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  1. Hey guys, sorry for any confusion this morning. Tickets for the 10/6/15 taping (9.07) will go up tomorrow due to the American holiday today.
  2. Something about how season eight was like the writers basically going down the Shamy Christmas Wishlist and checking things off going, "Yes, they have been very good this year," and just giving us everything we could ever ask for. I believe @bigbangsheldon came up with the actual graphic.
  3. Taping: Tuesday, November 17, 2015 Episode: 9.11 Time: 6:30 pm Members attending: TBA
  4. Taping: Tuesday, November 10, 2015 Episode: 9.10 Time: 6:30 pm Members attending: @Tomasina
  5. It looks like AU has implemented emailing ticket confirmation. Halleluj! Anyone have success this morning getting tickets?
  6. The best thing to do is just refresh until you see the tickets come up. There are often members on this site in the chat room who are willing to hep try and get tickets for those trying to get multiple guaranteed. I myself have a flight tomorrow so I may or may not be able to get on from my phone to try and get tickets, but hopefully other members will be available to help out. Good luck!
  7. Sheldon is still lashing out at Amy and she's not taking it well. He tried to make her think he'd slept with Penny. Then he took his rage out on her on Fun With Flags. Amy demanded he take it down.
  8. Lenny are patched up. They both realized they were sabotaging the relationship because they're afraid of losing each other. Marriage consummated.
  9. Swing sets are Wolowitz kitchen, comic book store, university cafeteria, and Amy's apartment.
  10. Bill Prady told me as a thank you for coming every week.
  11. Tuesday's episode is "The Separation Oscillation."
  12. I actually agree with you, my first thought about Bill's rant is that he thinks these "repeat offenders" are the ones giving out all the spoilers, and he kind of has a point. I'm not sure how related his tirade is to the AU site change. It is confusing because as of Tuesday, we had people transferring tickets. It's possible they just added it, or that the communication between AU site developer and Steve isn't that strong that Steve even knows about the policy change they made weeks ago. The thing about tickets is this; let's say they enforce the non-transfer rule for BBT. Their hope for people who can't attend is that they email to "cancel" their ticket and if they have enough "cancelations," they can randomly put up a new batch of guaranteed tickets (which they have done in the past; e.g. Intimacy Acceleration). I don't agree with this at all because 1) most people don't have the forethought or courtesy to cancel in advance (or may not know until the day of that they can't make it) and 2) wouldn't it be better to give some guaranteed to some of your standby ticketholders? Send out an email that first x number of people to reply get bumped up to the priority list? Not that I'm one to tell them how to do their jobs, but this no-transfer thing sounds ridiculous to me, for all the reasons @koops said. We transfer tickets to make sure that people are sitting in those guaranteed seats, and if someone plans to go and then can't get a flight or the time off from work, we want to be able to help someone who wasn't able to get them. Not sure I'm seeing the problem here.
  13. Uhhhhhh..... That's news to me. I wonder why there singling out BBT. What date are you trying for? If be happy to help get tickets. Your best bet is to get tickets for all four of you and then cancel anyone who doesn't end up coming. Man, what a a buzzkill, AU.
  14. I was pretty bummed we missed the pronouncement for a punchline. The vows are sweet but Lenny deserved better. I'm hopeful they'll get to do something of a "do-over" ceremony once they work past their issues. Big and extravagant and something their friends and family can attend. It wouldn't completely make up for it, but it would be nice.
  15. Also, when I was mentioning the adorable Kaley/Johnny BTS, I forgot a few. In the scene in the hallway before the wedding ceremony, Leonard checks in with Penny to make sure she's really okay with what happened in the car and she tells him to stop bringing it up. The line Leonard is supposed to say is, "You're right, I'm sorry." But the first time they did the scene, Johnny said, "You're sorry, I'm right." And then Johnny and Kaley promptly busted up laughing in each other's faces. Then at the end of the motel scene, when Leonard is trying to lighten the mood and Penny's not having it, there was one take where Kaley just screwed up her face and started mumbling at him like she was angry but it was just really cute and funny. Then in the scene back home where they storm off into their respective apartments, they changed Leonard's line from "you're inconsistent" to "you're hard to lift!" And Kaley had a hard time keeping a straight face as she headed into Penny's apartment.
  16. Let's not confuse "dragging it out" with "giving it proper time," though. Why break them up after five years only to have them get back together after two episodes? It needs to be purposeful, there needs to be a reason for the breakup. I hope the writers leverage it for some growth for both of them, individually as well as a couple. And let's also not forget how long Leonard and Penny were broken up. It didn't change the mood of the show from comedy. But it did take them a long time to get back together. It's not impossible to have comedy in the middle of a break up. In fact, there's a lot of comedic potential here. I'm sure the writers know what they're doing and will do it right.
  17. Nothing special is scheduled for November that I know of (although I am spoiler free... shocking, I know) but November sweeps is when networks and shows put forth their best content for advertisers and ratings, which means the biggest things tend to happen in November (and February, and May, and July, where applicable). So if anyone is mentioning November, that's probably why. Okay. Now for Leonard and Penny portion of my impressions of the episode. I can honestly say that, for the first act (and the first half of the second act) I was very impressed with Leonard and Penny. The maturity level between them, after Leonard's minor infidelity coming to light on the drive up, was honestly impressive. They were both in good spirits; they were smiling and cracking jokes (Leonard wanting to stream their wedding for all those beautiful blondes out there who don't think they have a shot with a short theoretical physicist!, Penny saying the wedding would be beautiful because "look at that tip jar!"). Leonard brought up "the car thing" once before the wedding, because he wanted to make sure that Penny was really okay with it. He feels awful about what he did and he wanted to make sure that she was really sure about marrying him before they went through with it. Penny asked him to stop bringing it up, which sounded a lot like she had moved past it and she wanted him to do the same. The wedding ceremony was really adorable. Penny wore a beautiful pink dress with roses at the neckline and black straps. She had a white veil going down the back of her hair, and Leonard had the cutest suit and tie. Just before walking down the aisle, they both marveled that they were really doing this, and they both said how much they love each other and they honestly looked like they would never remember how to stop smiling. Leonard almost kissed her but they were interrupted by the receptionist shouting about whether or not they wanted the potpourri petals from the bathroom since they ran out of rose petals. And the vows were perfect. When the minister asked if they'd prepared them, Penny said "no" and Leonard said "Yes" at the same time. Penny joked about him showing her up, and (I think, we only saw it once in playback so I can't be sure but) Leonard offered not to read is. She then joked that she would say something mushy and he would cry and it would be fine. And then he pulled out his little piece of paper that he'd written his vows on and it was very long, but it was equal parts nerdy as hell and romantic as hell. And Penny's eyes just went wide and you could tell she had no idea how she was going to top that until the minister said it was her turn. She started to give genuine vows. She said he's not only the love of her life, but he's her best friend. And that's when it kind of degenerated into "You've Got A Friend In Me" lyrics. At first we were embarrassed for her, but then the minister said, "Isn't that from Toy Story?" and Penny said, "Yeah, he loves that movie," and then cut to Leonard, blubbering like a baby, saying, "I do!" The next time we see them, they're waving at the camera to their friends about how happy they were that they got to see them get married. Even going up to the honeymoon suite, they were so in love and cute with each other. Leonard making sure that he carried her over the threshold and then struggling to do so, and then Penny teasing him about it but saying well done when he got her to the bed. Leonard calling her Mrs. Hofstadter and being so glad there finally was one that wasn't disappointed in him and she jokes, "the night is still young!" Which is all the more sad when they get on the bed and start to kiss and Penny just doesn't look right. They did a lot of takes of that scene, and the more they did it, the more broken Kaley/Penny looked. She really thought she was okay with it, until she was there kissing her husband and all she could think about was him kissing someone else. When she confesses this, Leonard is just as heartbroken as she is. "You've got a friend in me, you said so!" he cries, and she says, you're right, forget it, and tries again. And this time it's Leonard who pulls back and wants to clarify, "If you're thinking it was sexy, it wasn't. We were drunk, she smelled like an ash tray, the boat was moving so I chipped her tooth..." Penny wants to know if he felt guilty, and he says of course he did. He felt guilty the minute it happened, and still every time he sees her. And that's when Penny goes from just sad and heartbroken to really angry. "You still see her?" And Leonard defends that it's not socially but at work. Penny is even more worked up and asks why he didn't tell her. He wanted to in the car but she told him to stop talking, and now she wants to know, "This is my fault?" And he says no, but instead of fighting, let's dim the lights, get naked and make a baby. That was the point that really got me in a bad way. It was bad enough that Leonard still sees and works with the girl, and that he didn't tell her, but that kind of stuff I feel like Penny could deal with and get over with some time and love. But (and Leonard says it was a joke, so I may be overreacting here) I really didn't like him suggesting they make a baby when she was angry at him. It was too reminiscent of soap opera storylines where the man wants to leave the woman, so she tricks him into sleeping with her and getting her pregnant so that he won't leave her. I was just so disappointed in Leonard for saying that, even if it was just a joke. Joking, "Let's get naked and have sex" would have been funny. Joking, "Let's get naked and make a baby so that you can't leave me," just stunk a little too much of desperation and lowness. This, like Shamy, is a tough situation because I can understand both of their sides. They come home furious with each other and storm off to their respective apartments. Leonard can't understand why she went through with the wedding if she wasn't okay with it after he checked with her so many times. Penny is obviously upset, not only at his indiscretion, but at his not disclosing that he still sees this girl all the time. They're still married and they're still in love, but it's going to be a rough road getting them back to happy. But even after their last scene together, when Sheldon comes over to console Penny with tea and he says that he could never be with a woman whose self-esteem was low enough to be with Leonard, Penny gives him a daggering look and says, "I'm with Leonard!" Which I honestly found to be a bit of a glimmer of hope, because she's not in a place where she wants to divorce him or get an annulment. She's still with him. She still wants to be with him. She's just having a hard time getting past the Mandy Cho thing. And who can blame her? It's not her fault that she can't get it out of her head. But it's not Leonard's fault either. This one is going to be tricky because neither of them can really do anything about it. Leonard's apologized, what more can he do? He can't go back and unkiss that girl, and even if he did something drastic like leave the university so he didn't have to work with her anymore, that still doesn't mean Penny's going to stop picturing it when she kisses him. This is another one that's just going to take time. I'm really not happy with it. As a Lenny fan, I really was hoping they were going to bury this storyline after an episode. Actually, to be perfectly honest, I thought Penny would have that moment right before the "I dos" and not go through with it. But when they got married, I was so proud and impressed. I was like, wow, they're being adults, they've moved past it, and they're so happy. But then to have it all go to shit in the second act and now they're even worse off than they were at the end of the eighth season... I'm just really worried for them. I have my little glimmer of hope and I'll hold onto it, but I think it's going to be a rougher road for them than it will be for Shamy.
  18. I'm always surprised by how the writers handle storylines like this. I have no valid means by which to predict these kinds of things, but my best guess and hope is that it's somewhere around eight episodes. But they kept Leonard and Penny apart for a lot longer than that, so it's hard to know. Then again, Leonard and Penny broke up earlier on in the series so they had a lot more time to play with the characters and stories before getting them back on track. Even though season ten isn't the confirmed end, it's possible that the show won't go past ten or eleven if the actors want to move on to other projects or the writers or anything else. So they may be more conservative with their time now. I think it doesn't make sense to keep them apart for a few weeks and then put them back together; what was the point of it all if you're just going to revert back to the status quo after five minutes? I hope they use this storyline to really work out the issues Amy and Sheldon have separately as well as together and put them back together when they're really right for it. And when we've had enough time to see how they do on their own after being together for so long. I think it's important for their relationship ultimately for them to take this time. You know what they say, if you love something, set it free, and if it comes back to you, it was meant to be. We all know they're meant to be, and we all know they're going to get back together, so the only question mark is how long that will take. For everyone's sake, I hope it's enough time for it all to be worth it.
  19. Sheldon wasn't horrible, and I don't think anyone on the show (or here on the forum) is saying that. But he wasn't always attentive to Amy (wanting to play Star Wars games instead of honoring an obligation to her, talking about his Twitter followers when she had exciting news about her career, wanting to talk about The Flash during their date night/making out, etc) and that's not something that was brought to his attention. Now it has, and that's a good thing. He needs to be aware that he can be a bit brutal sometimes, even if he's not intending it or it's not his fault. He doesn't want to accidentally hurt any of his friends or Amy any more than they want to be hurt by him. So for him to know that his actions have upset her is a good thing. And that's not to say he was all bad. He was also wonderful in a lot of other ways, which is why Amy loves him. She still does, she said it herself in the finale. She's just asking for a bit of breathing room, and no one is saying that Sheldon royally fucked up. But if that's how he's feeling, I take that as a good sign. It means he doesn't feel well about the pain Amy is in, and it means he wants to do better. And the other thing I'd like to point out is that Sheldon is not the only one broken down here. Amy is too. She's devastated. Just because she did the breaking up doesn't mean she doesn't feel any pain. That was the point I was trying to make. It's going to be interesting to see them both broken down and build their way back up. It's not just Sheldon who's hurting. The show often shows us everything from his perspective, but let's not forget that Amy has one, too.
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