad seat in the house. The bus does stop right outside the line (if you're taking the Metro 222) so it's easy to hop off and get in line. If you show up around 2pm, the line should be outside where indicated in the video. If you arrive and the line is outside, just get in the back of the line. If there's no line outside and it's already been moved into the garage, you can ask an Audiences Unlimited member where the back of the guaranteed line is. Outside line = standby and guaranteed mixed together. Inside = two lines, one for guaranteed(priority) and one for standby. But the line doesn't tend to get moved inside until 3:30 or so, so you're most likely to just get in the line outside where indicated. Food is allowed in the studio. There's a bunch more info on food policies in the first post under "Tips for taping day" and "Food and beverage." Cell phone policy is also listed under Miscellany.
  19. Standby tickets are up for the October 12th taping: http://www.tvtickets.com/fmi/tickets/addrecord.php Did you get one, @KevinC?
  20. It's happened very rarely that they add more guaranteed tickets. What they are more likely to do is add more standby tickets later. I'm not even sure if they've put standby up at all, since they no longer release them right after guaranteed sells out. Their new system seems very arbitrary and unpredictable. Your best bet is to wait for standby to show up on the website, or email Audiences Unlimited to inquire about acquiring a ticket.
  21. Glad you had a good time with your family! As von said, they like to tape scenes a few times just to make sure they have all the camera angles they need to edit the scenes together. Sometimes they need to move the cameras around and into the shot to get the right angles, so they have to do it more than once. As for rewriting jokes and which one gets to air, it will typically be whatever the last one they filmed was, only because there was probably a reason they re-wrote it and so they will typically prefer their last take. However, sometimes they can rewrite a joke or dialogue, film it, and then realize they preferred it the first way. However, my experience has typically been that the final take they did is the one they go with. The director and writers will give notes to the script supervisor as to which take they preferred as it's happening, and then those notes will go to the editors when they're making the final cut for the episode, so they know what the director and writers preferred at the time of filming.
  22. Yes, you're fine! Instead of bringing the standby ticket, just bring your photo ID. Tell the AU staff that you're on the list but don't have a printed ticket. They're very used to that. As long as your name is on their list, and you have the ID to prove who you are, that's all you need.
  23. Additional standby tickets have been added for next Tuesday's taping on September 15th. Thanks @kazzie for the heads up! http://www.tvtickets.com/fmi/tickets/addrecord.php
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